60 Things to Be Grateful For In Life


“We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude.” ~Cynthia Ozick

How often do you pause to appreciate what you have in life?

When I was young, I took things for granted. I believe many other kids did so, as well. After all, we were young and we didn’t know what life could be like on the other side.

One thing we took for granted was education. In my country, it’s compulsory for all kids to go to school, so it was a given. We never thought about how lucky we were to be educated.

We also took our teachers for granted. We never thought about how lucky we were to have teachers who cared for our growth so much, and poured their heart and soul into their lessons.

Then slowly as I grew up, I began to appreciate things around me more. As I saw more and more of the world out there, I realized all the things I’d been given are not rights, but privileges.

I realized that being literate is a not a right, but a gift. I realized there is a lot of war and violence in the world, and I’m lucky to live in a country where it’s safe and peaceful. I realized there are people out there who don’t have their five senses, and to have mine is a gift.

I realized the world is so beautiful, and we’re lucky to live in such an amazing world.

Sometimes it’s easy to feel bad because you’re going through a tough time in life. However, remember that no matter how bad your situation may seem, there are tens of thousands of things to be grateful for in life.

Below is a simple list of things that I’m grateful for in my life. Most of the items, if not all, will apply to you too. I’m sure as you read this list, you’ll think of many more things to be grateful for. Feel free to add on in the comments box below. I would love to read them.

Here are sixty things to be grateful for in our lives:

1. Your parents – for giving birth to you. Because if there is no them, there will not be you.
2. Your family – for being your closest kin in the world.
3. Your friends – for being your companions in life.
4. Sense of sight – for letting you see the colors of life.
5. Sense of hearing – for letting you hear trickle of rain, the voices of your loved ones, and the harmonious chords of music.
6. Sense of touch – for letting you feel the texture of your clothes, the breeze of the wind, the hands of your loved ones.
7. Sense of smell – for letting you smell scented candles, perfumes, and beautiful flowers in your garden.
8. Sense of taste – for letting you savor the sweetness of fruits, the saltiness of seawater, the sourness of pickles, the bitterness of bitter gourd, and the spiciness of chili.
9. Your speech – for giving you the outlet to express yourself.
10. Your heart – for pumping blood to all the parts of your body every second since you were born; for giving you the ability to feel.
11. Your lungs – for letting you breathe so you can live.
12. Your immune system – for fighting viruses that enter your body. For keeping you in the pink of your health so you can do the things you love.
13. Your hands – so you can type on your computer, flip the pages of books, and hold the hands of your loved ones.
14. Your legs – for letting you walk, run, swim, play the sports you love, and curl up in the comfort of your seat.
15. Your mind – for the ability to think, to store memories, and to create new solutions.
16. Your good health – for enabling you to do what you want to do and for what you’re about to do in the future.
17. Your school – for providing a environment conducive to learning and growing.
18. Your teachers – for their dedication and for passing down knowledge to you.
19. Tears – for helping you express your deepest emotions.
20. Disappointment – so you know the things that matter to you most.
21. Fears – so you know your opportunities for growth.
22. Pain – for you to become a stronger person.
23. Sadness – for you to appreciate the spectrum of human emotions.
24. Happiness – for you to soak in the beauty of life.
25. The Sun – for bringing in light and beauty to this world.
26. Sunset – for a beautiful sight to end the day.
27. Moon and Stars – for brightening up our night sky.
28. Sunrise – for a beautiful sight to start the morning.
29. Rain – for cooling you when it gets too warm and for making it comfy to sleep in on weekends.
30. Snow – for making winter even more beautiful.
31. Rainbows – for a beautiful sight to look forward to after rain.
32. Oxygen – for making life possible.
33. The earth – for creating the environment for life to begin.
34. Mother nature – for covering our world in beauty.
35. Animals – for adding to the diversity of life.
36. Internet – for connecting you and others despite the physical space between you.
37. Transport – for making it easier to commute from one place to another.
38. Mobile phones – for making it easy to stay in touch with others.
39. Computers – for making our lives more effective and efficient.
40. Technology – for making impossible things possible.
41. Movies – for providing a source of entertainment.
42. Books – for adding wisdom into your life.
43. Blogs – for connecting you with other like-minded people.
44. Shoes – for protecting your feet when you are out.
45. Time – for a system to organize yourself and keep track of activities.
46. Your job – for giving you a source of living and for being a medium where you can add value to the world.
47. Music – for lifting your spirits when you’re down and for filling your life with more love.
48. Your bed – for you to sleep comfortably in every night.
49. Your home – for a place you can call home.
50. Your soul mate – for being the one who understands everything you’re going through.
51. Your best friends – for being there for you whenever you need them.
52. Your enemies – for helping you uncover your blind spots so you can become a better person.
53. Kind strangers – for brightening up your days when you least expect it.
54. Your mistakes – for helping you to improve and become better.
55. Heartbreaks – for helping you mature and become a better person.
56. Laughter – for serenading your life with joy.
57. Love – for letting you feel what it means to truly be alive.
58. Life’s challenges – for helping you grow and become who you are.
59. Life – for giving you the chance to experience all that you’re experiencing, and will be experiencing in time to come.

And last but not least… #60:


For being who you are and touching the world with your presence.

Photo by Takuma Kimura

Editor’s note: Tiny Buddha’s gratitude journal/coloring book is now available! Learn more or grab your copy on Amazon here.

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  • This is beautiful

  • Well, I don’t have a list of sort, but every morning when I visit my terrace to enjoy the sunrise (mostly everyday) I just give out affirmations to things I feel grateful for. I ask for healing and love for people I know and love 🙂 and it works out pretty fine.

