Opinion Is the Lowest Form of Knowledge

Feeling Things Deeply Is My Superpower

The Abuse Didn’t Make You Strong

The More I Know Who I Am

You Are Going to Be Fine

I Admire People Who Could Have Turned Cold but Still Chose Love Anyway

You’re Allowed to Decide to Change Who You Are

Say It with Me: I Don’t Have to Apologize For…

Friends That Understand Your Antisocial Phases

You Deserve Someone Who Treats You Like You Matter Every Day

Shoutout to the People Who Haven’t Felt Okay Lately

You Look in the Mirror and Sometimes See a Mess of a Human Being

Don’t Live Your Life Impressing Others

I Won’t Let Anyone Walk Through My Mind with Their Dirty Feet

Choices, Chances, Changes

It Costs $0.00 to Be a Decent Human Being

When the Right Person Hugs You

Shoutout to Those with Anxiety and Trust Issues

People Who Are Depressed are Not Weak-Minded

You Can’t Change People