will he ever try to contact with me in future?

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    <p class=”ui_qtext_para”><i>I</i><i> was in a relationship with a guy 2 years ago .I was going through a hard time after my break-up. I tried to be positive and move on but not a single day passed without me getting lost in thoughts and crying at night. This guy was the only person who brought out the best in me., i was able to forgt my ex.. it started in first week of march.. let’s call him (Y)we both were in a mba group on watsapp. one day i asked a question in a group and he answered but i dint understand what he wanted to say so i texted him personally( not intentionally , as i dint knw him). we both stays in diff cities so from that day we started talking. we used to flirt, we shared our past relationships as well and he said he had a breakup with S because she cheated on him with y’s friend.. we had a pretty amazing start to our connection. we used to call , sometimes video chat and even he used to tell me that he need a serious relationship now and he guess i m the perfect fit.. Actually that was not a relationship .Because we were never in a relationship. It’s just we knew that we both had feelings for each other. we liked each other…neways going well everything but soon it turned in to insecure push and pull thing.. he started ignoring me after one month , he told me he is not in a relationship now, he had a breakup but one day when i had a conversation with him over call , in those 30 mins talk he just talked about his ex only.. he just used slang.. and i said to him “why u even care for her if she is ur ex then he said “man she insulted me like anything in front of 10 people and when I said let’s talk on other topic he said he will call me later, mood not good.. I said ok and when I messaged him on watsapp u dint call me” he said guest are here and m the only person who wil manage so i said why u lying me? he said think whatever u want to,m not going to try and ammend things, its up to you.. i said ok i wont bother u bye.. then after 3-4 days he messaged me ”hey i knw i was rude that day and m sorry for wat i said. i wish u to change dat , i was crazy and cranky that day..i m sorry please come back.. then i melted,. after that everything was going well.. sometimes he ignored me sometimes not.. sometimes he dint reply sometimes he initiated. it was on and off relationship. As far as I know things have been going well., his project was shifted to other city also for 3 months. then, We spoke on saturday( last week of june) and he told me he is going out for a dinner with his ex( he mentioned that his ex is a very good friend and they are stil in a contact and in same city) and will not have reliable connection and will contact me on sunday!!! That stroke me as odd and i wasnt feeling good but I trust him. So the next day i mesaaged him “he said m very tired today, wl talk to u later” then i said okay and i dint disturb him. so next day on monday I wanted to message him.. and I noticed I couldn’t see his picture on Whatsapp ,he blocked me..He didn’t block me on FB So I went on FB and told him I noticed you blocked me on WhatsApp. I told him that wasn’t necessary , u could have said to me directly if u dont wish to keep any contact further I wished him well and told him I’d leave him alone and wont bother you. he said ” sorry janeman, its not like that my ex saw my phone and she is not talking to me. i said wtf okay text her and block me.. To my surprise he unblocked me on watsapp and messaged me ” i m sorry to play wid ur emotions and m sorry to never reliase how much my disorted feelings can hurt, there hell lot of messed up emotions going through me and dont knw what to do anymore and he removed me from his contact list this time instead of blocking then we stopped talking so i decided to check him from my friend’s account and send him the req. but he was such a jerk.. he used to extreme flirt with her( i was the only one who used to chat with him from my friiend’s a/c ) and he always tell her ” larkiya patwade” and bla bla. l i thought may be he was not feeling good, may be he still have feelings for his ex, he was hurt thats y he stopped contacting me but he was cool and calm , he dont even give a damn to his ex and me while talking to my friend (friend’s fake account). </i><b><i>i decided to text him after 10 days</i></b></p>
    <p class=”ui_qtext_para”><b>ME- do u still remember me?</b></p>
    <p class=”ui_qtext_para”><b>Y- remember wud be a small word , sorry wudnt be suffice, sorry for everything that i have done to you and i cant even fathom to say sorry, i proved to be thanos in ur life.. m sorry , i genuinely sorry..</b></p>
    <p class=”ui_qtext_para”><b>ME- then in middle (i was trying to distracting the topic and talking about fifa)</b></p>
    <p class=”ui_qtext_para”><b>Y- M stone , M asshole, really a dumb person and you should be the one blocking me..</b></p>
    <p class=”ui_qtext_para”><b>ME- fuck ur sorry, i knw thats all are timepass.. from that day i m still wondering what i have done, i dont have any reason not even a single one.. i dint knw what my mistake was, may be i got clingy..</b></p>
    <p class=”ui_qtext_para”><b>Y- You were never clingy, you are the person whom i took for granted, never thought about it how it must have been for you..i undertsand your bashing and i deserve it m sorry for wat i have done.</b></p>
