Just Because It Isn’t Happening Right Now Doesn’t Mean It Never Will

I Hope You Choose to Walk Away and Do Better

Don’t Forget Your Human

Forgiveness Is…

Grief Is Love with Nowhere to Go

The Most Hurtful Are Often the Most Pained

Never Wish Them Pain

You’re Not Failing or Falling Behind

One of the Happiest Moments in Life

Move On, for Life Is Not Meant to Be Traveled Backwards

You’re Not a Mess, You’re Human

It’s Okay to Struggle

I’m Never Perfect, But I’m Always Genuine

The Only Closure You Need

Look for Something Positive in Every Day

It’s Okay to Say No to Things That Drain You

Today I Will Not Stress

No Matter How Hard It Gets, The Sun Will Rise Again

Difficult Roads Often Lead to Beautiful Destinations

I Don’t Have Time to Worry About Who Doesn’t Like Me

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