Some Situations Do Not Require My Reaction

Turn Your Demons into Art

Your Silent Presence

Have Stories to Tell, Not Stuff to Show

Show Up for People

Any Amount of Gratitude Can Change the Present

From Tiny Buddha’s Worry Journal

People Grow When They Are Loved Well

Train Your Mind to See the Good

The Most Beautiful Things in Life Are Not Things

I Know I’m Strong Enough o Handle Whatever Comes at Me Because…

From Tiny Buddha’s Worry Journal

How You Needed to Be Loved

Don’t Allow Anyone to Invalidate How You Feel

A Flower Doesn’t Compete

Our Choices Become Their Choices

My Goal Is to Have a Positive Impact

Let It Be

One of the quotes from Tiny Buddha’s Worry Journal.

You Stop Attracting Certain People When…

You Are Still So Strong

Sometimes the Kindest Thing You Can Do…

I Have Decided to Stop Saying Yes