    <p class=”ui_qtext_para”><b>ME- u don’t have anything to say apart from sorry.</b></p>
    <p class=”ui_qtext_para”><b>Y- anything that can ammend what has happened, m sorry but can i ask u something, can u give me time and a chance to become my friend?? what should i do to soothen it.</b></p>
    <p class=”ui_qtext_para”><b>ME- again i distracted the topic and talking bout fifa finale.</b></p>
    <p class=”ui_qtext_para”><b>how can i be her friend when i have a feelings for him.. when we both do private talks and i even shared my private pics to him.</b></p>
    <p class=”ui_qtext_para”><b>ME(Next day) -everything is ok with ur gf now??</b></p>
    <p class=”ui_qtext_para”><b>Y- she is not my gf, we r still ex.</b></p>
    <p class=”ui_qtext_para”><b>ME- But u still treating her as she is ur gf.</b></p>
    <p class=”ui_qtext_para”><b>Y- no, i dont want her back, but i dont want to lose her.</b></p>
    <p class=”ui_qtext_para”><b>Then everything was going normal agian, we started flirting again, phone call sometimes, but yes he ignored me sometimes, reply my msgs in 10–15 mins.. and he still talk to me( i meant from fake account) stil says from her, larki patwade.. and all..</b></p>
    <p class=”ui_qtext_para”><b>neways i told him once over watsapp i wil come to meet you</b></p>
    <p class=”ui_qtext_para”><b>Y-please come. but i used to kidding him and he said “chutiya kat ti to aati nai ho” then i finally decided to go mumbai and met him.. i went to mumbai on 2nd</b><b>octber and I reached her city in evening and stayed over at my friends’ day i did a hotel for me and stayed there.. he came to hotel around 6:30( as hotel is 2:30 far from his home) he was shocked after seeing as i was lookin hot and he said “waise sahi bola hai banglore ke larkiya maal hote hai..</b></p>
    <p class=”ui_qtext_para”><b>and unmarried couples are not allowed so he decided to go for dinner but i said no lets go for a movie i want to talk to you.. he said okay.. we were in a cab we guys started cozy.. but then i controlled as it was public place.. then in movie we made out.. he said he was not sure that we wud makeout.. neways after movie finished..</b></p>
    <p class=”ui_qtext_para”><b>Y- ” lets go for relationship</b></p>
    <p class=”ui_qtext_para”><b>ME- but then i denied i said i dont want to give a tag . i really want you to be in touch with me and we should focus on ur mba and after mba we wil decide to take our relationship in to the next level. </b></p>
    <p class=”ui_qtext_para”><b>Y- yes u r right..then we did a walk together around 15-20 mins and holding hands of each other..we tooks pics together and now its 12 almost so he did a cab for me and i went to the hotel and messaged him, thanks for the today and m missing u.. he replied, thanku for making my day(kisses),me too and i dont want you to go, just dont go..i said- we wil meet again, he replied- yes of course, gn love i wil cal u in mrng…</b></p>
    <p class=”ui_qtext_para”><b>ME- next day i had a mrng flight(4th oct) but i said to him , i will cancelled it and wl make a flight of evening..</b></p>
    <p class=”ui_qtext_para”><b>Y- no pls u already did so much for me dont waste ur money , dont cancel ur tickets.. then we argued til 3 am and he said he wil call me in the mrng.. next day he called me in mrng.</b></p>
    <p class=”ui_qtext_para”><b>ME- i have cancelled the tickets and want to meet u again,</b></p>
    <p class=”ui_qtext_para”><b>Y – man not possible to come so early as u have a evening flight 7:30 and its already 12 now and it wil take around 2-3 hr to reach me at ur place</b></p>
    <p class=”ui_qtext_para”><b>ME- okay dont come, i was mad who came to met u from banglore.. it was so much easy for me to come mumbai.</b></p>
    <p class=”ui_qtext_para”><b>Y- yaar m sorry and even “humko bhi achha nai lg rha hai yaar” why u cancelled ur 5k tickets? i just dont undertsand. its making me feel so guilty..but okay but it takes 2-3 hrs so i wil reach around 4 in hotel..</b></p>
    <p class=”ui_qtext_para”><b>ME- ok and book a unmarried couples hotel then he tried but he dint find any unmarried couple hotel near to the airport.. i said okay u dont want to meet me thats y u making an excuses, leave it when u r not interested to meet me</b></p>
    <p class=”ui_qtext_para”><b>Y- its not like that okay send me the link if u find any hotel, i wil book and m more than interested even i have downloaded stayuncle., he booked the hotel , i was very happy 🙂 then i went to the unmarried couple hotel and he came at 4 and we had only 2 hrs and we did everything except sex</b></p>
    <p class=”ui_qtext_para”><b>y- i was never thought we wil do this too in just first meeting :P. We hugged each other</b></p>
    <p class=”ui_qtext_para”><b>ME-drop me at airport</b></p>
    <p class=”ui_qtext_para”><b>Y- look it wil take 3 hr again to reach me at home around 8 i wil reach</b></p>
    <p class=”ui_qtext_para”><b>ME-( i was stubborn that time) and he was convincing me as i was getting angry, he was saying sorry, he kissed me again on my forehead too we again took pics and he did a cab for me.. when flight was about to cruise, i got a message from him(phone msg)</b></p>
    <p class=”ui_qtext_para”><b>Y-” hi babe, yaar m sorry to not come and drop u, m really sorry sweetie wl call u once u have landed or at night,. then he called me at night ” he said sorry again and he said i knw i always ignored u but from today i promise i wil give u dedicated time i wil call you daily</b></p>
