You Can’t Force Anyone to Value, Respect, Understand, or Support You

Have a Little Faith In Your Ability to Handle What’s Coming

People Get Lost When They Think of Happiness as a Destination

Don’t Wait Til You Reach Your Goal to Be Proud

You Deserve to Be Loved Without…

The Most Important Thing You Can Do When You’re Struggling

Always Remind People of Their Worth

The People We Fall in Love With

Stop Comparing Traumas

Oh, I Don’t Try to Hide My Weird

Stop Shrinking to Fit Places You’ve Outgrown

Others Disliking You Is Not a Bad Thing

I Am Happy, Hurting, and Healing

I’m at That Stage Where I Keep Myself Out of Unnecessary Arguments

Please Stop Treating Yourself Like an Afterthought

Small Acts Have a Ripple Effect

Keep Shining

Build People Up Instead of Tearing Them Down

My Home Will Be a Safe Space

Be the Person You Needed When You Were Younger