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    I am posting this topic to warn people about the demonic Kundalini awakening. Stay away from this shit, if you know what’s good for you. Don’t try to activate it unless you are prepared to have your life ruined. I had the misfortune of this thing occurring spontaneously and unbidden in me, and let me tell you, it is a nightmare of the worst kind. It slowly destroys everything you previously identified with: your interests, your skills, your persona and your beliefs. You will try to fight it, but in the end you’ll have to give up, because this heartless fucker won’t stop. It will keep coming back again and again, gradually chipping away at you until there’s nothing left. It will induce anger that can cause violent thoughts which could very easily spill over into violent actions. This thing destroyed my love of music: I am a harpist and an organist but I can barely play now (welling up as I type this). I have reluctantly accepted that it might be time to give up these things.

    Please stay away from this.



    Hey Tannhauser,

    I read your post and made an account just to reply to you just to tell you that I hear you. I am very moved by your post because I’m going through the same things. I am however getting past them and have some tips for you. But first let me tell you some of my story.

    I knew about kundalini and its harmful effects but during one meditation this fucker came out of nowhere and started taking over my imagination and subconscious. It kept ‘whispering’ to me in the background of my mind and before I knew it, I was doing those self destructive actions and going through cycles of negativity, of which I will spare you the details. It hasn’t been super extreme physically, more so non-physically.
    Anyways, the kundalini is definitely one of the biggest deceptions in spirituality. It’s the snake, the ego. Not anything you wanna activate. Really I think the only thing we gotta activate is our awareness, and doing that is very simple: by paying attention. From there on we can start to navigate reality, ask questions about life and reality and explore our minds and our bodies with our heart. Because that is what awareness does. It explores, it seeks. Becoming aware will help us enjoy a journey of true awakening, which will lead to enlightenment – getting back into the heart. In tune with Spirit.

    Now you can get rid of the kundalini with a strong will, but it takes time. The thoughts and thought patterns it will give you will linger even after you’ve stopped doing the violent actions. Maybe for months. Maybe for a year. Or maybe even years. But –
    Don’t let it change you.
    Don’t let it confuse you.
    It will try to psychologically kill you, but you have to look past it. Ignore it.
    Not in the sense of fighting it, but knowing it is just an illusion, albeit a very powerful one and one that studies your reactions and shit. However, know that its power comes from you: you feed it. Or rather, it distracts you and takes your energy from you. But YOU are its energy source. That’s my point here. Never forget that. Just reading this and letting that sink in, you may notice relief. That relief comes from your spirit.
    You gotta use that beautiful spirit of yours to detach from this snake.
    I recommend you get into contact with Astro Solsin. He is a genuine spiritual guide who knows his way around energies, egos, demons, etc. I bought a detachment ritual from him (to detach from the kundalini) and it’s worked. I’m gaining back control over my life. It is still a struggle, because once it has taken over your mind it’s hard to detach from, but I am making progress. He also has a youtube channel. Check him out. I think you’ll like him. His energy is amazing and so is his advice.
    Oh and besides that detachment ritual I also recommend you buy his e-book called identifying the ego and spirit communication on reprogramthematrix.com.  It’s super insightful and applying that information will help you identify the ego in all aspects of your life. It’s changing my life, I have more love, more strength, more energy to do the things I love doing.

    It takes time to get back control over yourself but you absolutely can. Keep doing the things that make you happy in your physical life. Keep letting your heart win.
    You must be strong brother. Or sister. Please know that life never gives you anything you can’t handle. People learn their biggest lessons through hardships. Be patient too (able to accept or tolerate delays, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious) and don’t have any expectations when it comes to getting rid of it – expectations and wishes are one of the ways the ego can speak to you and deceive you. It’ll always lead to disappointment and it will cause you to be mentally crippled, keeping you going round in circles and destructive (thought) patterns. I know what it’s like. It is not pretty. You gotta use your will to keep doing the things that make you happy.

