Friendships That Allow You to Pick Up from Where You Left Off

I Am a Survivor

How Much You Mean to Someone

If All You Did as Hold Yourself Together

The Way You Treat Other Human Beings

You’re Amazing and You Deserve to Be Happy

Be Proud of Every Step You Take

A Person Who Came to You with a Torch in the Dark

When a Child Can’t Calm Down

That’s Healing

Stick with People Who Pull the Magic Out of You

What Is Not Okay

Teach Your Kid to Stand Up to the Underdog

Their Behavior Has More to Do With Their Internal Struggle

You Don’t Owe Anyone Your Story

As Long As You Know Your Truth and What Works for You…

They’ll Keep You Sane

You Did the Best You Could with the Knowledge You Had in That Moment

The Broken Will Always Be Able to Love Harder

Make It a Habit to Do Nice Things