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  • Chica

    perfect! <3

  • Gratitude is essential along the path of life. How can we realize our dreams if we don’t appreciate the ones we have?

  • Kurt

    this actually helped turned my day around. From the moment I woke up I’ve had one of those days where everything around me and in my life just seems monotonous. But after reading this it actually helped make the day better. So I just wanted to say thank you 🙂

  • Kruzty

    And now im grateful too for read this >_O

  • Jennifer Ocken

    I was completely touched by this post. You made me feel so special to you over flowing with gratitude for the reader … I had to say youre welcome … you, my friend, gain the title of the most giving person I came across with today. It was cool to feel so close to a blog post with out ever meeting you. Thank you for writing this and reminding me of the unlimited possibilities our beautiful world gives us when we are grateful! And the joy that comes when you are grateful. I send much love & gratitude back for your ability to express your love in this blog post! It is a talent that serves our universe well!

  • Deanna

    I REALLY needed this article today. Thank you …

  • Thanks Kurt, I’m glad you found the post helpful 😀

  • Thank you Jennifer, that is really sweet and kind of you!! Thanks for being you and thanks for writing this comment *reaches out and gives you a huge hug*

  • Aw I’m grateful to you for writing this comment Kruzty 😀

  • food: for giving sense of taste and nutritions to the body and brain 🙂
    awesome article. thank you.

  • Nicholas

    Definitely made my day a little brighter and what I’m going through right now a little less difficult. Thank you!

  • Taffyk

    Thank you so much for so eloquently expressing this list. I have passed it on. 🙂

  • Dania

    Thank you! 🙂

  • Trinityvista

    Thank you for sharing, I feel grateful every day, and would like to add one of mine:Your awareness- for allowing you to feel connected. Wishing you Love in your heart, Peace in your mind, Joy in your being..

  • DOC


  • Jay-Cub

    Thanks Celestine! Your a wonderful writer and I would hope to see more of your writings on tinybuddha! Thanks for writing something that will surely make my day so much better 🙂

  • Beautiful! 1 thing I’d add — my father — for teaching me to love cooking and oddball musicals like
    “Fiddler on the Roof” and “Paint Your Wagon.”

  • Thank you – I needed this today also!

    And despite all the ups & downs (that I’ve hashed out in therapy over the years – OH – very grateful for my therapist!), I’m also grateful to my parents. Dad for giving me my love of cooking and being adventurous with new cuisines, as well as my love of singing aloud songs from odd-ball musicals (e.g., “Fiddler on the Roof” and “Paint Your Wagon”). Mom for exposing me to spirituality far beyond the reaches of traditional organized religion. And both again for always making it to parent-teacher conferences.

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  • Michael J Armijo

    I am grateful for the Tiny Buddha tweets that I read from time to time as they enrich my life. LIFE is a gift…We weren’t asked to be born. We don’t ask to die. And so, everything in-between birth and death is a very special gift. I am thankful for you (and me). 😉

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  • Hi Michael,

    I’m so glad you enjoy it! I didn’t write this post (the awesome Celestine Chua did). However, I run the site and the Twitter/Facebook accounts. I put all my heart into running Tiny Buddha and I’m so glad it makes a difference.

    Have an awesome rest of the weekend~

  • … grateful for the skies, the clouds, the flowers, the grass … there are infinite things for witch we should be grateful. To complete the article I want to recommend this unique video:

    Truly one of the best articles on Tiny.

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  • Amber Sim

    Thanks alot I agree 100% to this 60 things, especailly #60, but we must also remember our wonderful GOD

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  • Celestine is not only talented but she is very generous! I truly admire this young lady who is so mature and so gracious! Good job, Celestine on your great book!
    Kind regards and blessing,
    Lyudmila Bloch
    Business Etiquette Coach and Etiquette Author
    New York City

  • Coach2xl

    Thank you as well, for creating such a list to remind me how completely fortunate I am, regardless of my circumstances.

  • Beautiful! Simple things we often take for granted…… It’s always a joy reading your post, Celest

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  • Olivine

    No doubt we should be grateful, but to whom? It is like being thankful to our friend for helping us but never mention his name.

  • In fact we should be thankful in everything, even in the face of adversity, since it will make us stronger!

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  • Amy

    My family is abusive and cruel, and I suffered for a long time for many years. I think we need to stop placing “family” at the top of so many lists, it’s a lot of pressure placed upon us by society and I think it needs to be redefined. Family is not everything and certainly not at the top of my list.But that doesn’t mean I am bitter about it. It means I can see whats truthful and what is not. However I am intelligent and realise that I am incredibly grateful for the spiritual lessons learned as a result of being born in that family. I have gained incredible wisdom and empowerment as a result of the reflection I’ve done as a result of the cruelty.

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  • I like 54 and 58 the most. It is true that it is through our mistakes that we learn that we may become wiser. Who knows what would become of us we we never made those mistakes or never stumble upon those people that transformed our lives. I love what I have become and in contentment I wrote this article… I hope you like it

  • Salataa11

    i never in my life thought tht i would stay late N read ths post ……

    u r such an aweome prson much love to you .. peace out .

  • jaye.e

    This is a truly beautiful post. It’s so easy to take so many of these things for granted. Thanks for reminding me of the many, many things I have to be grateful for in my life. I’ve bookmarked this page so I can come back to it and re-read it when life gets me down– sometimes we need to be reminded how truly lucky we are to be alive and surrounded by people who love us.

  • jaye.e

    This is a truly beautiful post. It’s so easy to take so many of these things for granted. Thanks for reminding me of the many, many things I have to be grateful for in my life. I’ve bookmarked this page so I can come back to it and re-read it when life gets me down– sometimes we need to be reminded how truly lucky we are to be alive and surrounded by people who love us.

