Laho, Beautiful Electronic Music by Adrien Grellet

I spent the last ten years producing electronic music. My music reached a unique and new point, through one track: Laho. It starts with three chords I was using to meditate with my piano, playing them extremely slowly.

This track is something I feel beyond my person, and beyond art. It is hard to describe with words. I often spend one year on a track, but this one came out in one day. Some people were simply relaxed by it, but some others were somehow healed, and apparently use it on a daily or weekly basis, to reload their energy, and to refocus, somehow.

About Adrien Grellet

Adrien has had three things in his life for many years now: spirituality, mathematics, and music. He's been playing piano and guitar for more than fifteen years, and also drums in some bands. He's been meditating on a daily basis for the last ten years. His being is gradually choosing love over fear. You can find on Sound Cloud and Facebook.

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