Things You Can’t Control

Things You Cant Control

Source: Love This Pic

Don’t Ruin a Good Day

Dont Ruin a Good Day

Source: Power of Positivity

I Like Laughter: Video from an Inspiring Comedian

Most comedians try to get laughs, but Michael Jr.’s goal is to give them. Watch and ask yourself: how can you be the punchline?

Happiness Is Always an Inside Job

Happiness Is Always an Inside Job

Source: Charity Elise Designs

Becoming Yourself

Becoming Yourself

Source: The Daily Quotes

To Strengthen the Muscles of the Heart…

Strengthen the Muscles of Your Heart

The Ripple Effect of Kindness, an Inspiring Video

Giving is always receiving, and kindness is contagious. What ripples can you make today?

How Stressed You Are

How Stressed You Are

Source: Andy Dooley

There Is No Path to Happiness

Statue representing the portrait of Buddha in meditation. Copy space.

Inspiring Video: Real Life Hero

Want to be a hero and make a difference in the world? It’s a lot easier to do than you think.

(Yes, this is a Thai insurance commercial–but one well worth watching!)

Make the Most of Today

Make the Most of Today

Source: Power of Positivity

Your Ability to Heal

Your Ability to Heal

Dealing with Endings



A Video from an Inspiring Woman Who May Not Seem Normal

She has a disability, but she feels grateful for her abilities, and she has an important message to share about what’s “normal” and judging by appearances.

You’ll Be OK

You'll Be Okay

The Right Thing to Do

You Always Know the Right Thing to Do

Being Kind or Being Right

Being Kind and Being Right

Source: Raw for Beauty

The Amazing Typewriter Artist (Who has Cerebral Palsy)

Paul Smith, who lives in an Oregon nursing home, creates amazing works of art using a typewriter, in spite of the cerebral palsy that makes precise movements extremely challenging. One keystroke at a time, he recreates scenes from his childhood, famous paintings, and beautiful landscapes, proving where there’s a will—and passion—there’s a way.

The Unhappiest People in the World…

The Unhappiest People in the World

Source: Lupytha Hermin

One of the Happiest Moments Is…

Let Go of What You Cant Change