Are Things Happening For You or Against You?

“We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make our world.” ~Buddha

Your life is much like a radio.

If you’re in control of it, then you can actually tune in and make sense. Then you can set your dial on the talk-back radio show, listen to that, and learn some things, or you can set your dial onto music and have an enjoyable time.

If you feel that you are not in control, or you do not realize that you are in control, then you may just hear a lot of static and annoying sounds that might even drive you crazy.

The process of “Flick your Rich Switch Transformation” (FYRST) is about taking control of your life, taking control of all of the things that you merely think you are not actually in control of (but you are, or you can be).

Some people don’t think that they control their mood, their lives, their blood flow, their breathing, their heart rate, their body language—and that’s why they often get some outcomes that they’re not happy about.

Someone else can control all of those things by telling you some bad news or some exciting news; for example, “The winning lottery numbers are 4, 23, 16, 19 & 30.”

It is the subconscious process occurring in your own head that will make your blood flow to your face or to your feet; it is your own thought process that will make your heart pump slower or faster; your own thoughts that will make your body stand straighter with excitement or slump lower with dread.

Yes, dread. For some people, winning millions may represent an increase in responsibility, stress, and anxiety.

Fears can occur, such as “What if I blow it?” “What if someone steals from me?” “What if someone kidnaps my kids and holds them for ransom?”

Statistically, ninety-five percent of people who win the lottery will end up broke within two years. Much of that is due to poor mindset, not poor skills.

If you do not realize that you are in control of your own bodily functions, such as breath, blood flow, posture, muscular tension, and so on, you might be listening to the static on the radio, or maybe you are just receiving nothing.

You may not realize that you need to turn the volume up a little bit and you need to tune in a little bit more, because the radio waves are all around you. They’re always there.

Making sense of it all is just a question of whether you’re perceptive—whether you’re tuned in, whether you’re checking it out, whether you’re in control of it.

Reception & Perception

Your perception or your reception is what makes the difference. There are some people who just seem to go from strength to strength. Wonderful things continue to happen to them, and you think, “Oh wow, those people are so lucky.”

Those “lucky” people are not really more fortunate than you; they are simply in control of their lives, in control of their switches and dials. They are consciously tuning themselves into the frequency of life, because the frequency is always there.

Whether you’re on the AM dial or the FM dial—that is under your control as well, because those radio waves are always there. You cannot change the radio waves nor can you control all of the events of your life.

You just have to change yourself to adjust to them.

The AM and the FM are always there, and everything in life is binary, or yin and yang, black and white, male and female. Life is either AM or it is FM.

There are things that happen that you can say are Against Me, and there are things that happen that you can say are For Me. Whether you choose to tune in to the AM or the FM really controls how you react to those things.

If I perceive that it’s an AM, if I perceive that it’s happening Against Me, then I might choose to whine. I might choose to get bitter.  I might choose to get angry.

Life may sometimes seem that it is always “Against” and not “For.” But what if there was a third choice: simply “flicking the switch”?

Some years ago, I experienced a “series of unfortunate events.”

I had a heart attack at age 32. My life partner and my business partner betrayed me. I divorced and lost six figures, lost a child, and then became homeless.

This happened within a few months and I was shell-shocked. The doctor diagnosed clinical depression and gave me anti-depressants. I was placed on “suicide watch” over Christmas, as clinical depression appeared to turn terminal.

The drugs carried nasty side effects, so I stopped the course and went up alone against the spectral black dog of depression.

Stepping back from my own tragic story, I learned to detach and see how much of these events happened due to my own mismanagement or lack of keeping my “eye on the ball.”

The empowering truth was that I, like the droopy-shouldered lottery winners, had had depressive, negative or pessimistic thoughts long before the depressive events occurred.

I literally had manifested my own fearful thoughts into negative reality. If this was true, then it followed that I could transform my worldly situation by first transforming my thoughts

I switched off the AM dial and learned to tune into the FM frequency. I started to say and see that this thing has happened For Me, and whatever I’ve lost—whatever tragedy I’ve had—it can be an opportunity.

I told myself, “I’m going to use that. I’m going to use that and become stronger.”

Aside from my own, there are many stories of people who have overcome hardship in their lives and gone onto bigger and better things.

There are also millions of stories of people who have not overcome hardship in their lives, and they’ve sat there, whined, complained, stayed miserable, and assumed they were powerless to change or achieve.