    <p class=”ui_qtext_para”><b>ME- ” dont call me daily as expecations wil grow and it wil hurt me at last if u wont cal or msg me so i want just keep in touch with me thats what i want from you :)</b></p>
    <p class=”ui_qtext_para”><b>Y- he said ok..</b></p>
    <p class=”ui_qtext_para”><b>Next day he called me everthing was going normal then on 6th october i messaged him at night and he was not replying and had a video chat with my friend( fake account) replying to my friend ( fake account), compliementing her and flirting her and was on call with his friend simaltaneoulsy..</b></p>
    <p class=”ui_qtext_para”><b>ME- wtf man u r not replying my msgs and if u dont want to keep contact just say it i wont bother u..u stil the same person, u wil never change. dont try to contact me.. good bye</b></p>
    <p class=”ui_qtext_para”><b>Y- its not like that yaar i was on call, Why r u hyper reacting..come on yaar u r over reacting, wtf man i m sorry come on man speak up, sorry( many times) and he called me then i exposed him</b></p>
    <p class=”ui_qtext_para”><b>Y- wait ” how do u knw i was replying to someone’s msg, its relating to facebook?? right?</b></p>
    <p class=”ui_qtext_para”><b>ME-( i was denying in starting but then i confronted)</b></p>
    <p class=”ui_qtext_para”><b>Y-I was sure that u were the only one who talking to me from ur friend account cause u asked me many times about yourself from fake account..</b></p>
    <p class=”ui_qtext_para”><b>ME-i was angry on him on some topics</b></p>
    <p class=”ui_qtext_para”><b>Y- why u so skeptical, Thodahumara bhi aadat dalo na hum aisa hi hai, he was trying to convincing me..and again i melted we talked til 3 day i just did a prank, i uploaded a pic of ours on watsapp status and shared with him only.. he checked my status and said “play to win”</b></p>
    <p class=”ui_qtext_para”><b>he said dont u have family on watsapp?? i said yes i have.. he said ” what if they see ur status.. i said it is privacy.. if u want i can remove it.. he said why ? m just saying dont remove..</b></p>
    <p class=”ui_qtext_para”><b>i dont knw why but i was having a doubt on Y even after meeting me, as he was not giving me time.. so i decided to text one of his friend(AN) and asked AN about Y ” his friend was not even heard my name before and he said if u guys were dating Y wud have told me but he dint tell me anyhting bout you.. then i said “but Y told me once that he told his few friends about me” then ANtold me ” he dint tel me anything,may be tell someone’s else.. Then i told him ” i want to knw whether he has a feelings for me or stil for his ex.. he said ” he already had a breakup with his ex(s) and breakup is breakup.. i said please do me a favour ask Y directly and dont tell me that i did a contact from you.. everything was going well between me and Y but when they both had a talk over call( AN And Y til 25 mins) at night i dont knw what had happened.. y texted me instantly “we need to talk” he called me i dint even had my dinner that day.. he said sorry it wil not work out, i dont have any feelings for u, i have a feelings for S.. i said then why did u approach me for a relationship.. while i never forced u for a relationship.. and why dint u stop me when i was coming to mumbai.. he wasnt even had a words to say anything.. he was silent and he said “bahek gaya tha, u were the one who took initiative not me and why dont u undertsand i always ignored u. i said why dint u stop me. please i wil change for you, i wont text you much, i wil give u space.. i begged him a lot.. he said i dont knw please dont beg and u r a nice grl but i m not a right person for u i always have cheated on u and wl continue to cheat on u he said he wil try for his ex after mba and if wont convinced, he wil try to make efforts on me. i was blackmailing him and told him i wil suicide and wont go for the interviews tomorrow if u break contact with me.. I was stubborn to continue the relation at any cost. he said dont do this r u mad please go for ur interviews and if u want i can be in ur contact and wl motivate u, wil talk to u tomorrow already 3:30 now( we talked around 2-3 hr over phone) .. i went totally numb. I could not feel anything.. All I can do is think about what went wrong. How could he have stopped it. what could I have done differently. i dont even knw what my mistake was.. and at last he told me u contacted my friend also (AN) i said yes i wanted to knw the truth. he said ok.. in middle of ur conversation AN calling me even though he had a college next day and he said over phone ” now u knw thr reailty of y, u shud leave him.. he dont deserve u. u r pretty u wil find a lot of guy bettr than him.. he is an asshole,, ( an and y are bff having a 7 years of bond) how can a freind say asshole to his bff in front of a random grl. and he(an) talked to me from 4 am to 6 am in the mrng.. why he was taking so much interest in me when he knws already.. and he said what if u knw that y and s are stil in relationship.. i said u told me already that they both had a breakup and breakup is breakup..he said but stil if u get to knw what wil u do i said i wil tell everything to his gf.. next day Y messaged me and he said move on and please forget i dont knw what has holding u, i said you, he replied m leaving and please go for ur was 4 pm and i said i dint had anything yet, he replied – have something, nai khake kuch nai hoga. and then after 30 mins he blocked me on watsapp.</b></p>