  • jaye

    Amy, you raise a great point.. and thank you for sharing your story. You are absolutely right– many people assume that ‘family’ are the people closest to you and that they are wonderful, supportive and always there for you in your time of need. I think that those who have families like this often take it for granted that everyone has one, but to have a loving and supportive family is truly a gift! It’s great that you have the strength of character to get beyond bitterness about your family, that must have been a very long and difficult journey. I hope that one day you will have a great family.

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  • Anonymous

    The fact that we can both access and read this website makes us very privileged, in a global sense. We are very lucky!

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  • ‘lade

    everyone has something different to be grateful for.  

    my family is far from perfect…but personally, i celebrate the lessons that i have learned about who i am (the good and not so good) which have come from being in relationship with my family and others who may disappoint and hurt  me.

  • Astarial

    you know what I loved most about this post? The effort I could see the writer making and how I could envision the writer feeling better about the world in general after writing this. Knowing that someone else was feeling gratitude for the same things at (approximately) the same time made me feel better.  I’ve gotten away from gratitude journaling every day, but this post reminded me that I need to get back at it @ least once a week.

    Thank you.

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  • Me

    I’m grateful that Amy was able to recognize that as an abused child, she can grow and move on and break the cycle of abuse.

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  • Lina

    61 healthy childeren
    62 to be able to sleep at night without fear
    63 clean water to drink/hot water to take a shower

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  • Mira

    Your list is lovely and i agree with many of those things but i also believe that you are missing a very important factor, GOD for without him none of those things would be possible. 🙂 

  • Ahmed

    Oh …………….My God, It’s amazing things, but every thing is depended on the Power of Allah.. Allxamdulilah (God bless you)

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  • Iqra

    I HEAT THIS AMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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  • Anonymous

    Life is pretty stinky. I give thanks for humor. Because even if the whole world is going up in flames, there’s always something to laugh about. Like: “haha! that guy’s hair is on fire!”   And art… Some day, long after humanity has destroyed itself, aliens will find that pile of rocks I left up in the mountains that looks like a wiener and they will ponder the meaning of it. They might even take it back to their planet and put it on display in some alien relic museum. They’ll be all serious about it, not even knowing it’s a big schlong. The art in all of this is that no one will appreciate the humor. It’s just a little conversation between me and the universe, and what I’m saying is “Ha! suck it, universe!”

  • Tikocassidy

    Family does not necessarily have to be blood relation. I grew up with another family besides my own and although we are not technically related, they are my true family.


    I live with my bestfriend and it may not be my own but her family’s the only good family i have… Soon family can be your friends and their families. …

  • Becky Fromm

    I love this post.  Thank you for putting it down into words! You’ve been bookmarked!! 🙂 

  • You’re most welcome!

  • Lopes

    ur pretty

  • Jules

    I agree.  I’ve spent years trying to win my biological family’s approval and all they did was use me, lie to me, steal from me, etc.  Now, I consider my family those around me who are supportive and loving.  They accept me without conditions on my love, and I place no conditions on them.  I too am wiser from the experience.  My biological family may call me daughter, sister, aunt, but to me they are just people I used to know. 


    So beautiful and uplifting. Thank you for making us remember how 60 things can make your life meaningful!
    I would add

    61. Grandkids – For giving us the joy to see them grow strong and healthy
    61. Pets – For showing us how to give unconditional love

  • Prasad

    Thank you for helping me to see life with a positive outlook, which I had not done for a long time. In fact the proper way to live is to live with gratitude. Thanks for helping me in doing that.

  • Prasad

    Thank you for helping me to see life with a positive outlook, which I had not done for a long time. In fact the proper way to live is to live with gratitude. Thanks for helping me in doing that.

  • Jessy

     Amy~ I understand what you are saying as I had a very horrid childhood. I have a huge family though. Family is not always defined by blood. I have lots of blood family that I don’t talk to and a TON of non-blood family that is my family and who I would walk through fire for. To me family does not have to be blood. To me family is those that treat you with love, compassion and are there for you when you need them and you give them the same treatment. Just my opinion. I am sorry you had such a bad childhood. Children should never have to be subjected to the violent ways of the world, especially by those that are supposed to love you and protect you from danger. May peace be with you. ~Jessy

  • jessy

    Thank you for this post! It is an amazing blog and I now that I have found it, I shall return to read more of your work 🙂 Peace be with you

  • Berna K92

    you made me so happy 🙂 thank you so much

  • Love it! Namasté!

  • Kikigiovanna1

    I agree with this list. Many people (mainly kids and teenagers like me) go through life everyday and don’t realize that they are SO blessed to have an easy life like us Americans… everyday @ school I see all these kids thinking they’re all that. They may not know that every time they’re bullying a kid or acting nasty toward a teacher, a kid in Africa any place like that, kids WANT to go to school.Thank you for whoever put up this list, God bless you.

  • Reyzyrayzn

    Wow…. You touched my life. This was fantastic. I send all the love and blessings in my heart to you. Even though I’m facing an obstacle at the moment, the purity of your post have clarified who I really am. I piece of you, a piece of God, a piece of the good. I am fulfilled. With much gratitude.


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  • frandy

    tnx. it served a beautiful reminder for me.

  • Hatchcaitlin

    I think when it comes to family – that can be a touchy subject fro some people but there are different kinds of family to be graeful for our families arent always the ones tht we were born into . I think sometimes its the families that we create for ourselves that can bring us the most joy or friends that we consider family .