    Also, getting sunlight and moonlight will help. As well as barefoot grounding. And if you do those both at the same time, you’ll notice an even bigger difference in your energy.
    Oh and if you can, get to an area where there’s water, like a river or lake or waterfall and ground yourself on the earth. Connect with the peaceful, loving and serene energy nature has and then use your visualisation to get those high vibes into your dan tien/sacral chakra area. Charging up with visualisation can be very cleansing. Breathe in the good energy and breathe out the bad energy. But connect with the nature energy first. One way I like to do that is to just listen to the sounds and see the green. That in combination with my bare feet on the grass gets me in tune with the energy. From there on it’s easier to do the visualisation and really feel that healing energy come in, as well as breathing out the negative energy which you could visualise as black smoke, or sludge, or whatever. It really depends on what visualision works best to get your intention powerful. That’s really what it’s about: your intention. You can imagine the regular black energy as bad energy but if that doesn’t work, be creative with it and use a visualisation that gets you the clearest intention.  Don’t use any visualisation to breathe out bad energy that scares you – I mean bad energy is a lower vibration and may feel scary, but the visualisation itself shouldn’t have you tripping out in fear. Be calm, be centered when doing this.
    How much you do this is completely up to you, but I recommend you do it a lot. Several times a week, or maybe even every day if you can.

    You said you were welling up as you were typing this: that is a good sign that YOU don’t want what the kundalini wants. You got to realize this because this very key to gaining control back over your life.
    If you need to cry, let it out… Be there for yourself. Also if you have any close friends or family, it’s very important that you accept their help and love too. STAY CONNECTED, within and without.

    Much, much love and hugs, and peace too <3 and the best of luck 🙂


    Thank God someone out there understands this thing.

    You are absolutely correct. This fucker will try to destroy your mind. It will try to change you and confuse you and turn you into a zombie. It causes terrible negativity and indeed, it tries to kill you psychologically. But here’s the strange thing. There are ‘invisible beings’ with me who try to encourage me to drain the Kundalini’s power by doing certain things which I won’t repeat here. I’m not sure which to trust, them or the Kundalini. One things for sure, the Kundalini can cause terrible inner rates in which I have to exercise incredible willpower to stop myself hurting others

    I never invited this thing into my life. I wasn’t doing meditation and had no clue about Eastern spirituality. But this thing started on its own after a mental vision I had of Jesus Christ in which I was told not to be frightened. So did He cause it? In which case, is He evil? It’s all just too bizarre for me to take in, and to be honest, I wish I could just go back to the old days before all this shit started. I spent six years on dialysis, yet never once did I need antidepressants to cope. This thing hits me and I get put on antidepressants twice.

    I try to do things that make me happy, but sometimes the head pressure caused by the Kundalini is so powerful that it just stops me doing anything.

    Thanks for your help



    I’m glad you replied. I’ve read some of your posts and you’ve had it even worse than I have. Far worse. I have never had many uncontrollable movements, nor have I had any invisible entities speak to me. Well I have, but I knew they were all created from my ego.  I don’t know if in your case your ego created those entities too, or if they are actual entities. Either way, I’d strongly advise you not to trust them. Seeing as you’re already in a realm of total confusion, to me the chance of those entities being trustworthy is 0. If they were there to guide you, they obviously would have already helped you get rid of the kundalini.
    I’ve seen you mention you don’t believe in spirituality. I don’t get that. I can understand you won’t accept help from people who haven’t experienced the same thing as you, but how can you not believe in spirituality when you’re possessed?? Literally!
    There is something inside you, taking control over your body without your consent and without you doing anything.
    If that isn’t enough evidence for spirits and energies to you, I don’t know what is.
    You got to wake up to this.
    Your problem is spiritual. Not physical. It needs spiritual treatment. Not physical treatment.

    To me it looks like during that vision of Jesus Christ in which you were told not to be frightened, it was actually the kundalini already speaking to you.  It just needs one intention powerful enough to pretty much open up a vortex of energy for the ego entitity to completely take over, at which point it is ‘officially’ called kundalini. That being said, there is a huge difference between a normal ego and the kundalini, as you know… So I mean, it’s good that there’s different names for both.

    My advice is don’t pray to any God. You can talk to your higher self and ask it to help you, but don’t be imagining shit doing it.
    Just like a self talk. But with the part of yourself that is eternal and infinite.

    Now this will be my last message to you. I have felt your energy and it almost gave me a panic attack. I can’t risk getting exposed to any more. I must protect myself as well. Please understand that. No offense to you.