    <p class=”ui_qtext_para”><b>and i knw y were hiding me something so i tried to contact her ex and send him all the pics of us stil she was not believing me and she said send me more proofs then at last she believed and she said she had a breakup with y in june when she saw y and me conversation..but after breakup they were stil in a contact. and i told to s , dont share with y that i messaged you she said ok.. and she wil call me at night as i asked her to cal me..i dont knw how did y knw that i had a chat with s.. he unblocked me on watsapp and he said ” bholi ho bol bolke chalak nikli tum, bada game khel gayi.. i said life ke sath khelne ka right kisiko nai hai, m emotional.. he replied- ghantaa emotinal, tum to chalak ho.. sahi hai.. then i said ” shayad tumne smjha hota wat i feels for u.. he replied – lol wat u feel , my ass.. he said u dont have to teach me.. u now get it my smartness leave me alone now here and after forever..then he called me we talked 24 mins.. he said u r happy now? i said jbse u were hurtng me ab s knw everything so u r not feeling good now? dont knw i wil try to patchup of u and s.. he said ” dont try to be great. when i stopped ” he said do want to say something? 3 times and then i speak.. again he said something again i was silent.. again he said do want to say something? 3 times.. he said never ever try to contact me.. stay away from me my friends.. he was saying “fucking tired fucking and all.. then i said ” r u saying to me, u dont even knw how to respect a gal.. he said in a soft pitch – m not saying to you..and he was saying i wish u wil get a guy and he wont investigate him.. i said u dont have to worry,, waterver u say wl be curse for me.. then he disconnected the phone.. he dint block me that night and even checked my watsapp status also.. then s called me at 11 at night and she was saying she had breakup with him in june and they are normal friends now..she was saying one thing again and again ” move on move on” u shuld focus on ur studies now , even m doing the same.. i said man have wasted my 17k on him.. she said if u want i can ask y to give 17k to you, i cant do anything apart from this.. i said ” its not about money, its about feelings.. she said ‘ yeah i undertsand u invested him and loss hua ( in a attitude pitch) she said one more thing if u want i can ask y if he has a feelings for u or not.. i said u dont have to ask, i can ask him directly.. if y is his ex stil then why she was asking each and every detail.. like what did u guys do? she was not even believing me when i was saying that y approached me for a relationship.. and she said ” y did not stop u when u coming to mumbai.. i said no never.. and then talk finished,, next day i saw y blocked me around 11 in thr mrng.. i asked s did u talk to y after our conversation? she said yes i told him to call me.. neways.. now y’s friend AN trying to flirt with me and whenever i started taking y name, he gets irriated, and says i wil block you if u again take his name.. if u r talking just because of him then dont talk.. y has blocked me on 9th oct and after that we guys dint talk. one day AN told me that he discussed with y about me and y told him that i wil talk to her last time after my all exams get over. and i was so much angry on AN cause i never told him to talk about me with Y. .. so i thought i shuould clear with him and ask him the truth, all of a sudden what happened, after talking to AN that night on call so i messaged him on facebook on 25 oct but he ignord my msg.. again i messaged him on 27 oct to talk one last time, i wanted to knw the truth, clarity and to eleminate the misunderstanding or regrets.. he ignored., i have blocked him(y) facebook!!! and his friend try to find a way to talk to me and flirt with me..thats it and i stil have a doubt if y serioulsy told AN that he wil talk to me after exams, the same thing y could have told me when i messaged him..neways I cried a lot.. i dont knw why i alwys suffer.. i was always loyal to him even my friends told me many times to stay away from y, he is not a right guy.. but i was blind.</b></p>
    <p class=”ui_qtext_para”><b>My feelings for him was pure and so were my efforts..What should I do of myself now? i know this time will pass. I’ll be normal after a time but till then what should I do? How should I live? I was left shattered and destroyed.Those 5 days were the most difficult days of my life. i was not able to having my meals. I just felt like not getting up in the morning.I dint want to see those mornings anymore. I wanted the time to freeze where ever it was. If he dint have feelings for me, he wud have told me instead of inviting me for the mumbai. I dint travel alone in my whole life but for him i went to that city just because to meet him and I’m not even in a job like him. neways i just dont knw what he want to do i miss him badly. wl he contact me in future? I even asked him for friendship but he ignored my msgs on messenger. I don’t knw why he ignoring my msgs seriously??? How long does it take to type “move on or m not interested? If he don’t wanna say anything or don’t want to keep contact further just say it then instead of ignoring so that I wil stop myself from texting him and wl move on for sure..y and an going to meet on diwali, i dont knw wl they discuss about me or not.. pls suggest me what should i do, should i move on for sure? and should i block his friend(an)? AND SORRY FOR THE GRAMMAR MISTAKE.. DO READ POST PLEASE :)</b></p>



