The Only Closure You Need

Look for Something Positive in Every Day

It’s Okay to Say No to Things That Drain You

Today I Will Not Stress

No Matter How Hard It Gets, The Sun Will Rise Again

Difficult Roads Often Lead to Beautiful Destinations

I Don’t Have Time to Worry About Who Doesn’t Like Me

It May Not Get Easier, But It Will Get Better

You Can and Will Get Through This

Your Words Sow Seeds in Your Children’s Hearts

The Past Is Over

Be Thankful for the Difficult Times

Patience Is the Calm Acceptance That…

The Secret to Living Well and Longer

I Am Blessed to Have All That I Need

There’s a Message in the Way a Person Treats You

Sometimes I’m Not Angry, I’m Hurt

Never Judge People by Their Past

We Can Disagree Without Attacking Each Other

Be the Reason Someone Smiles Today