    I urge you to go to reprogramthematrix.com and fill in the contact form, asking for help with kundalini possession and possible demons and to describe your symptoms clearly so you can be helped in the best possible way.
    No ordinary therapy will help you. Your ‘condition’ is not recognized in modern medicine or psychology. As you’ve noticed, they have nothing for you to treat kundalini. They probably tell you you’re schizo or have anxiety disorder or some other shit that IS recognized by modern science and medicine and stuff.
    So why not try my suggestion? You have nothing to lose.


    Allright I’ll make an exception just try to be real with you.
    I’m insanely sensitive to everything. I know what I’ve felt. You can tell me otherwise but it’s whatever.
    Even if you don’t believe I felt your energy it still doesn’t make any sense for you be mad at me for telling you your energy is bad. Just reading your story can make someone anxious. You should understand that even from your point of view. That the eperience of reading your stories itself could be described as bad energy.

    No I have not come onto this thread for the sake of selling stuff. I would never go so low. I’m pointing you to something you probably have to pay for, yes, but it’s for a purpose – you. Because I care about you – some random f-ing person.
    I even gave you a great deal of free advice and you’re some just some random stranger on the internet. For all I know you’re a troll, just on here to try to make people fearful with bullshit stories.
    Don’t be seeking help if you ain’t accepting anything.
    Sigh… I’m only trying to help you.
    If you don’t wanna fill in the contact form, at least try out my free advice. Or the part of it that doesn’t involve any God. It will ease the pain and chaos in your mind. Please try it.


    I don’t know what more to say man.
    Service costs money in this world. But you don’t want any spiritual service because you’re too angry at a God you don’t believe exists. I think you’re seeing it wrong because you’re angry.
    Anyway. good luck trying to get your life back together.


    My understanding is Kundalini is a concept describing the stages of consciousness an eastern mystic might work through.

    In western language Kundalini is made up of 7 levels of increased awareness. Level 1 – Id, Level 2 – will to pleasure, Level 3 – will to power, Level 4 – Individuation (pulling back one’s projections, integration of the shadblow, becoming), Level 5 – Will to power transformed to self responsibility, Level 6 – will to pleasure transformed to Universal Love, we are one, Level 7 – conscious of the unconscious (beyond words)

    Jung argued that it was dangerous for a western mind to engage in eastern disciplines as it was unlikely the western mind could properly relate to Eastern myth and imagery. He also argued that there was danger of psychosis for someone to engage in the practices who didn’t have a strong and healthy sense of self/ego. (It takes as strong and healthy ego to let go of ego) There is a reason why the traditions insist that those interested in such a pursuit find a teacher and don’t do it alone…

    I agree with Jung. Physiologically there is  little benefit for most people working beyond the ‘heart chakra’ (level 4). Without the proper guidance the experiences beyond that are likely to end in depression or worse.

    My feeling after reading you posts about the Kundalini is that much of your suffering comes from objectifying the idea of ‘G_d’ and Kundalini as a ‘thing’ that exists as you might imagine an alien being existing. My advice for what it is worth is for you to take your own advice and forget about religion, prayer and G_d and perhaps Instead focus your attention and being your best self. You don’t need religion or ‘G_d’ for that.  Let it go, let G_d go… the anger you feel is not healthy for you


    At last! Someone talking sense and offering practical advice that doesn’t require more woo-woo.

    I’ll take your advice Peter. I’m done with God. I hate Catholicism for the way it totally screwed me up as a human being. Those stupid old bastards in their silly dresses, banging on about having a ‘relationship’ with something that cannot be seen or heard at the expense of REAL HUMAN RELATIONSHIPS. Their fucking God doesn’t exist except in their tiny minds.

    Just to remind you, I didn’t activate this thing, it happened on its own. I suspect it was as a result of the severe trauma I’ve been through in life.

    Best wishes,




    Consider a different angle.
    The reason why you saw Jesus before it’s activation is because he came to warn you.
    I’ve had a Kundalini psychosis since March of this year, I experienced pretty much the same things as you describe.
    I can still feel it’s presence as it tries to put strain on my head, when I expose it for what it is – demonic possession.
    I have never done drugs but I was listening to Krautrock at the time of activation.

    I’ve had really strange visions that came true and absolutely awful burning sensation in my abdomen and tinnitus.
    At its worst I was able to channel my thoughts to other people.
    It completely changed me, I lost interest in things I liked and couldn’t focus at all.
    I looked at the world almost as if it were a puzzle and people were just puppets (like The Matrix).
    When I closed my eyes I saw burned snake eyes. Sometimes I saw the Eye of Horus.

