What Is Not Okay

Teach Your Kid to Stand Up to the Underdog

Their Behavior Has More to Do With Their Internal Struggle

You Don’t Owe Anyone Your Story

As Long As You Know Your Truth and What Works for You…

They’ll Keep You Sane

You Did the Best You Could with the Knowledge You Had in That Moment

The Broken Will Always Be Able to Love Harder

Make It a Habit to Do Nice Things

When People Set Boundaries with You

I Am an Old Soul

I Have a Limited Amount of Time

Our Parents Still Had Work to Do on Themselves

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Don’t Overlook Life’s Small Joys

Have Faith, Find the Lessons, Trust the Journey

The Reason Life Works at All

The Best Kind of Love, the Best Kind of Life

Situations That Suck All My Energy

A Lot of What Weighs You Down