    Dear Anjali,

    The relationship that you had with him was filled with a lot of baseline mistrust, (insecurity) a need to use a proxy account to check on his behavior, an unresolved prior relationship (his with S), a so called best friend who seems to be exploiting the breakup to top your ex’s indecisiveness, dishonesty and lack of respect towards you.

    Overall it cannot be nothing but good news that this relationship has ended and trying to find a closure from him does not seem advisable neither is it likely that you will get it in a smooth way.

    It is better for your emotional health not to have any contact with him or his friends. It shouldn’t matter to you what he or his friends talk or discuss about you.

    Ask yourself what you want from your next relationship. Take care of yourself in the meantime.




    Dear anjali:

    I read your long post but didn’t understand some of quotes you provided. This is my understanding nonetheless:

    When you met Y online, you were emotionally attached to your ex boyfriend. It was a strong, long lasting attachment (“not a single day passed without me getting lost in thoughts and crying at night”).

    Next thing that happened was that your strong emotional attachment was transferred from your ex to Y (“I was able to forget my ex”). This attachment is the drive to love and be loved, a natural drive. This drive became focused on Y and you spent your time and money, traveled and contacted S and AN to get them to help you, you opened fake accounts, and even threatened suicide, all in your quest to unite with the object of your attachment, to-love-and-be-loved by the object of your attachment.

    You wrote: “pls suggest me what should I do, should I move on for sure?”- yes, you should. You do know that you need to love and be loved, that this is your strong drive. You need to choose a man who will satisfy this need, this quest. S is not available for this purpose, he doesn’t want to. You can’t make him love you, you can’t force it, no more than I can force anyone to love me, or even like me.

