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    Hi everyone!

    Ok, so 2015 was hands down the worst year I’ve ever had [not exaggerating] my life is average, maybe something really bad happens once a year, but 2015, one friend nearly died of an aneurysm, 8 friends died [Which I know can’t help death, but the last person I knew who died was 5 years ago, so 8 in one year is rather high for me] whole bunch of financial things for myself, my boyfriend, my sister and my mom, and this year I was sent to the hospital and had to restart 3 days, was diagnosed with anxiety and depression, diagnosed with plantar fasciitis, and all December my boss played this horrible game of chicken where he told me every couple days work was closing. On the 29, he said it was definitely closing, couldn’t get a hold of him for 2 days then get a call an hour before closing ‘never mind, managements decided we’ll stay open month to month.’

    My breaking point was December 29, so I decided that enough was enough and I’m leaving my job and moving 3 hours away to the city. Because I’m fueled by vengeance [joking] I’m determined to make 2016 the polar opposite of 2015. I’ve made a bunch of plans [I’m going to tackle them one at a time. Currently it’s moving and finding a new job for March that’s my main focus] I’m very positive and full of energy right now, but I want to stay this way all year [and I know I’ll have bad days but I want to average more good days] anyone have suggestions on how to keep motivated, optimistic, and on track? I’m not one for resolutions, so I’ve never had to make a game plan for a long term change.

    Thanks everyone!


    I’ve decided to make a Vision Board – take pictures and inspiring quotes of what I want to achieve for the upcoming year and put it somewhere visible and hopefully ( fingers and toes crossed ) it will remind me of what I want and keep me motivated.
    Have a look online and see some really nice examples …Good luck for 2016 . All the best xx


    Hey all!

    I’m taking on 2016 with a vengeance also – I’ve decided that I’m no longer going to play the victim of my circumstances and that I’m going to be more active in doing what I possibly can to be happy.

    In an earlier post where I debunked 2015 I identified as being a ‘glutton for punishment’ – what I meant by that is I have this pathological need to learn the hard way, to make things hard for myself and to just dive head first into things without thinking about the consequences.

    So I guess I’m going to make things easy for myself for a change, and to take a step backwards when evaluating where my life is heading. Questioning whether doing a particular thing will be good or bad for me. Hindsight is my mantra for 2016.

    As far as goals and visionboards go, I’m finding a lot of inspiration on Pinterest (my new addiction!)


    Dear Nekoshema and J: I like the concept of making 2016 a Vengeance Year!!!

    Nekoshema, You asked if “anyone have suggestions on how to keep motivated, optimistic, and on track?” Well, keep this very thread here alive all of 2016 and come back to it anytime throughout the year to read your intention stated today, again and again, and I will respond to your posts again and again, reminding you to… still make it the vengeance year!

    * J: I get your “glutton for punishment” comment, maybe you can start a new thread with that title for more examination and insight…?



    Thanks everyone! I’ll cross my fingers and toes we all succeed in our plans. That vision board sounds interesting K8tyB, gonna look into that.

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