Whether you want to become a victor, or you want to become a victim—whether you want to see things as happening Against Me or whether you want to see things happening that are For Me—it’s entirely up to your perception, and it is in your control.

You can flick your rich switch. You can decide what your outcomes are going to be.

Photo by Vinoth Chandar

About Jeremy Britton

Jeremy Britton is an independent wealth coach and business coach who teaches technical investment strategy and holistic wealth mindset. For a balanced approach to wealth creation, visit or

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  • Bayo

    Reminds me of a line I heard from Brian Tracy’s tape once. He called it “Inverse paranoia: the belief that the world is in a giant conspiracy for one’s good”. Great mindset that speaks of the FM.

  • Palladay

    Check out Dr. Wayne Dyer. He is all about turning on the FM dial and talks about how much your thoughts effect your life, your health, and those around you.

  • JamesSimon

    One of the things that studying The Four Noble Truths has helped me with is the understanding that life will bring suffering… but it’s not a personal thing, rather that we all suffer. I try to think of things when things seem difficult and take a step back and see if things are that bad and if they could be worse. Just as in the story Lori told about being robbed… she was able to see that it could have been worse. And as for “lucky people”, it’s all about karma. If things are difficult, I allow myself to work through it and take some solace that I am changing my karma now and surviving now.

  • Lv2terp

    WONDERFUL!!! Thank you for sharing your perspective and wisdom! 🙂

  • Pocket Perspectives Kathy

    This is such an insightful post..thank you so much for articulating these ideas…they are so helpful.
     Driving home from work yesterday, I had the sudden thought/insight that the term “depression”, at least for me, could be more helpfully called “mistaken thinking”..or “misunderstanding”…that’s what I was doing…thinking I couldn’t say no, thinking I had to take care of everything for everybody, not realizing that we all have our own parts and pieces causes and conditions and that they/we were simply acting out of those….and many other simply “mistaken” thoughts which led to more overwhelming feelings etc…and eventually lead to what was called “depression”…but that term seems to add to that sense of helplessness and mistaken thinking….and so, shifting and changing here….and so thankful for new perspectives…what a relief!

  • Emma

    This article puts my philosophy beautifully into words, excellent 🙂

  • Dial8ursoul

    My question is that, HOW CAN ANYONE KNOW THIS IS HOW IT WORKS??   Was anyone given a manual on life?   We are all just humans trying to get by… can’t we all just accept “i dont know”?

  • Becca

    I’ve heard a lot about this, and about the laws of attraction etc. But it seems no matter how positive I make my thoughts about something, I still get the negative outcome. You can say I’m doing the wrong thing right now by not being positive in this comment, but it’s very hard to continue to believe good will come to you, when negative things still happen to you even if you try to make yourself believe the positive is going to happen. 

  • carol

    Great post and refreshing perspective.

    In a highly technologically-connected and people-disconnected world, the only reliable and truthful connection we can ever have is with ourselves. We cannot control anyone but us & our own mood and responses (like the radio waves you mention).  Once we accept this and minimize (or at least reduce) our expectations of others (which should lead to zero disappointment even when someone treats us badly) we can live a happy life.

    I find that it is the anticipation of how others could/should/might/ought to respond or treat us that leads to depression and sadness. When we can truly accept the “me, myself and I” as whole, complete and perfect (without the need or even want for another) we have the best chance at happiness.

    (This learning comes after a quarter century married to a narcissist, where I was depressed because I was nothing in the relationship.  And the fact that I never mattered “to him” is irrelevant because happiness must lie within not without.  Trust can only lie within one’s own self.)

    Thank you for sharing.

  • Danielle

    Thank you. I needed to read exactly this today. It all really is a choice:)

  • Wonderful.  Our reality is only what we think and feel it is once it’s passed the filter of our thoughts and emotions.  The station we’re tuned in to in the background to has everything to do with it.  Change the station, change your life.  Thanks for this excellent perspective.

  • addy

    shamelessly plugging your own website. i guess that’s all part of the get rich mindset you are selling. not that i disagree with the argument that we become what we think, but if your main aim is only to generate wealth then it seems completely pointless. money is not the basis of happiness and spiritual fulfillment.

  • Anarchist.Empress

    This article has literally just changed my life! THANK YOU

  • Hi Addy,

    I’m not sure Jeremy is around today, as I received his away message when I emailed him about his post, so I thought I’d hop in and respond to this comment.

