Choose People Who Choose You

Now, Every Time I Witness a Strong Person…

Find the Time to Read, to Smell the Flowers…

People Need to Be Encouraged

Talking to Someone with an Open Mind

It Will Always Seem Like You Don’t Deserve It

There’s a Difference Between Overthinking and Deep Thinking

The Friends You Don’t See for Days, Weeks, or Months

Life Is Not About What You Look Like or What You Own

Sometimes You Just Need to Go on an Adventure

Two Things You Should Never Waste Your Time On

Your Circle Should Want to See You Win

I’m Not Mad, Depressed, or Antisocial

Being Home, Doing Absolutely Nothing

The Purpose of Life Is Not Happiness

Being Home Doing Absolutely Nothing

You Gotta Text People When You’re Thinking of Them

All We Can Do Is Love People

Instead of Avoiding Your Pain, Work Through It

A Closed Mind Is a Tortured Mind