Tiny Buddha Mindfulness Kit

Create more peace
and presence
with Tiny Buddha's Mindfulness Kit.


Includes 3 FREE guides for daily calm!

Create more
peace and presence
with Tiny Buddha's Mindfulness Kit.

Includes 3 FREE guides for daily calm!

Hi friends! It's Lori, the founder of Tiny Buddha.

People who know me think I'm a pretty calm person. And I am-some of the time. Sometimes I'm a well-disguised ball of anxiety silently seething and ready to snap. But fortunately, I have a tool at my disposal that helps me find peace and presence when I'm mentally and emotionally reeling. That tool is mindfulness.

I first found mindfulness in my early twenties, when my mind was a tornado of self-hatred, angst, and insecurity. If you saw me, you'd have no idea, but I often felt mentally tortured, because my mind was cruel, loud, and relentless.

I was living in NYC at the time, my cockroach-infested dorm-style apartment-room an apt metaphor for my sad, suffocating mind. My life was a complete mess, and I felt lost and alone-until I got to my mat at the yoga studio where I volunteered in exchange for free classes.

The owner, my mentor and savior, commented once that I always looked like I was in a trance whenever I left a class. And in a way, I was. Even if I only experienced mere seconds of inner calm on my mat, it was a mental freedom like I'd never known. This feeling didn't always last long, but I was both comforted and empowered to know I could create it at any time-and in time, with consistent practice, I could learn to sustain those feelings for longer and longer stretches.

That's why I decided to create this kit: to help you experience the same profound sense of peace, calm, and healing so you can be your best self and live your best life.

You might not have a ton of time-or energy or motivation. I created this kit to make mindfulness simple, fun, and relaxing, because it's far easier to form habits when we enjoy them.

Whatever your age, wherever you live, whatever you do for work, mindfulness can help you feel better, live better, and do better, in all areas of your life. And you can start with just a few minutes a day.

I hope you enjoy this kit as much as I enjoyed creating it!



Create inner calm and sleep more soundly with this collection of soothing products and simple rituals for peace and presence. Includes a Relaxing Pillow Spray, Soothing Bath & Shower Gel, Calming Essential Oil Roll On, Lychee Flower Scented Candle, Daily Mindfulness Practice Guide, and three FREE digital bonus guides for a relaxing, stress-free day.

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What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is essentially non-judgmental present moment awareness. It’s learning to observe your thoughts so that your mind doesn’t torment or control you. Instead of drowning in regrets, worries, fears, and judgments, you recognize these thoughts, let them naturally pass, and come back to the moment. Back to your body. Back to your breath.

It’s not always easy to do—that’s why it’s called a practice. But when we can ground ourselves in the present moment, we feel calmer, less stressed and anxious, and better able to handle life’s challenges. Because no matter how chaotic the world around us might feel, inside we feel strong and steady, like a firmly rooted tree that can weather one hell of a storm.

If you have a loud mind and want some peace, mindfulness is the solution. And it can also help you regulate your emotions, so you don’t do and say things you regret; fall asleep easier and sleep more deeply; and make better decisions, from a place of calm and clarity.

And it doesn’t have to be complicated. You don’t need to meditate for an hour a day, go away for a month-long retreat, or study with monks—though you can do any of those things if you’d like. (The retreat sounds pretty awesome to me!)

You can start with just a few minutes a day and make it fun, relaxing, and enjoyable. Tiny Buddha's Mindfulness Kit can help you do just that.

Relaxing Pillow Spray

Invite relaxation and encourage peaceful sleep with a spritz of Restful Mind Pillow Spray, infused with lavender essential oil.

Soothing Bath and Shower Gel

Cocoon yourself in comfort and calm. Allow the lavender essential oil to ease your mind as you lather, washing your worries away, while the natural betaine conditioners and hydrates your skin.

Calming Essential Oil Roll On

Ease your tension and invite calm and relaxation with the scent of lavender essential oil. Blended with jojoba oil and sweet almond oil to smooth and soften the skin during each application.

Lychee Flower Scented Candle

The light, fruity-floral scent of lychee uplifts the spirit and awakens the senses, sparking a blissful state of present moment awareness.

Daily Mindfulness Practice Guide
A tiny guide from Tiny Buddha on how to practice Mindfulness at morning, noon and night.

Also included in this digital pack are three expanded practice guides:

  • How to Make Your Shower Mindful, Blissful, and Rejuvenating
  • 5 Breathing Exercises to Calm and Focus Your Mind
  • How to Do a Bedtime Body Scan for a Peaceful Night Sleep

Included in this digital pack are three expanded practice guides:

  • How to Make Your Shower Mindful, Blissful, and Rejuvenating
  • 5 Breathing Exercises to Calm and Focus Your Mind
  • How to Do a Bedtime Body Scan for a Peaceful Night Sleep

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Guides for Daily Use


Given Tiny Buddha’s mission to help us all heal and feel less alone with our challenges, we have decided to partner with a charity that supports mental and emotional well-being.

This Is My Brave is the national nonprofit organization dedicated to ending the stigma surrounding mental illness and substance use disorders through storytelling. Over the past seven years, This Is My Brave has produced 75 unique storytelling shows where individuals from the local community come together to use artistic expression to educate and inspire, sharing their powerful stories of recovery through poetry, original music, comedy and personal essay.

This Is My Brave's mission is to continue to provide a platform to share these important stories so that one day we will live in a world where we don't have to call it "brave" for talking openly about mental illness. We will simply call it talking.