  • Hatchcaitlin

    I agree with everything on that list , I think its a bautiful list . I think everyday we shouldwake up feelng gratful for someting – life is just too beautiful if you can pay attention to it . Today i was grateful for the sun because we havnt seen it in some time . My dog woke meup tis mornng by her loud abnoxious barking but im grateful for her . Thankyou for this read it was wonderful and just reading it has made my morning . Today im thankful for you – you have reminded myself and hopefully other people that there are man reasons why we should enjoy LIFE .

  • Hortesh

    I don’t think that’s universally true… If you happen to believe in God (and fairies, and witches and holy ghosts) then sure but for the rest of us, it’s fine to be happy and thankful for the things we have in life without looking to the heavens.

  • Amina

    Hallo Jules, i can relate to you am going through the same thing i am from Africa and i live in Europe whenever i call my biological Family back home all they talk about is Money, i have been taking care of more than 20 People for more than 10 year  is never enough all they do they want more and more, they don’t feel sorry or sympathy for me, i have decided to cut the contact with them forever, my true Family are my friends  that i have here in Europe

  • Lauraheler

    my Children are my most wonderful blessings in my life, and the thing I’m most thankful for! With them my life has meaning, and is complete…

  • Adrieology

    That was so wonderful Jennifer. I am thankful for you and that you took the time to create this blog for so many to enjoy.Bless you!

  • Death

    There is no god.

  • Hakima Hamdi

    Hi Beautiful Soul,
    As i read your lines i thought i couldve been the one who wrote this ;)))
    Years later things got better with my family, hope you’ll find peace..

  • Habibanazeera

    Gratitude is a new feeling for me. I discovered it only last year (at the age of 30) after a heartbreak. People always talk about gratitude and all religion in the world has gratitude as larger part of their teaching, unfortunately many do not realize the core of gratitude.Gratitude become a mundane topic in religion. people blindly saying thanks without appreciating the feeling behind it. I was like that for 30 years. 
    Before last year,i thought i understand gratitude but only after a heartbreak I really understood what is gratitude is all about. How to go one feeling the gratitude. What does it feel like receiving something and graceful abt it. I start doing research on it and read so many articles and sciences behinds it. I am amazed by the vast knowledge behind gratitude. I realize that I can switch any negative feeling the other way around by only applying a tiny bit of gratitude. Steve Pavlina in his blog divided gratitude into two different types. He laid out objective ways understanding gratitude. Pls read his blog. He is one of the smartest person in the world. Sometimes i feel like he deserve a Nobel prize for category of Human conscious development. If they dont have that category, they should create one.I thank to my ex-lover sincerely for letting me discover the true meaning of gratitude. Now, both of us are friends and will remain like that forever. I am gratitude for the experience. If not for him, i wouldnt understand it. 

  • Habibanazeera

    Nature is God

  • Bettina_inc

    I wonder if we could become so enlightened without the cruelty.  It shouldn’t be so necessary to have to suffer so badly .. in order to become wise, don’t you think?

  • Roberto Baptista

    Look at yourself, it proves that there is a GOD. If you thing you came to be as a result of a BIG BANG, try to explode a Printhouse … what are the odds that from the explosion a dictionary may come to be? And if so, what are the chances of the dictionary itself to fix rippen pages and to bring new editions to be. THERE is a GOD and I’m thakfull for he made what I am.

  • Ladystjohn

    Very good. It makes me feel a lot better. I really love it. I’d be lost without it. It is super comforting, I am so glad my mom showed this to me on her IPad! (:

  • Aya_ghaba55

    u made my day

  • Lologhaba

    reaaaaaaaaaaly thank you awyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 😀

  • Pomaikaikeiki

    Amen 🙂

  • Cgerrzzella

    dude that print house/ dictionary analogy was terrible.  If u want to know anything about god smoke some dmt.

  • Cassie_m

    Heaven, for giving us something to look forward to when the end is near.

  • Michelle

    Thank You. I’ve been searching and searching for a meaningful Gratitude List! This has been the most healing thing to me ever! 🙂 Much blessings and Light to you great one. 

  • Shweta

    Hi, this is one of the most beautiful articles I’ve ever read. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  • Zubair

    “And He gives you all that you ask for. But if you count the favors of Allah, never will you be able to number them. Verily, man is given up to injustice and ingratitude.” [Qur’an 14:34]

  • Donna Laury

    I love it! I am grateful for Brandon Lammey!

  • rite

    thank you so much for all the positive and kind vibration you are sharing with the world. God bless you

  • Amy I agree. I feel this list should not be numbered or prioritized. Not everyone ranks their lists the same way and some may even omit certain things as you have just showed. I am thankful for people like you who stand up for themselves and show the world how many wonderfully different viewpoints there are in the world. That should be respected.

  • sona

    Thankyou so much

  • Amanda

    I love love loved this post. So many of the things you mentioned I never actually stopped to really think about. Like rainbows, my lungs, living in a country that’s at peace. With thanksgiving coming up I’ve been writing things down everyday that I am thankful for.. and i’m honestly thankful for this blog, and that their are people out there like the writer of this blog that just get it. Life is so much more then what people tend to make of it and theres so many gifts that we are given every day but look over. Thank you for such a touching post.

  • Abbie femsy

    Wao there’re so many things I don’t even think of to be thankful for. Thanks for adding more to my knowledge .

  • Patrick

    Thank you for the person who shared with us this wonderful article. 🙂

  • cynthia

    amazing simply amazing..

  • Evie

    thank u for your lovely post. happy thanksgiving.

  • Prime

    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful experience. I once read. “Gratitude is the memory of the heart.” I look forward to reading more from you.

  • prime

    Then your family has made you who you are right now. Consider your family as a tough trainer in life.

  • andy

    This is amazing

  • I happened to stumble upon this post on the very first day of the New Year 🙂
    Thanks for the list, and Happy New Year!

