The Kind of Connections You Deserve

Even Though the World Is in Chaos Right Now

If You’re Able to Make Someone’s Day

If You Are Not Speaking It, You Are Storing It

I’m Proud of the Woman I’m Becoming

It Only Takes One Second to Say…

You Are Only One Decision Away

Someone Who Has Been Mentally Abused Will…

Whatever You Do Today, Do It with Kindness in Your Heart

I Hope you Heal from Your Pain

We Don’t Know What Tomorrow Is Going to Bring

Being a Good Person Doesn’t Guarantee That Others Will Too

I Respect People Who Tell Me the Truth

It’s Okay to Let Go of Those Who Couldn’t Love You

I Love the Old Souls

Take a Little Time to Be Amazed

Do More of That

You Will Feel Better Than This

The World Is Changed by Your Example

Don’t Worry If Someone Doesn’t Like You