Tiny Buddha's Guide to Overcoming Hard Times book cover

Tiny Buddha's
Guide to Overcoming
Hard Times

Stories and tips to help you cope with life's biggest challenges


Most people find their way to Tiny Buddha for the same reason—they’re hurting and looking for relief.

Since you’re reading about this eBook right now, I’m guessing that’s true for you too.

Maybe you’re dealing with loss, illness, a toxic relationship, or a major life change that’s been hard. Maybe you’re struggling with your mental health as you try to heal from a traumatic childhood or event. Or maybe the demands of everyday life have you feeling stressed, depressed, overwhelmed, and even a little hopeless.

Whatever you’re feeling, you’re not alone. Thousands of contributors have shared their stories over the years, many touching upon these same things. They’ve also detailed the lessons and insights that have helped them develop resilience, cope with their feelings, and not just survive but thrive.

With an introduction and conclusion from me (site founder Lori Deschene) and 40 of the site’s most popular posts on overcoming adversity, the eBook offers a wide variety of practical tips to help you:

  • Survive hard times
  • Deal with disappointments
  • Cope when life feels overwhelming
  • Develop strength and resilience
  • Heal through self-care
  • Find gratitude during hard times
  • Go on when you feel hopeless
  • Accept yourself and your struggles
  • Be honest about your challenges
  • Get through hard days

In this eBook I’ve personally curated a collection of complementary posts with powerful stories and advice that can help you find the relief you’re seeking.



Lori Deschene, author

Aside from being the founder of Tiny Buddha, which reaches over 7 million readers across various social platforms, I’m the author of six books, including Tiny Buddha’s Gratitude Journal and Tiny Buddha’s Worry Journal.

I studied acting and writing at Emerson College, where my decade-plus battle with depression and bulimia came to a head. Since then, I’ve committed myself to healing and wellness and built a career that allows me to leverage my painful past for good (while working from home with my two adorable sons).

An introvert and highly sensitive person, I’m passionate about helping people heal and grow. I hope my work helps people feel less alone with their struggles and more empowered to overcome them.


Tiny Buddha has been helping people empower themselves, heal, and find peace since 2009. What started with one simple quote on Twitter has grown into an inspirational empire, with thousands of blog contributors, millions of readers and followers, and almost a dozen books and eBooks.

A true group effort, the site features stories and insights from people of all of ages, from all over the globe—all bound by a common goal: to help themselves and others.

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