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    Last August I took a trip to Scandinavia and met a guy from my home country while I was hiking. We both are international students studying aboard. He lives in the UK and I live in North America. We only spent like a day and a half together(with other backpackers) and depart from each other. We have been texting each other for 6 months now…70% of the time he’s the one who initiates the convo. He likes to share what he does, his favorite movies, sing covers he plays, what he eats for the day…but no flirting. I gradually have a feeling for him but realizing that he never flirts, I don’t wanna go too far and too fast. We don’t get to see each other after all. sigh*

    Around xmas time, he told me he was planning a trip to alps for summer and asked me if I would like to join. I was way too happy and said yes, secretly thinking that we can meet each other again and maybe there’s a possibility that he actually likes me.

    Now, another 2 months had passed and the feelings are getting stronger and stronger…almost beyond my control. I started to think that I might not able to wait until summer, which is another 6 months away. I start thinking too many “what if”…
    What if we run out of topics for our daily texting convo before summer?
    What if he gets a girlfriend before summer?
    What if he only wants a travel partner instead of wanting to see me?
    What if…

    I have no idea what to do now. I mean, I am pretty serious about this and I did show my feelings to him sometimes. Not too many, but if he is not particularly noob when it comes to relationship, he should probably knew that I like him, although I never confess anything.

    Should I confess to him over text and ask him how he feels? If I could confess in person I would never choose to confess over text but I just don’t want the feelings fade before summer even starts.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Dear jamieee:

    My advice: tell him how you feel, make it short, not going on and on about it, just say something like “I developed romantic feelings for you, wanting you and I to be girlfriend-boyfriend” and then ask: “I was wondering if you have any such feelings for me?

    Better find out as soon as possible and save yourself a lot of “what-if” time, a lot of emotional turmoil, as well as a trip to the alps (if he is not interested in a bf-gf relationship with you).


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    Hi Jamieee,

    Tough situation to say the least! Since you realllly like him and and know how he feel about u, what I would do is go around the topic and ask indirectly. For example, say, “So, I never asked, do you have a girlfriend?” Or say that u have a friend who likes a guy but is nervous to tell him so you want his opinion on what he thinks she should do. Make him think a little, then he could start talking and maybe connects the dots and figureout that you are he “girl.”

    It is best to be honest but as long as you come clean that the friend is “really nervous,” I’m sure he would understand and you guys would have a great story to tell others one day 🙂

    All the best!

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