  • mary

    wow wee !!!! Those are WONDERFUL THOUGHTS !!!! Thanks for sharing !!!!

  • Natasha

    Thank you so much, Jennifer!
    I absolutely agree with your list of things to be grateful for!
    Yesterday, I just saw the movie “Pollyanna” by Sarah Harding.
    So, I think we also should try to live like this amazing girl: in every situation of life she tryed to find something good, even when you think it’s over, you should remember that everything happen for a reason and of course there are a lot of people whose life is worse than yours.
    Let’s be happy and grateful!!!

  • Julián

    Other people :), without them live would have no sin.

  • FrugalTravelsNepal

    So true. But family does teach us to stand on our own two feet and I am grateful for the freedom an abusive father gave me. I ran away from home-freedom!

  • mary

    you’re sooooo wrong !!!!

  • nadea

    thank you …I am counting my blessings but my mind is limited .. and I realized there is so much more to be grateful for in life..thanks.

  • Svetlana

    It is VERY true!

    How many people are not able to sleep at night without fear for their lives and lives of their children (in the areas of conflict, deseases, etc.), – clean water to drink (!) we always forget, that millions of people do not have such a luxury!!! Water to take a shower – if millions of people do not have a privellege for clean water to drink, one only could imagine what does mean for them have a luxury or hot water to take a shower.

    I always think about it and really, understand more and more about seemingly simple things to have (and taken for granted!) but at the end of the day – they are luxuries…. That’s why I am not interested at all in all those “bling-bling” styles and stupid concerns like having more and more belongings of different kinds. What you do posses inside of yourself is importand, not the exterior!

  • Tammy

    Such a wonderful list and much needed. So many things I just take for granted. Needed a gentle reminder of how much we have to be thankful for!
    I am grateful to you for posting!

  • Thank you so much for writing this post, I really needed to read that in this time of my life, you just made my day 🙂 We seriously take things for granted and we are not aware of the endless precious things we have. I will copy what I wrote on my tumblr blog the other day ” […] (Gratitude) needs to be practiced daily so as not to be worn-out over time. Gratitude allows a new insight into the environment we live in: it
    refreshes the mind, it strengthens the body and it heightens the soul. All I can say now is thank you!”

    Once again, thank you for this beautiful post 😀

    Have a great day!

  • Lamusa

    I enjoyed reading this list today as I celebrate my 60th birthday!

  • A human being

    I am grateful for growing up in a family that didn’t force a religion on me, and allowed me to identify the generalizations and dogmas that pervade this world of ours.

  • precious

    I am grateful to God,for loving and showing me mercies,I am a living witness to his blessings.

  • Jess

    Where did God come from?

  • allie

    This was so inspiring, right now im at something of a low point in my life. This list helped me to appreciatre the little things. Thankyou so much . X

  • John
  • Vanessa

    I heard the power of the gratetude and I was looking for reasons to thank. I saw how I was material and how we forget ALL the thing that are perfects in our lives. The chances of we don’t born is high and we are here living, healthy. Sorry for the English but is the better I can do at the moment. I’m from Brazil, a free and happy country, thank god!

  • Vanessa

    I don’t agree that you is the proof of God, of “The” God, an old man sitting and commanding our lives. Even nature.. but you are the proof that there is an organizated energy in the Universe. For some people this is God, for another this is just energy, physics but it exist. Call it whatever you want.

  • david khun

    wow that was touching

  • Ashlei

    I believe in the sun because not only does it provide life, I don’t have to prey every Sunday over the same bs and not get an answer. I can see it too.

  • nicole

    I was happy to read your post then I read all of the conflict over God which was unwelcoming. I would like to add to the list Freedom to choose. There are those who choose to believe in God and that is okay. There are those who choose not to believe and that is okay as well. No need to argue.

  • Holdy

    Family I believe are the people in our lives who show love, respect, gratefulness and joy for our presence in the world. There is so much love in my world, my family are all around me everyday. I find them in my work, in my social life, in my home life, in my own personal interests, in my travelling life, in my children. I love my family and am so grateful for all of my family members. I see my family as the people who show me only love. All other physical people I have experiences along side are travelling alongside me on the highway of life.
    They come and go but don’t often stay. And that’s the difference. Family are treasured gifts.

  • lol


  • Jordan

    God is the force that connects everything. We are God and God is us. Jesus never said worship him, he was only trying to prove that God is within us all.

  • Bill Peak

    It’s the everyday angels in my life for which I’m most thankful for.

  • angelica

    definitely made mine and my roommate’s night 🙂 <3 thank you for this list!

  • lilly

    what about your birthday without your birthday you woud not be here

  • serinty

    i love it

  • Pasayan

    and what makes you say that? Mary?

  • Jeremy

    This is the reason why god does not exist. . If he is so perfect then why did amy have to live with abusive parrents?Why do kids get raped or killed? If god is so perfect then how could he creat something so imperfect. We were suppose to be s reflection of god correct? Then why do we have so much evil in the world?

  • jonathan jolibois

    but I don’t want to live

  • Hi Jonathan,

    I just saw this comment and I am worried for you. What’s going on? I hope you are okay!


  • carol

    Superb ! I found lots of interesting stuff in your blog. I love it, Thank you

  • flyingmoustache strangers are welcome

  • flyingmoustache

    well feel free to contact me

  • bobby wasabi


  • momogi tiramisu

    seriously i dont understand how come there are people who dont believe in god. look around us. all magic around us. all super complex high tech universe and organism.
    do you think its just happen for no reason?…sigh…

  • momogi tiramisu

    it hurt. but you have to let go and forgive. sign of forgiveness is that you could see, meet, and talk to them again without negative emotional baggage from the past.
    perhaps one of reason Steve Jobs got cancer because his unwillingness to forgive and let go all the pain caused by abandonment by his biological parents.

