When You Notice Your Mental Health Declining…

Other People Liking You Is a Bonus

Instead of Getting Defensive…

I Wish You All Peace and So Much Love

People Who Say “Go Big or Go Home…”

Before You Argue with Someone…

I Like People Who Get Excited About…

Take It One Day at a Time

Let Me Hold the Door for You

Self-Care Is Also…

I Wasn’t Built for Routine

You Just Need to Take Care of Yourself

The Next Time You’re Afraid to Share Ideas

I Practice Appreciating People Just the Way They Are

What Makes You Different Makes You Beautiful

Change Can Be Scary, But You Know What’s Even Scarier?

If You Can’t Share Your Feeling, Standards, and Expectations

If You’re a Giver…

If You Love Something, Love It Completely

Even If I React, It Won’t Change Anything