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    Anagha Sonde

    I had a terrible breakup and with great difficulty managed to move on. But I suffer from bipolar disorder. It is terrible esp. when I go through manic episodes and relapses. Because of this and also because of my past I would not like to get married and would like to remain single. But this worries me as to how will I spend my old age. This has given me sleepless nights from the past few days. Kindly help.


    Dear Anagha Sonde:

    You shared that you suffer from a bipolar disorder, “manic episodes and relapses”, and because of it, and the “terrible breakup” you experienced, you think it would  be better for you to remain single for the rest of your life. What worries you, is how you will spend your old age.

    Can you elaborate on what specifically worries you about being single at an old age?

    Also, if you would like to share more about the following, please do: are you in your 20s? 30s? How long ago was the breakup you mentioned, at what age were you diagnosed with a bipolar disorder, and what is the nature of your individual manic episodes, and depressive episodes?



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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