The Magic of Making Mistakes: 3 Tips to Lead an Exciting Life


“The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one.” ~Elbert Hubbard

This year has been a massive change for me. I had enough of the lameness that was freezing my previous life. Always experiencing the same days, meeting the same people, and doing the same things. Over and over again. Enough!

I did a complete 180-turn.

I changed the way I perceive mistakes and that made all the difference. My life is now more exciting than ever. I meet awesome people and do awesome things.

Making mistakes has been the life changing magic that I was lacking before.

Here are my three vibrant tips that will drastically change the way you perceive mistakes:

1. Let yourself make as many mistakes as necessary to create an exciting life.

I have a friend who's got an incredible life. He's location independent, travels wherever he wants, and enjoys a (digital) career others only dream of having.

Back in the day, I always thought he was using some kind of magic to make it work, because I couldn't believe the success he was experiencing. I saw him doing the most exciting things and I always wondered: What does he have that I’m missing ?

What he had was experience.

That was the magic that made his life so freaking wonderful. When he was setting up his online business, he was making so many mistakes, it was unbelievable. He failed on a constant basis, screwing up the coding for his site, forgetting client calls, spending money on projects that sank like the titantic.

The list is endless. But he kept going. And you know what ? If you make more mistakes than anyone else, you will accumulate a mountain of experience. And from that springs a knowledge that allows you do incredible things.

My friend screwed up at least ten times more than me, and that's why he succeeded. He's also the most relaxed person I know; thanks to his experience, he knows what matters and what doesn't.

2. Stretch yourself at least once a day.

Boy, this was a big one for me. I knew that in order to live life to the fullest, I had to do things I have never done before.

Average standards lead to an average life. People who live an incredible life have high standards. They constantly expand their comfort zone and courageously move forward.

I do that every day. Talking to women I meet on the streets. Saying yes to strange proposals (Have a South African party in a Christian church—why not ?)

The key is to start small. Very small. Don't do epic things all at once. Do one thing every single day that makes you uncomfortable.

Call that person you are afraid to call. Speak to someone you just met. Become a yes (wo) man. Whenever there's an opportunity to do something you have never done before, say yes. Every experience will expand your consciousness. Yoohay !

3. Don't call them mistakes.

The word is like poison to your mind—get rid of it once and for all. I use the word  challenge nowadays, and that works like white magic.

Making mistakes really means learning, and making many mistakes means you are learning fast. Every single day I ask myself: what are today's challenges? What can I do today that makes me grow ?

Every new challenge you tackle will expand your horizons and open up new possibilities.

Promise yourself: I will stretch myself every single day. Today will be better than yesterday, because I have learned a new lesson.

Do that on a constant basis, and enjoy an amazing life!

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  • really enjoyed this one 🙂 I try to look at life in this way – I don’t regret mistakes I’ve made, even big ones like picking the wrong major in college because it has lead me to where I am today. Sometimes, it can be hard to stay positive but life is full of possibilities and in the big scheme of things, boy am I lucky.

  • scienceben

    Awesome article, I may just take a few mental notes away from this and put them to good use.


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  • There is a lot of wisdom in this article. Living big means being prepared to fail big over and over again and pick yourself up each time. I also started looking at what I was attaching to success – when I stopped making it about validation of me as a person then failure lost its power over me and failing was just another step forward. Failing forward is a powerful way to accelerate your progress.

  • Awesome ! Glad my article helped you.

  • Samantha, regret is useless.
    Be happy about your choices in the past. I really don’t believe in mistakes, it’s all part of learning your way through life.

  • Definitely, and it took me ages to figure that out. The faster I “fail” forward, the more interesting my life !

  • Pat

    Thomas Edison is famous for celebrating his failures, knowing they brought him one step closer to success — and ultimately led him to discover the filament necessary to illuminate a light bulb. One of my favorite quotes attributed to him is something like, “In order to double your successes, you must be willing to triple your failures.”

  • Thanks for sharing, helped me a lot actually 🙂 Keep it up!

  • Simple yet so true. Great Article

  • My favorite quote is by Mason Cooley – “‘Why Not?’ is a slogan for an interesting life!” – it’s true, opening yourself to experiencing more can be very rewarding! Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

  • Robinkilburn

    this is right up my ally, and I do so understand the concept, It took me a very long time to stop my self talk of how stupid I was, to knowing 37 different ways that won’t lead me home. but those 37 way that do not lead me to my front door, were when I met some wonderful people people and saw sights I would have missed.And I do believe that nothing is a mistake if I don’t learn from it

  • thank you! 🙂

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  • Wonderful post! I can’t remember where I heard this but some super smart person said that every successful person has had failures. Just recently I’ve started climbing out of my comfort zone and “experimenting” with every idea that gets me excited. Some will work, and some won’t. But, with everything I try, I learn. Each “mistake” is an excellent opportunity to learn. You have the right idea about building community (read your about me). It’s key in an online presence.

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  • Thanks this really gave me some hope and rather optimistic feeling..for example, I missed so many good changes last weekend that I despair, but now I know I’m more ready next time (DV).
    There are also other future plans that are uncertain, and I’ve been thinking that maybe at some point action is all you got..even if there is change for failure.

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  • “stretch yourself at least once a day.”

    i stretch myself physically, no problem. it’s the mental stretching that hurts.

    thank you for reminding me that flexibility, spontaneity, & new experiences lead to a fuller life. (something i often forget.)

    sometimes, making a mistake is just the shove you need to jump off the “gotta be perfect” train of thought. (not a fun ride; ironically bumpy.)

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  • youngman

    i always had a fear to fail in life. i been making mistakes one after the other and i fall deeper into this depressing whole. but come to think of it im only 20 years old and i got so much to go through

  • Love Jesus

    Not really try Jesus Christ he works for me any day… Put your sins on the cross by confessing them to the Lord and reading Word of God and saying sorry and I forgive you. Jesus Christ came to save sinners.

  • MananThacker

    Helped alot.
    I love your blog and all your posts
    Thanks alot

  • Don Dressel

    My wife made a mistake and lost a lot of money and broke my heart in doing so! I forgave her and realized we all make mistakes. No one person is perfect and we should all treat each other with respect

  • Dookie

    What’s the bit about the South African party now?

  • Eian Schrag

    Well said, and I’ll add that we need to alow those around us to make mistakes/learning events as well, then show them compassion and respect for their progress.

  • Jamie Leeper

    Great post, very well done! The key thing with every mistake, is how do you respond. Some people will bury their head, others will own it and make it right. This second solution is what we live by at Royal Services. Life’s complicated, things are not always going to go as planned, but your response is what defines you. #royalfamily

  • As a soccer coach I always encourage my players to get out of their comfort zone and push the boundaries. The worst thing that can happen, is that we get scored on and lose the game. No biggie. However, this only works if you have a coach that is truly focused on developing the kids. As soon as egos and winning get involved, then it’s game over.

  • Ashley Strong

    I love this! I am a psychic medium and teacher and it took me a long time to finally tell everyone who I am and what I do! Now I run my own company and blog and I am so thankful I finally took that step and put myself out there. It was for sure a challenge but so rewarding, now I help people every single day. I help people to find themselves, help them overcome grief, and now I am teaching people how to develop and progress their own intuitive gifts! Thank you for sharing this article!

  • Ashley Strong

    I feel the same way! I can now look back on every “mistake” and every challenge and even be grateful for those experiences. If I hadn’t had them I probably wouldn’t be running my own business doing what I love and loving what I do every single day! I am a medium and teacher and though it was hard to tell people who and what I am, I am so glad I did! It has been absolutely so rewarding and beautiful!