Before You Roll Your Eyes at Early Christmas Decorators

It’s Okay to Allow Things to Unfold as They Will

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You Won, You Win

Love and Acceptance

Just Breathe

I’m Glad They’re Happy

People Raised on Survival

Happiness Is Letting Go

Be That Person Who Roots for Others

It’s Not Important to Have A Lot of Friends

Compassion Is Often Birthed in the Valley of Despair

You’re Far More Impressive Than You Realize

Identifying the Pattern Is Awareness

Trust the Journey

Be Open with Your Love and Loud with Your Laughter

A Missed Opportunity for Growth

Sometimes When Things Are Falling Apart…

One of the colorable quote pages from my new Inner Strength Journal (colored by yours truly)!

That’s Not Love, It’s a Trauma Response

Have Fun and Give Them Something to Talk About

Forgive Yourself and Try Again