You Might Think That You Don’t Matter in This World

There Is No Such Thing as a Bad Kid

Be the Reason Someone Believes in the Goodness of People

You’re Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea

Blessed Are the Weird People

The Best Dating Advice I’ve Gotten Was

Go Where Your Energy Is Reciprocated

I Hope You Find Love, but More Importantly…

Other People’s Problems

A Person Becomes Ten Times More Attractive, Not by Their Looks…

You Are Not Supposed to Be Happy All the Time

Today I Want You to Think About All That You Are

The Most Beautiful Things in Life

As Artists It’s Our Job to Feel Our Feelings

From the first Next Creator Up podcast interview, with singer/songwriter Kelly McRae. It was chalk full of tips and insights to help you get back your creative blocks and bring your vision to life!

Take a Moment to Marvel at Your Life

Meeting a Child’s Aggression with Adult Aggression Only Adds Fuel to the Fire

I Want to Feel Alive

It’s Up to Us to Break Generational Curses

Avoiding Your Triggers Isn’t Healing

Life Is Like Photography

Develop your negatives into something beautiful. Check out the new podcast for established and aspiring creators, by Tiny Buddha Productions: