Sometimes You Just Need to Go on an Adventure

Two Things You Should Never Waste Your Time On

Your Circle Should Want to See You Win

I’m Not Mad, Depressed, or Antisocial

Being Home, Doing Absolutely Nothing

The Purpose of Life Is Not Happiness

Being Home Doing Absolutely Nothing

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All We Can Do Is Love People

Instead of Avoiding Your Pain, Work Through It

A Closed Mind Is a Tortured Mind

Some of the Kindest Souls I Know

A Shout Out to Everyone Who Is Trying Right Now

You Can’t Force Anyone to Value, Respect, Understand, or Support You

Have a Little Faith In Your Ability to Handle What’s Coming

People Get Lost When They Think of Happiness as a Destination

Don’t Wait Til You Reach Your Goal to Be Proud

You Deserve to Be Loved Without…

The Most Important Thing You Can Do When You’re Struggling

Always Remind People of Their Worth