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    This might not be the ideal website to share this but it has helped me before in the past and my only hope. Being a male I’m seriously embarrassed by the below and would appreciate sincere and serious responses only please.
    I recently went out with a few people from work and what should’ve been a fun night has turned into my worst nightmare.

    Around 1AM we made our way to Gay Village and from then, I don’t remember anything other than partial flashbacks of my trip home. My colleagues tell me I went missing and whilst checking my bank account, it looks like I went to a few bars away from the Village. What I did in between this time and getting home, I have no idea.

    Of the flashbacks, I remember arguing with a taxi driver who wouldn’t take me as I was too drunk. I then jumped into another car – I’m not 100% sure if this was a taxi, a taxi impersonator or just a random car – but this is when my night took a turn for the worst.

    Whilst on the drive home, I remember this taxi driver winding me up – talking about how I wouldn’t be able to get hard because of how drunk I was, asking about genital sizes and showing me examples by groping himself.
    I shouldn’t have engaged in conversation but being drunk and male pride, I ended up getting my dick out to prove a point.

    This is when he started groping me, checking me out for himself – part of me saw no harm in it as I thought it was men being men however, I know if I was in a sober state I’d never have felt comfortable allowing anyone to touch me.

    In around this time we were close to my house I think, that’s when he started being more forward – asking if he could perform oral and still winding me up about not being able to get hard. I explained I was completely straight and that he would be wasting his time, at no point would I get hard for a guy.

    He was still adamant, asking me to close my eyes, telling me how I’d enjoy it and this is where I go blank; the next thing I remember is him performing oral on me. I stopped him once I came to my senses and he had a look of disappointment on his face as he realised I wouldn’t get hard for him.

    What’s strange is that I remember the taxi driver about to leave our street but returning as I’d left my phone in his car.

    What’s stranger is that when my brother opened the door at home for me that night, he tells me how I joked about the taxi driver trying it on with me but I didn’t see it as serious, and how he was concerned that my jeans were undone and belt unbuckled.

    I just need some help as my life has turned upside down since. I feel like I would never have engaged in any of this and he took full advantage of my state.

    Would you report such an incident?

    I’m a massive over-thinker and not knowing where I was in-between 1am-3am, who this man was, whether he was a taxi driver or not.. has taken over my life since. I remember him being Indian and almost every Indian man I see, I wonder if it’s him..

    Please help.


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