Tell My Mistakes to Me, Not to Others

We Don’t Know What Tomorrow Will Bring, So…

True Friends Stick

How Truly Beautiful You Are

A Beautiful Heart Will Bring More Joy into Your Life

The Best Apology Is Changed Behavior

A Cheap, Easy Way to Show People You Care

I Am Blessed to Have All That I Need

If YoU Have the Power to Make Someone Smile, Do It

Removing Someone from My Life Means I Respect Myself

Today I Will Not Stress

Sometimes Your Circle Decreases In Size but Increases in Value

You Don’t Need Everyone’s Approval to Be Happy

I’m a Deeply Feeling Person in a Messy World

Helping One Person May Not Change the World

All That Really Matters

There Is No Greater Wealth Than Peace of Mind

Don’t Lower Your Standards to Fit In

Two Things You Will Never Have to Chase

Be An Encourager

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