    All Tiny Buddha contributors link to their own websites in their bios, so it’s not actually unusual to do that. In working with Jeremy on this post, I did not get the impression his *only* intention is to generate wealth. Of course, I don’t want to put words in his mouth. Still, I respect and admire him as a person so I felt the need to offer my two cents!

    Happy Friday,

  • Anarchist.Empress

    My take was that negative things aren’t happening. Things are happening. It’s your perception of the event. I find that when something happens to me that could be seen as negative I find a way to see that it’s really for the better and that I’m a better person because it happened. I didn’t get that job in Hawaii but now I can stay near my friends and continue to do do living history. My father in law ended up in the hospital but it was for the better because he is able to move past some very difficult events and take time out from damage control

  • Anarchist.Empress

    People always ask me how I’m so lucky. I’m not any more lucky than anyone else. It’s the spin I take on the events that occur in my life.

  • Kismet12

    thank you so much,i really enjoy reading this every week,,keep ii up,,

  • Kristi Tanner

    I absolutely agree with this post, and think everyone should read it!  I’m going to email it to all those I care about 🙂  It’s okay to be disappointed sometimes, to wish things were different, but if you are always aware that your perception is up to you, you can make it an opportunity to learn, change, grow, challenge yourself, and ultimately make you a better, happier, you.  

    I’ve many times had friends say “You are so lucky”.  Lucky that I have the job I do (personal assistant – which is great but also super stressful and 24/7), lucky that I found my soul mate, lucky that I have cute clothes.  But I think what they see as “lucky” I see as “something/someone” I worked hard to get.  My husband didn’t just fall into my lap.  I was outgoing and kissed a lot of frogs before finding a wonderful life long partner.  But I tihnk he found me because I was happy just to be me.  I wasn’t TRYING or WISHING.  I was just BEING.  I work hard and spend my money to treat friends and sometimes myself, hence the cute clothes.  But lo and behold, I don’t have a money tree.  I’m working hard, working 24/7 to make a living in order to achieve a lot of little things that make me happy.  I went to college to be a 5th grade teacher and instead of being disappointed when I didn’t get a job right away, I took the opportunity to be an assistant for someone at a start up.  That was 5 years ago.  But I didn’t just sit there and cry because the perfect teaching job wasn’t there for me.  I went out and looked for other options in the interim.

    Just a few examples from my life, but I just love the way in which you positioned this!Thanks Jeremy!

  • Anarchist.Empress

    If we do not suffer and have trials how are we to grow? I see trials as an opportunity to learn and become a better person. I truely believe luck is all in how you look at things.

  • Absolutely fabulous post Jeremy.  Your analogy with the radio is spot on!  I was too much an AM person but since I’ve been self-employed and set up my own business I have been an FM person, despite life being so much tougher, not having had a holiday in years and ploughing all my hardearned revenue back into a new business to get it launched without bank funding!  You are an inspiration, thanks for sharing!

  • Paula

    I love this article and it really represents how I choose to live my life. My husband however is sceptic about all that is not visible to the eye and is negative. I feel that by being half of everything I do, home and our business is why we seem to never move forward. Is this possible?? Know of ways I can get him on the FM, everything I try only lasts a month or so and I’m getting tired. Thinking maybe he needs to get a different job and I’ll run the business? Suggestion??

  • Jackie

    Just wanted to tell you that this piece inspired a powerful “aha” moment for me. With the thought shift it produced, I can see my own “tragic” situation in terms of my responsibility and I’m quite sure that some reflective inner work is going to lead to much-sought-after peace. Thank you. Very much.

  • Berta

    ”Some people don’t think that they control their mood, their lives, their blood flow, their breathing, their heart rate, their body language—and that’s why they often get some outcomes that they’re not happy about.”Even when in control of those things, you may still get outcomes that you don’t like. Thinking you won’t is kidding yourself. The positive thing about staying in control is that, even when you don’t like the outcome, you just have greater acceptance and suffer less for it. ”You can flick your rich switch. You can decide what your outcomes are going to be.”
    Again, we can’t control everything. Is how we handle things. 