    Relax best you can, withdraw completely from Y, S and AN, have no contact with either one. Seek emotional support elsewhere, a friend, even here on your thread by posting more, receiving replies and responding to those.

    When you are ready to meet a new man in your life, get to know the man before getting too attached. Don’t rush to transfer your strong emotional attachment (now focused on S) to yet another man. Get to know him first and evaluate if he is a good candidate for a love relationship.

    Get to know a man beyond his words to you, get to know him based on his words and actions over time, in different contexts which must include meeting in person repeatedly and his family as well.



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    * correction: Y is not available for this purpose (not “S is not available for this purpose”)




    yes.. but i want to knw whether he text me in future or not 🙁




    he is busy with cat and other mba exams.. cat is on 25 nov  and he is very serious for career.. so wl he ever contact me? is there any chances? what u think?




    and if he never had feelings for me, why did he approach me for a relationship, even we’re in a long distance still…why did he makeout? and if his intention was only makeout wid me then why did he say “we should go for a dinner ” he could have told me for some private place instead of dinner.. i was the one who told him for the movie..  why did he tell me “wl give you dedicated time”? i never forced him for anything not even for makeout and for relationship , infact i was the one who told him “no” for the relationship.. and everything was going well, then suddenly wat happend when he had a conversation with his friend (AN) that night..and instantly he texted me.. “we need to talk” he was ok til evning of that day.. i dont knw whats going on, i even texted him on facebook for clarifications.. he ignored my msgs.. he could have replied to me ” dont msg or m not interested or he could block me” but he just seen my msgs and ignored ( we guys are not a friends on facebook) .. he blocked me on watsapp only.. i dont knw whats going on.. have to take a small revenge from him ” like he message me one day, i wil ignore his msg.. this wil give me relief,..guys what do u think? wl he ever contact me? or wl he ever unblock me on watsapp? whats ur instinct say?



    Dear Anjali,

    but i want to knw whether he text me in future or not

    Here your guess will be as good as mine. But it is likely that he will contact you; more so if he finds that his relationship with S is not going well or when he is bored of his other online contacts he chats up with.

    What you need to focus on is when and if he contacts you, what is your response going to be.

    have to take a small revenge from him ” like he message me one day, i wil ignore his msg.. this wil give me relief,.

    This kind of relief is likely to be temporary. And if things repeat themselves with him apologizing and you accepting his apology, then the cycle will repeat again.  if it happens, this is going to be in the background of his knowledge of you having contacted his “best friend”, his ex girlfriend and you having used a proxy account to check on him; you can imagine and think for yourself what the level of trust will be in that kind of relationship.

    So the question to you is – Do you want that kind of relationship or one with mutual respect, honesty and trust.

    Take care




    i knw he wil never approach me for relationship again.. but if he contact me in future just for once., that temporary relief wud be ok for me cause i wil ignore him after.. and wl he ever unblock me from watsapp? wl he ever contact me? whats ur instinct




    how to make him unblock me and text me? any idea



    Dear anjali:

    It reads to me that you don’t understand that a man may like you at one time but not later, that a man may like to be physically intimate with you but not to have a conversation with you, or make a life with you. And it seems to me that you don’t understand that lots of people lie, sometimes saying something that is completely untrue, and at other times, saying something with some truth in it and some untruth.

    After all, you yourself lied to him when using a fake account, no? And you like him at times and hate him at other times, so you see, feelings do change.

    He liked you and now he doesn’t like you. He wanted to be in contact with you before, now he doesn’t want to. You want him to contact you just so that you don’t answer him, to get a revenge.

    A woman obsessed, this is what I see, you being obsessed with him. This is not a healthy state of mind for you. Is there a possibility for you to attend some counseling or therapy so to learn some basic things about people’s motivations and the nature of feelings, as well as to stop your obsession?





    Dear Anjali,

    You seem to be hurting and angry in this relationship and its aftermath.

    When you focus on the other person, you are likely to miss out on what your true feelings are and what is right for you. Let go of this one and focus only on your well being.

    Take care.



    my cousin messaged him on instagram, she had a chat with him.. last msg of her was ” which exams” after that “y” deleted his account from instagram…. why ???



    Is he’s blocking you then it’s probably best if you begin to heal and move on.



    my cousin messaged him on instagram, she had a chat with him.. last msg of her was ” which exams” after that “y” deleted his account from instagram…. why ???


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