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Tracey Nakhila is a Psychotherapist and founder of A Space to Process.  She offers online counselling & psychotherapy to anyone who is wishing to find a space to process the thoughts, feelings and experiences that are preventing them from living the life they deserve.

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Healing Anxious Attachment Patterns to Create Space for Love

“Anxious attachment stems from a deep sense of inner instability where old wounds make people anticipate that they will be abandoned again and again.” ~Jessica Baum

I have recently met the love of my life. Yay!!! He is the person I’ve been imagining for as long as I can remember, hoping and praying that one day I would find him.

It took such a long time that I began to suspect I was delusional for imagining that such a love was possible, and I almost gave up on the idea of him. But now he is here, and we share …