  • Connie

    I very much enjoyed your post and really do believe in the power of your thoughts and law of attraction. I lost my job due to being clinically depressed, my company made things worse for me by cutting my disability for one and a half months, I had no money saved, ended up on anti-depressants (which took me on a very bad ride), was suicidal, am a single parent and having my son watch me spiral was more than I could take.

    Finally, one day, I decided to get up and move on. I stopped taking the medication altogether, went cold turkey, started journalling daily which included a gratitude journal, started walking daily through the neighbourhood park and decided that I needed to start living. I started exercising and my lawyer won my case against my former employer which allowed me to pay off bills, rent and everything I was in arrears in. I was going to Payday Loan stores, was in debt and had a few extra pounds on me.

    I started reading up on how to get out of debt, signed up to various sites, and now have NO payday loans, paid them off in full, have an Emergency Fund, paid off a loan, pay my bills on time and for the first in a long time paid my rent on time.

    I also signed up to a gym and am back attending my Spin Class, which I absoulely LOVE and am losing weight and feeling great. I’ve been applying for work for months, have had a few interviews which I’ve come close but not successful and have told myself “For every no, i’m getting closer to a YES.”

    Life is beautiful to me now. I’ve overcome many situations in my life and for my son to say he’s proud of me, brings tears to my eyes. I’m making it and it is really up to us to Go For It!

  • Jean Geiser

    Connie, I can hear how you suffered. Did the company have a right to fire you for not fulfilling your work obligations?  Clinically or not, companies require certain duties to fulfill a job  (Victim vs.Survivor stance).  They also have policies, some good, some bad)  that dictate the length of disabilities.  It is sad that, as individuals, this happens; it is also reality…today. 

    Also, going “cold turkey” worked for you, however, there are those of us who go off medicine without the add of a doctor and could or would die in the process. Please be aware…not going off medicine in the proper way can lead to psychosis, seizures, and death. 

    It sounds as if you have found the “way” for you!  How wonderful you are creating a beautiful life for yourself, to be shared with your son. Best of luck (Hummmm),..continue hunting for a job and I am sure there is a door open. (YES).  

  • Jean Geiser

    The series of events that add to greater insight often take us down sad, lonely and often dangerous and forbodding paths, resulting in depression, anxiety, and death… emotionally,  spiritually,  and/or physically,  Isn’t it interesting how “from the ashes” arises the Phoenix?  Difficult journeys appear to be so unnecessary at times yet how stagnant my own life would have been had I not had the opportunities to grow.   It seems I need lightening bolts (2″X4″‘s) to become more in tune with the universe and myself.  (“That’s your sign” is not often processed unless followed by some resounding clap of thunder!) 

    I am grateful for ALL the universe (and I) have brought me.  Peace and serenity are beginning to envelop me in spite of myself…though at 64 I continue to go kicking and screaming into the next chapter.  My response to adversity is often intriguing, enriching, and brings an opportunity for me to a achieve an easier. more peaceful state of conscientiousness. 

  • Hitman316

    Great post. For the past few years my perceptions of things has been slowly changing. I learnt that successful people have a common trait: that no matter what setback they have, they consider it to be a positive thing.

  • Tsi Menon

    Thanks Vinoth..the post is well explained and very meaningful. It seems to be backed with your personal conviction from experience.. which makes a big difference.

    It is just what I should start doing at this stage of my life now.. however, I find it a little hard to switch from AM to FM.. I have tried doing it with success only for a few days.. but when in an environment completely against me no matter how hard i try with the important people around me..

  • Meganayot

    I read zen and the art of happiness and it changed my life. Anytime something doesn’t go the way I want or expect it to go, I remind my self that it isn’t in my best interest for that to happen right now. I know the universe wants me to succeed and has my best interest at heart. I live on FM no matter my situation. Im on a trip right now that I didn’t want to take but on the last day of this trip I know it was the best thing for me and I am so grateful for all things in my life. Just know you are exactly where you are meant to be and enjoy the moment.

  • Thanks for sharing this encouraging story and reminder Jeremy that things that happen are neither for you or against you. I think coming to realize that circumstances are a choice you can make and not something that happens to you is an important way to change one’s perspective towards life. When you realize the power to react to life events are in your control, we realize the true inner power and strength we each have.

  • Afeefa Husna

    I read this last night. I just read it now. Still, I can’t seem to overcome the bad thoughts 🙁

  • Japhetsimon

    Great article. It’s all about HOW we do things.