    I was guided by these ‘Angel’ numbers, that led to me to do weird occult New Age stuff.
    I couldn’t use my common sense, because I couldn’t focus.
    The occult stuff led me to freemasonry and masonic curses.
    When I realized that it was a possession, the Kundalini tried to make me not focus on it.

    Maybe your family is cursed, this is what I used to regain my consciousness. I felt the relief as I was renouncing the curses.

    All you need is Jesus in your heart and a strong faith in God. You don’t need to be Catholic.
    Through praying I was able to regain my consciousness and ground the electricity from my abdomen.
    The mind field is a dangerous place and Christianity offers you a safe way to salvation.
    Remember anything occult is bad. Believe me I witnessed it all.
    I was pretty much an atheist before all of this. I also had anxiety and depression in my teens.

    Hope you get healed.

    Best Regards,



    My dear Tannhauser, I am so very sorry to hear about your Kundalini experience. I know that I have never met you and I don’t know anything about you, but I love you and I would love to help you in literally any way that you will allow me to.

    I understand that you are going through something that other people will not understand, and most will write it off as purely mental or as a self delusion. What’s worse is that Kundalini will try to deceive you in any way possible. He will try to convince you to look for temporary relief in ways that only leave you even more empty and angry. When I was under the influence of Kundalini I saw every person as a tool to help me achieve greater power. I experienced night visions where I saw demons posing a friends or family and trying to deceive me, I had night terrors where I would wake up in sleep paralysis and hear people moving around my room, or sometimes feel the weight of a body on top of me. I could often hear voices or footsteps in my house when it was empty. I was able to transfer thoughts to my friends as well, and I experienced crazy head pressure as well. I often had terrible thoughts of violence, or even messed up sexual things go through my head, and I actually heard his voice once.

    On the night where things got to their worst, I actually also saw a vision Jesus Christ as well. I had been trying to use Kundalini Yoga for some time to open all of my chakras and reach enlightenment in order to receive power. On this night I had a massive breakthrough, and then I felt the Kundalini attach himself to my back, like he was standing directly behind me, and I heard him whispering into my mind. I started to think about Jesus, and he told me “Don’t say that name. I will give you anything you wan’t but you cannot say that name.” It scared me more than I have ever been scared in my life. Three years later I spoke to one of my friends who was also there that night, and he told me that he also heard a voice whispering that in his head (we had been meditating together, but we never discussed anything about that night until years later).

    I have been free from the Kundalini and the other spiritual oppression for four years now, and it wasn’t a long process, it was a one time deal. I was off of my depression medication by the next week. I have finally found true and lasting spiritual satisfaction, and I have been set free. If you are still experiencing spiritual oppression then please talk to me. I would love the opportunity to listen to you and hear more about your experience. My email is charlton.wetton@cru.org and I would love to talk more about this. Be blessed my friend, there is so much hope!


    It is a strong demonic spirit, It can be casted out of you by an exorcist in the name of Jesus Christ, I am currently fighting it with the power of God, if you need to find someone to take it out of you check out this website. https://www.isaiahsaldivar.com/deliverance

    Keyanna Keeler

    I just saw this post from OP. I was wondering how he/she is doing. I had a similar experience, alot of trauma. I was born on a Good Friday into a dysfunctional Catholic home that morphed into a JW one. Studied Bible intently read it 6 times ny age 16 before I realized it was a cult. Then lost my entire family (mom/brother) by 19 yo to death and mental illness (mom-spiritual awakening?) . Due to multiple traumas, left religion, took a dark path for awhile. Then I prayed in my garden for a spiritual path back to the light. My devout Catholic husband landed smack dab on my path. Reluctantly joined the church and confirmed Easter Sunday ironically also my b-day. Had 2 kids. Severe distress again later 15 yrs later. I surrendered to the Cosmos/God, whatever, done trying to make my own happiness.  Vision at the foot of the cross with Jesus and infused with a love impossible to describe. Compelled to read Bible for 7th time. The evening I finished Book of Jude before Revelation, awoke to kundalini awakening. There were some other moving pieces too I just did based on intuition, ditching flouride, grounding gardening (now know when the moon was in my sun sign), journaling, light fasting. Never practiced Eastern spirituality or yoga. Did do 3 rounds of acupuncture at tailbone due to terrible sciatica down legs from blocked energy likely from injury as a kid there. It never ascended beyond solar region though. Just feels like a large lump pf energy in my belly that whirs and tickles at times. I have lost many previous passions, desires, even taste and smell. Life feels fairly dull, strong service to others but never any bad thoughts. The Catholic church teaches 2 dark nights, dark night of the flesh and dark night of the soul. I just want to know why the hell I am here. I’m curious about everyone else’s experiences.  I have heard both ends of the spectrum. Some say it’s demonic. Others say it is simply the vehicle to higher consciousness.


