Any writers (or curious people) want my old diaries?

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    Spring cleaning time, and I’m getting rid of things that no longer serve me.  Are there any writers (or just curious people) who might want my old diaries? There would be absolutely no pressure to do anything with these diaries (you don’t even have to read it all!  but I do ask that you read some of it).  I’d mail you all the pages including photocopies of the pages I’m keeping for myself.

    I once had the privilege of reading a few pages of someone else’s diary, someone who is quite different than me, and was struck that his experiences (doubt and insecurity at times, fear, etc) are so similar to mine.  It was a really neat experience to share things like this.   It seems a shame to have written all this stuff, burn it, and never share it with another human being – isn’t that why we have language, after all, for sharing?

    Does anyone want them?

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    Hi Erin,

    I have a writer friend who might find it useful. But I’m from India would you be interested in scanning those and sending? Please let me know.

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    I’d love to read some of them 🙂 Is there a chance that you could e-mail me the scans though?

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    Well, I’m a blogger, but mostly working with travel or studying topics. But a friend of mine is writing a novel right now, and I think that the diary could be a source of inspiration to him. Just let me know if you would like to share.

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    I’m not exactly a writer but I am a very curious person fascinated by human nature. I would love to read some of your diaries.

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