Are Things Happening For You or Against You?

“We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make our world.” ~Buddha

Your life is much like a radio.

If you’re in control of it, then you can actually tune in and make sense. Then you can set your dial on the talk-back radio show, listen to that, and learn some things, or you can set your dial onto music and have an enjoyable time.

If you feel that you are not in control, or you do not realize that you are in control, then you may just hear a lot of static and annoying sounds that might even drive you crazy.

The process of “Flick your Rich Switch Transformation” (FYRST) is about taking control of your life, taking control of all of the things that you merely think you are not actually in control of (but you are, or you can be).

Some people don’t think that they control their mood, their lives, their blood flow, their breathing, their heart rate, their body language—and that’s why they often get some outcomes that they’re not happy about.

Someone else can control all of those things by telling you some bad news or some exciting news; for example, “The winning lottery numbers are 4, 23, 16, 19 & 30.”

It is the subconscious process occurring in your own head that will make your blood flow to your face or to your feet; it is your own thought process that will make your heart pump slower or faster; your own thoughts that will make your body stand straighter with excitement or slump lower with dread.

Yes, dread. For some people, winning millions may represent an increase in responsibility, stress, and anxiety.

Fears can occur, such as “What if I blow it?” “What if someone steals from me?” “What if someone kidnaps my kids and holds them for ransom?”

Statistically, ninety-five percent of people who win the lottery will end up broke within two years. Much of that is due to poor mindset, not poor skills.

If you do not realize that you are in control of your own bodily functions, such as breath, blood flow, posture, muscular tension, and so on, you might be listening to the static on the radio, or maybe you are just receiving nothing.

You may not realize that you need to turn the volume up a little bit and you need to tune in a little bit more, because the radio waves are all around you. They’re always there.

Making sense of it all is just a question of whether you’re perceptive—whether you’re tuned in, whether you’re checking it out, whether you’re in control of it.

Reception & Perception

Your perception or your reception is what makes the difference. There are some people who just seem to go from strength to strength. Wonderful things continue to happen to them, and you think, “Oh wow, those people are so lucky.”

Those “lucky” people are not really more fortunate than you; they are simply in control of their lives, in control of their switches and dials. They are consciously tuning themselves into the frequency of life, because the frequency is always there.

Whether you’re on the AM dial or the FM dial—that is under your control as well, because those radio waves are always there. You cannot change the radio waves nor can you control all of the events of your life.

You just have to change yourself to adjust to them.

The AM and the FM are always there, and everything in life is binary, or yin and yang, black and white, male and female. Life is either AM or it is FM.

There are things that happen that you can say are Against Me, and there are things that happen that you can say are For Me. Whether you choose to tune in to the AM or the FM really controls how you react to those things.

If I perceive that it’s an AM, if I perceive that it’s happening Against Me, then I might choose to whine. I might choose to get bitter.  I might choose to get angry.

Life may sometimes seem that it is always “Against” and not “For.” But what if there was a third choice: simply “flicking the switch”?

Some years ago, I experienced a “series of unfortunate events.”

I had a heart attack at age 32. My life partner and my business partner betrayed me. I divorced and lost six figures, lost a child, and then became homeless.

This happened within a few months and I was shell-shocked. The doctor diagnosed clinical depression and gave me anti-depressants. I was placed on “suicide watch” over Christmas, as clinical depression appeared to turn terminal.

The drugs carried nasty side effects, so I stopped the course and went up alone against the spectral black dog of depression.

Stepping back from my own tragic story, I learned to detach and see how much of these events happened due to my own mismanagement or lack of keeping my “eye on the ball.”

The empowering truth was that I, like the droopy-shouldered lottery winners, had had depressive, negative or pessimistic thoughts long before the depressive events occurred.

I literally had manifested my own fearful thoughts into negative reality. If this was true, then it followed that I could transform my worldly situation by first transforming my thoughts

I switched off the AM dial and learned to tune into the FM frequency. I started to say and see that this thing has happened For Me, and whatever I’ve lost—whatever tragedy I’ve had—it can be an opportunity.

I told myself, “I’m going to use that. I’m going to use that and become stronger.”

Aside from my own, there are many stories of people who have overcome hardship in their lives and gone onto bigger and better things.

There are also millions of stories of people who have not overcome hardship in their lives, and they’ve sat there, whined, complained, stayed miserable, and assumed they were powerless to change or achieve.

Whether you want to become a victor, or you want to become a victim—whether you want to see things as happening Against Me or whether you want to see things happening that are For Me—it’s entirely up to your perception, and it is in your control.

You can flick your rich switch. You can decide what your outcomes are going to be.

Photo by Vinoth Chandar

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