  • asaldana

    So well written! I love how clearly you distinguish between the AM and FM. I have found it remarkable how there seems to be a never ending pool of thoughts and conversations to reveal our makeup.

  • Melwynau

    I stopped reading when you said everything is binary. Maybe your reality is a bit limited.

  • G’day Kathy. One of my friends says “there is no such thing as Depression; there is only REpression.” If you think about how much we are brought up to repress our natural feelings, desires, tendencies, instincts and intuitions, you will see what she means. Personal freedom and happiness starts with examining the shackles of “socially acceptable” behaviour. Most adults do not laugh like children nor cry like kids: who says that maturity is wisdom?

  • Try it and see. Experiment with 21 days of paranoia and fear (about everything) and then do 21 days of love and gratitude (for everything). See which one makes you feel better, which one brings health, harmony, happiness and attracts good things. I’ve been rich with multiple houses, and I’ve been poor without a home. I’ve been healthy and sick, happy and sad, clinically depressed and also overjoyed. Having done many things, I now know (for my own truth) which I prefer. 

  • Hi Becca. Just as the lottery winners will go bankrupt 95% of the time, many people carry the seed of their own failure within their success. I’d be happy to discuss this with you further (fear of success, self-sabotage and so on). It is extremely common (“Rich Dad” Robert Kiyosaki was bankrupt, as was famous millionaire property guru Robert G. Allen; Donald Trump was bankrupt 4 times). People fail and they get back up and they fail again. You need a lot of persistence or you need some insight as to WHY the sabotage occurs. People who win the lottery may fear that all of their friends will want to borrow money: this very fear can stop you from even buying the winning ticket to begin with! 🙂 Happy to chat on FB. 

  • Spin that dial, darlin! You got the AM/FM thing happening perfectly! 

  • “Nothing is, but thinking makes it so”. Shakespeare. 🙂 

  • Addy you don’t know me, so your thoughts and words speak about YOUR mindset and not mine. Perhaps you missed all of the emotional journey (heart attack, divorce, loss of child) in my story and maybe you were just focussing on the loss of money? You become what you think about, Addy. What if it is possible to have money AND be happy? I don’t see the Dalai Lama travelling “coach”. 😉 We all need a balance in life. If you’re broke or unhappy and you want to be rich & happy then call someone whom you do admire (obviously not me and not Lori, as you find our flagrant self-promotion offensive. Others find it helpful to know our phone numbers if they wish to connect). Apologies that you got nothing from the first 1000 words and only got angst from the last 100. 

  • G’day Kristi and thanks for your share. Your story is also inspiring: A for effort! 🙂 

  • You cannot “force”someone to change, Paula, but you can encourage them to do so, or put them into a position where it is easier for them to change than to stay the same. My world changed after a health scare, and again after financial and personal tragedy. I’d encourage your husband to make improvements before health or circumstances force him to do it (I had to quit work after a heart attack: it would have been better to make the choice before I was forced to do so). He could also talk to a “conscious” business coach or wealth coach, NLP practitioner or similar; someone who can give holistic advice. 

  • Inspiring story that echoes my own. Good for you, Connie! Share this more and you can inspire thousands! 🙂 

  • If the environment seems to be all “AM”, Tsi, then you need to a) change the environment completely, or b) change yourself more. If you go to you will see an interview with Michael Russo and one with Pam Brossman; both of these people changed where they lived and changed their circle of friends and this action dramatically changed their happiness & success. 

  • Keep trying Afeefa. Rome wasn’t built in a day. It takes at least 21 days to form a new habit, whether it is driving a car, brushing your teeth before bedtime or thinking positively. Keep up the discipline and if you are having real trouble, try hypnosis. It helped me to quit smoking and a number of other bad habits 🙂 

  • Perhaps you’re right Melwynau, and perhaps I am wrong — OOPS! You right and me wrong? That makes our reality binary. Every spiritual guru throughout history has spoken in binary code: from heaven & hell, yin & yang, day & night, black & white, male & female, good & evil, God & the devil, angels & demons… It’s up to you if you want to put something else in between good & evil or invent something in between AM & FM. My question to you is, what would you call it? Also, is it helpful, inspiring, empowering and transformative? If it’s not, then why create it? 

  • Lily C

    this article is great! it helped me to realise a lot of things about myself and that I should try to change the frequency to be a better person and to overcome all the negative thoughts due to some issues in my life.

