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    Dear Zeeza:

    I will be able to reply to your recent posts when I am back to the computer in about 12 hours from now. If you can, please add how you are feeling right now and more about how you feel about your parents’ responses to you lately,  more about what you mean by “Feels like a miracle”.


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    I feel like the shame within me is dissipating. That I can live with integrity and not get lost in all my thoughts and emotions but focus my intentions on my goals. I have laughed a couple times today and it has been so long. I feel like a can love myself unconditionally and love others unconditionally. That I can stop feeding my fears and decide to prepare for what is to come.

    Life is precious and if I waste time then time will waste me. I feel less needy and that it is safe to set boundaries.


    I know I might go backwards and forwards but the bottom of it all is that I believe in myself and I don’t want to disappear anymore.



    Another part of me worries that if this is all a layer or a shell to make myself feel like I am now loveable.

    Like a mask

    but if I want to shift and change what I want to become I have to create it instead of focusing on destroying the old. The pain is still there even if I could wish it away but I can’t let it dominate my life.



    Dear Zeeza:

    “if I want to shift and change what I want to become I have to create it instead of focusing on destroying the old”-

    – I suggest you make a plan, starting in defining your  objective, “to shift and change what I want to become”- define what it is that you want to become, specify what it is, that is your objective.

    Then make a plan: longer term and short term, a day to day routine of some kind. Longer term plan would be your education/ career, and existing/ future relationships (which relationships need to end, which need to be modified, what relationship do you wish to have in the future with a partner you didn’t yet meet). Day to day plan will  include getting out of bed time, going to  sleep time, exercise, nutrition, study time and so forth.

    A daily routine  is very important if you are to make your current positive motivation last.

    If you want to put together such a plan here, on  your thread, please do and I will be glad to give you my input on it.




    Thank you for helping me direct this positive movement. I took this advice and started doing what I need to do to keep things flowing and did well in my lab, eating and sleeping normally again.

    My objective is to be self reliant and inspire hope. The goals that direct this purpose is flourishing in science (because research for modern medicine) and never stop making art.

    Seeing people rise against the suffering that is life is worth the most. As Vincent Van Gogh once said “art is to console those who are broken by life”

    and “It is looking at things for a long time that ripens you and gives you a deeper meaning”–Vincent Van Gogh (This is something I remind myself to practice radical acceptance rather than avoidance with distress tolerance)

    Daily Routine:

    Morning: Wake Up at 7am and sit outside the back deck while coffee is being made. Play music and start some stretches. Take care of my animals and get ready for the day.

    Evening: Burn incense when arriving home and greet/care for animals, start dinner, journal and make a todo list for tomorrow. Read a book and turn off technology to fall asleep before 11pm.

    Weekday Coping Theme

    Sunday- Meal planning and cleansing for the week

    Monday- Listen to new Music with headphones while walking.

    Tuesday-Walk at a Nature Path with my dog.

    Wednesday-Check in Calls with Family Members and Friends

    Thursday, Friday, Saturday Paint and Draw

    Within a year the overall goal is to get my first job in the science field and gift art to friends.

    my formula for happiness is to always keep learning and connecting with people.

    I want to move in the Spring into a more affordable place.

    On another note I was walking my dog today and got a bad gut feeling so I listened to it and hurried inside. I saw my ex best friend whom I haven’t spoken with in months through my window flipping me off.

    I am glad I trusted my instincts but I am concerned with how this is turning into potential stalking. I want to feel safe going outside. Another reason to cement moving. My ex Boyfriend stopped contacting me after I blocked 3 different phone numbers. I started to let my guard down a little. I want to feel safe to walk outside in nature. Sometimes I feel like I walk around with a big target on my head.


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    Dear Zeeza:

    Your objective: “to be self reliant and inspire people”.

    Your short term and long plan fit your objective, and now it is about being flexible to adjust these plans, to not be rigid, and to be persistent in adjusting and following your plans.

    You understand the excellent concepts of radical acceptance and distress tolerance, to name a couple. Practice these concepts daily and keep going, don’t give up when you encounter difficulties and unpleasantness such as a former friend flipping you  off. I wish she didn’t. Tolerate that distress and hopefully you will find a more affordable place to live in an area that this person doesn’t frequent.

    Be careful who you interact with in the future so to not add people into your life who will act aggressively, stalking you or any such thing. It always pays to avoid people and situations that will cause you distress, then finding yourself in such situations that could have been avoided and prevented.

    I like the quote: “art is to console those who are broken by life”.


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