    I’m nearly 60 now, and have experienced kundalini in a pure way since I learned Transcendental Meditation when I was 14.  It sounds like the OP had some experience of kundalini, yet no real understanding or knowledge of the value of kundalini. Also, one should consider the truth of the tantric path. When they tell you it is like being a snake in a cane. No way out except through,they do not mean you can change your mind later. If you enter the tantric path you must follow it.


    That said, sure kundalini is like grease or oil to the mind. It makes the mind flow and makes it hard to hold onto ‘samsara.’ Makes it hard to hold onto ‘vritti’ or tendencies. One who immerses in teh kundalini bliss will basically erase new vritti or tendencies. It is hard to train the mind in a new topic when doing intensive kundalini. But not impossible. We who did TM were taught to meditate, and then to act in the world. And not do both at the same time. Meditate when you meditate, act in the world when you act in the world. It’s a type of training which it would be best in most spiritual aspirants did their lifestyle as such.


    Because there are so many types of teacher, and path. Well, never mind that. There are millions of teachers, but very few are an actual path. A path implies that one can return to it. That the way is highlighted, as if on a map. A true path will exist from one lifetime to another.


    TM as such is not a path. Most Hindu gurus do not teach a path. Kunbdalini as a lone meditative impetus is not a path as such. Tibetan Buddhism is a tantric path which has existed for nearly two thousand years, and from lifetime to another. One who sets foot on that path can return to it in a future incarnation.


    The putting together of a bunch of puzzle pieces is just going to end in confusion. The OP is very confused. Kundalini is pure potential for the mind. As such it’s like mindstuff which hasn’t become concrete. With a solid meditative path and focus one can accomplish anything with the mind and especially with kundalini practice. But one needs to have some basis in understanding.  In Tibetan Buddhism the most accomplished masters practice ‘Trekchod.’  It is an understanding known as ‘releasing the bundle.’  One is a bundle of aggregates. While one tries to control them all intellectually it will be like wrestling with a bag of kittens.

    The first years of kundalini experience are hardest. Especially if one has no specific path.  In TM one meditated for 20 minutes twice a day, and so kundalini would be active just during those times, and not during regular activity. And so one didn’t need to wig out during regular life.

    The problem here is not the kundalini. Kundalini is the source of blessedness. The problem was not having a clear path, actual good teacher, systematic lifestyle. You need more structured lifestyle when transforming the mind to a more free state.

    Just Sayin. Good Luck with That

    -=light in extension=-


    Hi. I’ve recently experienced a spontaneous tantric kundalini awakening with my partner and have been browsing and looking for more information on it which lead me here. For us it has been the most amazing and transformative experience of our lives. I feel for the confusion and pain that the OP experienced. It is powerful and overwhelming and had I not already had some context, understanding and openness to this, it might have been terrifying. Like the OP, I am suddenly not interested in so many of the things I was before and am finding it difficult to return to my daily life, but it doesn’t feel like any of that matters and I’m fine with that. On the other hand, I’m suddenly able to write in a flow state and share my thoughts with a clarity that I’ve never been able to before. Which is so much more fulfilling. This is what it’s all about. I feel Awakened and more alive than ever and so completely in the present moment. It’s as if every experience in my life was leading me to this awakening, this rebirth, this new beginning. All of my fear, guilt, doubt, and shame have shed away and I am filled with love, forgiveness, acceptance and infinite patience. My heart is light and free and my inner child is rejoicing. I wish this joy for everyone, and I can see from this discussion that many are not ready and that is ok. For anyone struggling with this, I will be happy to hold your hand on this journey. Reach out to me here and I will respond. This is the true work.

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