Never Take for Granted the People Who Travel the Journey with You

Never forget where you've been

Not Getting What You Want May Be a Wonderful Stroke of Luck

Not getting what you want

Grudges Are a Waste of Happiness

LIfe it too short

The Only Thing We Really Have Is Right Now

The only thing we have is right now

I Vow to Let Go of All Worries

I vow to let go

Be Strong Enough to Let Go & Patient Enough for What You Deserve

Be strong

12 Things to Always Remember

12 Things to Always Remember

Never Apologize for How You Feel

Never apologize for how you feel

A Flower Doesn’t Compete with the Flower Next to It

A flower does not compete with the flower next to it

The Sadness of the Past and the Fear of the Future

The sadness of your past

Discussions Are Always Better Than Arguments

Discussions are always better than arguments.

Work for a Cause, Not for Applause

Work for a cause, not for applause

You Can’t Calm the Storm, but You Can Calm Yourself

You cant calm the storm

Pick Your Battles

Pick your battles

When Writing the Story of Your Life…

When writing the story of your life,don't let anyone elsehold the pen.

Keep Going and Trust in Yourself

Keep going

Empty Your Vessel of Yesterday’s Sorrows

Yesterday's Sorrows

Do Your Best and Let the Rest Go

Do your best