  • Connie

    Thank you so much Jeremy, you have done an amazing job with yourself, feel and be proud 🙂

    I have decided to pull all of my journals from November up until this date to work on a book. I have always wanted to write a book and let others know there is a light at the end of the tunnel and I now how the material!

  • Connie

    Thank you for your kind words Jean, they are so appreciated. My former company found a way to let me go for unjust cause, the manager was a “real winner” and I let him know how I felt about him, which I’m sure was the icing on the cake. They didn’t have a right to fire me and is why I hired a lawyer, but once it was over, they lost, had to pay me four times what they expected, plus some other things. I’ve left them to Karma because what was done was intentional and inhumane. I really wonder how many people go through this because I cannot be the only one, which deeply saddens me.

    Yes, you are right about the medicine and one should taper off of it and not go cold turkey because of the dire side effects, which I did suffer, the brain zaps, insomnia, exhaustion, etc. It was a do or die situation for me because I knew it was contributing to much more than I could handle. They helped me over the hump, I did tell me doctor what I did and he was monitoring me. I needed it out of my system in order to get into a proper head space.

    I’m grateful for each and every day, am careful of who enters my world and am looking forward to the right door opening 😛

    Be Well… 😀

  • Let me know when you’re done, Connie. Many people will want to read this: there may even be a few authors who want to write the foreword or promote it for you! 🙂 

  • Love it!

  • Addy

    Aer you now comparing yourself to the Dalai Lama???  I certainly haven’t noticed him trademarking his philosophy and marketing it online…
    I have been blessed in life, and I thank whatever powers might be every day for that fact. I am neither broke nor unhappy. And I do know that the two are not mutually exclusive. I have re-read your article and still come away feeling that it’s main focus is on money, generating money and equating wealth with happiness (why is it a “rich” switch, why not happiness, joy or enlightenment?). I know too many unhappy but wealthy, and joyous but not wealthy people to ever believe that the road to hapinness is wealth. 

  • Hey Addy. We seem to be getting closer to agreement. And yes, I would compare myself to the Dalai Lama (or Buddha or Jesus), if *IF* it helped to give me a reference point to aim towards (I may be 3% of the way along and I look at others who are ahead of me and I emulate them or seek advice). 
    Many people in our western world chase material riches as they think it will bring them happiness. It took me a long time (and a lot of heartache and loss) to realise that money alone does NOT bring happiness. (However, happiness can bring you money!)Money in the right hands and in the right spirit can do many good things for your own life and for others. For example, for every “LIKE” on this article, I gift clean drinking water to a child in Africa. Mother Teresa needed money to fund her mission, as do many good people.  Bill Gates and Warren Buffett each gave $38 Billion to charitable causes (not 38 prayers or 38 hugs but 38 Billion dollars). Prayers or enlightenment alone may be enough to enact spiritual change; we also need physical cash to change the physical world. To answer your question, why did I call it flick your RICH switch technology: 1) because it makes a nice acronym (FYRST). You gotta keep FYRST things first, and when I put money first I almost died and lost my family. 2) because riches can mean many things, as can the word ‘wealth’. Wealth and riches is NOT just finances or money; you can have a rich experience or a rich relationship, a wealth of knowledge, prosper spiritually or have abundant joy. Let’s not quibble on semantics, Addy. Please look up “wealth” in the dictionary and see that the road to happiness is not cash or money but yes, you can have a wealth of happiness, and you can have a rich life of joy, health and inner peace. 
    PS all this great advice right here,. like the article that 500+ people liked, comes to you for free. It’s my gift to you. If you don’t accept joy, cash, love or enlightenment, please pay it forward to another person who will value it, instead of arguing backward and forward with me. Have a rich life: in all areas. 

  • Man, this is just what I needed to read. I’m struggling right now with circumstances beyond my control. But as you’ve reminded me, the circumstances may be beyond my control, but how I respond to them isn’t. Within the chaos of my life right now, I can choose to create peace. I’ve been playing the victim quite a bit lately, but I think it’s time to tune into FM. How can I make this seemingly blah situation work for me? Thanks for the timely, helpful post. 🙂

  • Practice more meditation and acceptance, less kicking & screaming? Just a thought 🙂 

  • kj

    hi when ur race is against time and it keeps defeating you then it becomes very difficult to come vback and be succesful