  • momogi tiramisu

    what a boring universe if everything is in its order.

  • No

    That’s not a good analogy to the big bang.

  • dru

    I like this a lot. Thank you.

  • Simon

    I’m grateful for my family and the world that we were given…Also my deepest and lifelong love who I was waiting for the minute I was born. I thank Lord for having found my soulmate

  • arre

    Have a nice life, Celestine. Truly, there are so many things to be grateful for.

  • Softkitty

    Family Pffft – blood isn’t thicker than water to me either….I have nicer enemies than I do family

  • Feel Blessed

    I have learn to do exactly that Amina. Cleanse your life of people and things that are unhealthy for you and you will flourish. People and things that are unhealthy for our existence, I compare to a festering disease. A disease is something that will eat away at you, Mind, Body and Soul. ***But Only If You Allow It*** Be true to yourself sweetheart. As long as you know in your heart, you have done all you can. Then let it go. You owe them nothing. Allow God to fill your life with Love and Acceptance, For he put those people in your life for a reason…<3

  • Hugh Jazz

    You forgot #69 😉

  • Jyotsana

    Very Helpful list, it made my day. I m going to use it forever. Thanks a lot for taking attentions to things that are really wonderful 🙂

  • Kimberly F W

    • I am grateful for hate – because it gives me something to get rid of, like dirty dishes. I am grateful for these, because it gives me something to clean.
    • I am grateful for dishonesty and a breech of trust between couples, because it ignites passion and a whole lot of feeling – and potential soul searching / life reorganization, and a strong potential for reconciliation and a grand opportunity to try and develop forgiveness.
    • I am grateful for being around the girls with whom my boyfriend kissed/cheated on me with – because it gives me a big ol’ opportunity to (hopefully/in due course) open up to and welcome them still – and adjust this notion of jealousy – value – affection – the difference between intimacy and physicality – and understanding we all have our own journeys and paths to go through in life – and sometimes getting ‘hurt’ are understandable bumps between existences.
    • I am grateful for the complicated situation I am in – because it is very stimulating and emotional and has caused me to become much more interested in my astrology practice.
    • I am grateful for all these obstacles between me and my partner right now – because it puts this notion of “unconditional” love to the test – and also allows me to acknowledge and believe the potentiality of “you don’t need to be with someone in order to love them”

  • bobbles34

    yes there is



  • Dana Smith

    Things I have noticed that I take for granted:

    Indoor plumbing
    Heated water
    A refrigerator and freezer
    The ability to easily wash clothes and bedding
    An abundance of pillows and blankets
    Spare change for vending machines or parking meters

  • J

    This list is what this author created. It does not have to be for everyone. Perhaps you do not have the sense of sight or good health. The point it to find what you are grateful for in each moment. For instance, I have the ability to walk only at certain times. At those moments, I am grateful. When I am unable to walk, I am grateful that I am able to have someone who can help me run an errand or two. If no one is around during that time, I am grateful for planning ahead for these instances. It is easy to focus on problems. Remembering to focus on things that go smoothly is important too.

  • Kate

    Another disappointingly trite piece from TinyBuddha :-/

  • David

    Everyone just stop.

  • Many favorites of mine are listed here and the rest are a great reminder of all the privileges and luxuries that we rarely think twice about, yet, are the very things that many people in the world would die (or kill) for. That in itself is a reason to appreciate those vast “things” that are often taken for granted.

    Kudos to you for pointing out the importance of acknowledging what we have and what is around us, as well as celebrating those things…for they are what has allowed us to fare better than the next man or woman who hasn’t been able to have some of the experiences and/or resources mentioned on the list. It is a great way to pick oneself up after a long, hard day and realize that there is still many sources of light through the clouds.

  • Thank you for your kind words Nicole. 🙂 I totally agree the importance of acknowledging what’s around us and to celebrate those things. It’s often times that we get engrossed in our own issues and forget the good stuff that we already have in our life.

  • Absolutely beautiful, Kimberly. You are truly embodying the value of gratitude and understanding what it means to be grateful — it’s not just about being grateful for the good stuff, but acknowledging there is good in the seemingly “bad” things too.

  • Thank you arre, same to you too! 🙂

  • Beautiful list Dana — I can relate to many items there given that I’m moving house now and have no electrical appliances at my new home at the moment. Thank you for sharing!

  • AR

    I know you mentioned time, also Seasons, for giving us a sense of passing time 🙂

  • Ripper

    Thanks – it’s difficult to be grateful sometimes but big picture, we are all lucky every second of every day

  • What a great list… I think we can make the idea of gratitude complicated and think the small things aren’t “enough”. What a lovely reminder that even the most basic things we can be grateful for are enough.

  • Peace Within

    Not everyone believes in “God”. Maybe that is why it is in on top of the list. You can interpret the list for yourself however you would like. For me, personally, I am spiritual, not religious. I don’t mind what other people believe in though. I have an open-mind and love to hear other peoples points of views. I do not like when people try to preach to others though. My view is “God” is energy. We all have energy. Everything has energy, as someone said here that nature is “God”.

  • Peace Within


  • Peace Within

    You can only think for yourself, not others. Only control you have is for yourself. Shouldn’t bother you what others think and don’t think. We are all on our own journeys. We all think differently.

  • It’s sad that we don’t appreciate things in life until we get old and it’s sad that we don’t listen to our elders who are national treasures of knowledge.

