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Lori Deschene is the founder of Tiny Buddha. She’s also the author of Tiny Buddha’s Gratitude Journal and other books and co-founder of Recreate Your Life Story, an online course that helps you let go of the past and redefine yourself. An avid film lover, she recently finished writing her first feature screenplay and would appreciate advice from anyone in the industry to help get this made. You can reach her at email (at)

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The Most Precious Gift We Can Give


The Gap by Ira Glass: Inspiration for Creative People

Feeling disappointed by the gap between your taste and your creative abilities? This short video offers an inspiring message to help you keep creating, even if you’re not yet fully satisfied with your work.…

We Get Stronger


Chance to Be Brave

Source: Lupytha Hermin

Create Yourself


The PEN Story

A lifetime of moments in 60,000 pictures. I’m amazed at the time and effort that must have gone into this clever, inspired video. Enjoy!…

Just Because You Miss Someone


You’re Not Broken

Source: Chibird

The Good Life

An inspring animated video by New York Times bestselling author Mark Albion, based on his book More Than Money. Maybe the good life is closer than you think……

If You Have Good Thoughts

Source: From Victory Road

Our Everyday Choice

Source: Fractal Enlightenment

The Power of Words

When I first saw this video, I thought it was about the title—the power of words. Then it occurred to me that it might be about the other part of the title (shared on the YouTube page, …

Everybody Wants Happiness

Source: Curiosity by Dickens

Let Your Smile Change the World

Source: Cute Forever and Ever

Amazing Amputee Skateboarder

I would be terrified to try these things even standing on a skateboard. It’s absolutely amazing, what this man can do, and even more inspiring that he believed in himself enough to try and get this good.…

Be Yourself

Source: MJ Da Luz

Look for the Silver Lining

Source: Flapperdoodle

It Will All Be Okay in the End

Source: Chibird

50 Ways to Find Inspiration

“If we look at the world with a love of life, the world will reveal its beauty to us.” ~Daisaku Ikeda

I have always loved that scene in American Beauty when Ricky Fitts shows his video of a plastic bag …

A Man, a Pink Tutu, and His Smiling Wife, Who’s Undergoing Chemo

One woman. One cancer diagnosis. One man. One pink tutu. One inspiring mission. More smiles than can possibly be counted. Bob Carey, you are my new hero.…