I Used to Dislike Being Sensitive

It’s So Empowering to Say…

Give Them Something to Talk About

Some People Want Material Things

Our Eyes Speak

Today, I Start a New Chapter in My Life

Life Is Amazing, and Then It’s Awful

Never Assume That Loud Is Strong and Quiet Is Weak

Re-set, Re-adjust, Re-start, Re-focus

Maybe Some Things Don’t Get Better, But We Do

Give Yourself a Break

I Hope You Choose to Walk Away and Do Better

I Refuse to Stress Myself Out Over Things I Can’t Control

These Are the People Who Get a Spot in Your Blanket Fort

Hate Is Heavy, Let It Go

We’re Going on an Adventure

I’m Too Old for Games

At the End of the Day, I Am at Peace

Forgive Often and Love with All Your Heart

Keep Shining