  • Leo

    61 tankyou for this article 🙂

  • Zayaan

    Obviously, humans will never understand everything that God decides to do. Don’t you get it? It’s all a big test. Everything that happens in the world is to test you. People who question about God cannot see the truth. God has given us a life and, of course, the world is not perfect. We do not know why we are being tested, but surely we realise that we must pass the test. Do you truly believe that God did not make the universe? The how did the universe come into existence? How are we all living and how is our brain so phenomenal? We were given answers to many of the questions that we have, it is justthat we need to look for them.

  • Gale

    I am also grateful for the hot showers. And for the opportunity to wake up at 5 am and listen to music and just smile and wake up and be happy. And for the bad things in that world, they can motivate us to change them and work and find sense in our lives. And for the long hugs, too. They can make you feel really supported and loved. And the little gifts from friends. They make you feel appreciated. And loved. And you feel so good making a gift or receiving one. It’s really one of the best feelings, knowing that someone out there cares and wants you to feel good and to show you how much you mean to her/him. I am also thankful for this blog, really. It helped me many times. Thank you. I am also thankful for the fruits. They are really yummy and I love eating strawberry, it’s my favorite. Oh, there are so many things to be grateful in life. Little things. But they matter. And make you who you are. Really, I feel really really thankful and I appreciate everything. Really. I just love my life. I have real luck to be born in that family, in my country, to met these people in my life that I know. Oh, God, thank you. I can write like years to write everything I am thankful for, but I won’t. I will just write again this. Oh, thank you. I just love my life. And I am lucky. Very very lucky. I cannot say how grateful I am for all of this.

  • Advocate

    For those who are blind, for those who cannot walk, for those who
    cannot hear and for those whose minds render them mentally ill
    , and for those parents abandoned them, may God place someone in their lives to help them navigate this world as we know it now.

  • hydrogriffin


  • IWantToBeSomewhereElse

    this list is bullshit

  • Sunshine

    I am grateful being able to live with MS healthy.

  • ana bukia

    wow this was so helpful

  • Brainbuster

    I feel grateful for what I am,
    and adding a god me to what I already am
    couldn’t make me feel any more gratitude.

  • Brainbuster

    Nature is Nature.

  • Rachel V

    God did not create abuse or murderers or imperfection. He created us, you and me. He created us with freewill, or the right to choose good or evil. The true definition of evil is the absence of God. This is an affect of human freewill. God so loved his children(us) that he allows us to choose. He knows we will not always choose the side of good, but he also tells us that he is there when you are lost and are constantly choosing the wrong choice.

    This is a story I would like you to read and I hope you benefit from it.
    The university professor challenged his students with this question. Did God create everything that exists? A student bravely replied, “Yes, he did!”

    “God created everything? The professor asked.

    “Yes sir”, the student replied.

    The professor answered, “If God created everything, then God created evil since evil exists, and according to the principal that our works define who we are then God is evil”. The student became quiet before such an answer. The professor was quite pleased with himself and boasted to the students that he had proven once more that the Christian faith was a myth.

    Another student raised his hand and said, “Can I ask you a question professor?”

    “Of course”, replied the professor.

    The student stood up and asked, “Professor, does cold exist?”

    “What kind of question is this? Of course it exists. Have you never been cold?” The students snickered at the young man’s question.

    The young man replied, “In fact sir, cold does not exist. According to the laws of physics, what we consider cold is in reality the absence of heat. Every body or object is susceptible to study when it has or transmits energy, and heat is what makes a body or matter have or transmit energy. Absolute zero (-460 degrees F) is the total absence of heat; all matter becomes inert and incapable of reaction at that temperature. Cold does not exist. We have created this word to describe how we feel if we have no heat.”

    The student continued, “Professor, does darkness exist?”

    The professor responded, “Of course it does.”

    The student replied, “Once again you are wrong sir, darkness does not exist either. Darkness is in reality the absence of light. Light we can study, but not darkness. In fact we can use Newton’s prism to break white light into many colors and study the various wavelengths of each color. You cannot measure darkness. A simple ray of light can break into a world of darkness and illuminate it. How can you know how dark a certain space is? You measure the amount of light present. Isn’t this correct? Darkness is a term used by man to describe what happens when there is no light present.”

    Finally the young man asked the professor, “Sir, does evil exist?”

    Now uncertain, the professor responded, “Of course as I have already said. We see it every day. It is in the daily example of man’s inhumanity to man. It is in the multitude of crime and violence everywhere in the world. These manifestations are nothing else but evil.”

    To this the student replied, “Evil does not exist sir, or at least it does not exist unto itself. Evil is simply the absence of God. It is just like darkness and cold, a word that man has created to describe the absence of God. God did not create evil. Evil is not like faith, or love that exist just as does light and heat. Evil is the result of what happens when man does not have God’s love present in his heart. It’s like the cold that comes when there is no heat or the darkness that comes when there is no light.”

    The professor sat down.

  • Mike

    #61. This list.

  • Vivienne

    Mary Beth, You are such a worthy friend. I bless the day I met you.

  • Happy Cat

    What do we have to be grateful for?
    One day my elderly neighbor backed out of his driveway in his new car and scraped into his old car. Both cars were damaged. This was the day after he discovered that he had been defrauded out of $90,000 or more and he couldn’t afford to retire as planned.
    Across the street I heard him wailing in misery non stop.
    I approached him and yelled “What do you have to be grateful for?”
    He kept wailing.
    I repeated it six more times in a loud voice.
    Then he stopped wailing.
    A thoughtfulook replaced the one of misery.
    He started counting his blessings.
    He smiled, I gave him a hug, and he drove away in a better state of mind.
    In this life, what we focus on is what we get.
    Your thoughts and words are very powerful.
    Be careful to express your thoughts using affirmations for what you want. If we use affirmations negating what we do not want, then we get what we are prefer to avoid.
    An example…
    If pulled over for a traffic infraction don’t ask the cop, ” are you going to write me a ticket?” Instead ask ” are you going to let me off with just a warning?”

