You Are Worthy Now

May You Find So Much Peace

Accountability Feels Like an Attack When…

You’re Struggling to Make a Change Because…

Give People Their Flowers While They’re Still Alive

When Our Emotional Response Seems Disproportionately Large

Introverts Don’t Just Connect

To Anyone Who Is Carrying a Heavy Heart in Silence

I Appreciate Rawness So Much

I Heal Loudly

My Children Aren’t to Blame for Triggering Me

Healing Can Be So Hard When…

When Someone Makes You Feel Safe

Temporary People Who Taught You Permanent Lessons

What Didn’t Work Out for You

You Deserve to Celebrate Not Only Who You’ve Become…

Real Isn’t Who’s with You at Your Celebration

We’re Not Ourselves When We’re Triggered

Who Does She Think She Is?

Their Disrespect Is Not a Valuation of Your Worth