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    I’ve been really caught up in guilt about inappropriate things I use to do when I was young, like steal, and sexually explored with a few playmates from the ages of 9-12 I’m feeling intense guilt and I’ve apologized and they’ve said it’s okay how can I let this go myself?

    Jenny Smith

    This works for me: I imagine myself as a young child (around six years old). I take her into my lap and talk to her and rock her and give her all the love and nurturing she needs. I have found that when I am especially hard on myself (guilt, embarassment, etc.) it’s my little girl telling me she is feeling alone and unloved. I used to look outside myself for that love and nurturing, but until I could give it to her, it didn’t work. If you have a hard time thinking of yourself as a young child, try imagining a little puppy or kitten. How would you treat them if they came to you hurt and asking for help? Being gentle with myself for things I did in the past works a whole lot better than being critical. I hope this helsp.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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