  • chaz

    im thankful and grateful to have click on ur link and you for writing this. It’s reminds people like me not to worry so much and be thankful for this wonderful life we’re havin and knowing that our mind is so powerful that we can decide either to be happy by appreciating life around us or sad or down by looking at things in a negative way. Thank you 🙂

  • Jiayi

    Hi.I’m really glad to see that you’re able to be thankful for the most taken for granted things in life like the sun,shoes, etc. However,I think there’s one thing we have to be thankful for as well -our enemies. If we are able to keep our cool and a peace of mind when we see the person we hate or dislike,shouldn’t we thank them?For allowing us to put behind any grudges and learn the art of acceptance.That’s why I think we should be grateful to our enemies.

  • PistachioLover

    You are right Mira! Only blind people never see the beauty of God’s creation…if you look at your self and stop for while look around you how beautiful and detailed everything is. How your body is designed to be capable of so many things. Behind every building there is a builder and behind the creation there is a creator. Nothing happens out of the blue and without no reason. God is so creative!

  • Unkown

    Still happiness is some where else where you accept the fact of death as the existence of our perception is the window to it.

  • Little Wanderer

    Hi, I am hoping someone sees this and can answer my question:

    Is it alright to look back in the past and be thankful about it?
    I’m going through that empty void of having already graduated high school, but not eligible for college, but looking for a job. So presently, I am wondering, is it alright to be thankful for the past? — former friends, memories, former loved ones, etc. Some tell me not to look back at the past, but what do you think? Thank you.

  • Maja

    I like your list :-). I also try to never forget how lucky I am to have clean air to breathe, clean running water, my own toilet (not a given for millions of people) and the delicious vegan food I love so much.

  • Tei

    Hm, I can’t say I’m..thankful… for anything. I try to make a list, I want to feel better…but there’s…nothing…

  • Ana Maria

    Im grateful for reading this and remember how blessed i am!thank you!

  • Pritika

    Wow! Just what I needed, was just thinking, how we humans take our lives for granted and dwell on difficult times. All it takes is a shift in perspective to feel alive again!

  • Harshit Pandey


  • Gustavo

    Pretty nifty graditude list. You forgot God though. He gave you the taste buds. He gave you the wind and Sun. He made it all. But to each there own.

  • Niyah

    Not every believes in god don’t force people to believe if they don’t e.g. Dont

  • Niyah


  • Ashley

    I’m not trying to disprove the big bang theory because it is true. But I believe God goes back farther and he the created the big bang. He created it all.

  • Yenny Webb Vargas

    I love the list. Thank you for it! I am also thankful to everyone involved in providing the resources I depend upon. The people who designed, build, and maintain the streets, buildings, power plants, and other infrastructure I use. The people and animals involved in creating the food I eat. The people that provide services I use, like supermarkets, internet, transportation, schools. The people that buy the products I help make, and the people I work with to make them. The people that show me examples of how to be happy and how to be unhappy, and allow me to develop compassion and love. Also, I am specially grateful to those that have shown me ways to follow the spiritual tradition I resonate with, and that I am free to pursue that one or any other.

  • Richard Bui

    Well, in Buddhism, they believe in spiritual reality. It is NOT a religion, is not God. It is mind.

  • Richard Bui

    Yep, In Buddhism, they believe in spiritual reality. It is NOT a religion, is not God. It is mind.

  • Richard Bui

    In Buddhism, they believe in spiritual reality. It is NOT a religion, is not God. It is mind.

  • Richard Bui

    Hey, dumbshit… In Buddhism, they believe in spiritual reality. It is NOT a religion, is not about God. It is mind.

  • Richard Bui

    Hey, dumbshit… In Buddhism, they believe in spiritual reality. It is NOT a religion. It is not about God. It is mind. Please study.

  • Richard Bui

    In Buddhism, they believe in spiritual reality. It is NOT a religion. It is not about God. It is about our mind. Go to study dumbshit.

  • Richard Bui

    You are dumb. In Buddhism, they believe in spiritual reality. It is NOT a religion. It is not about God. It is about our mind.

  • Richard Bui
  • Richard Bui

    You are messed up… In Buddhism, they believe in spiritual reality. It is NOT a religion. It is not about God. It is about our mind.

  • Richard Bui

    But not accept the abusive father. No way!!

  • Richard Bui

    Once again, in Buddhism, they believe in spiritual reality. It is NOT a religion. It is not about God. It is about our mind.

  • Richard Bui
  • Richard Bui

    Ok. Your choice

  • Richard Bui

    How are you today? Still alive?

  • Chicken

    There is no death – God.

    (I’m atheist.. but you left yourself open to that one)


    Great reply!!


    If you are an atheist, then there is a God !


    I am Grateful that there is Water ! To wash and to drink !


    I am Grateful that there are airplanes, and trains, and busses, and metro, and taxi’s,

  • Alyma

    i loooveee this list!!!!

  • Bonnie Collins

    How about the billion to one chance that the moon is in the exact position to allow waves in the ocean but not allow the ocean water to cover the earth. How about the Sun? Any closer we would burn to death and even a hair farther away everything would be frozen. What about water…the only liquid that freezes from the top and sides down….not from the bottom up. . Aquatic life wouldn’t exist and humans wouldn’t be able to move on frozen waterway or get water from below the ice. There are so many others. I’m grateful for parents that loved me despite how awful I was. My truth of family love doesn’t have to be yours. My parents, husband, and kids will always be number one to me!

  • Megan

    yes my bed. some people don’t have a place to sleep.