Desperate to Be Seen: Learning to Shine a Steady Beam

Lighthouse Shining Bright

“If we are not fully ourselves, truly in the present moment, we miss everything.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

While in the process of “re-branding” my business, I’ve been reading a lot about business marketing. One of the articles that I really loved contains an analogy of a lighthouse for a business model, but to me, it speaks of so much more. It’s really a life model.

The example highlights how a lighthouse doesn’t run up and down the coast, anxiously seeking any boats in the water. It doesn’t cast its beam north and south, right and left, desperate to be seen. It isn’t frantically searching for every possible boat, screaming, “Let me help!”

What it does is remain steady, naturally drawing attention to itself by consistently beaming the same message “I am here.”

By remaining true to its purpose, the lighthouse guides the boats that need its direction. When they need it, they find the beam. There are no swaying lights and mixed reference points to confuse the other boats not needing direction. Everyone’s needs are met.

A challenge in my business life has been to remain true to what calls to my heart—to trust there is a need for my work and that my clients and I will find each other. To have faith that connections are inevitable. To stay focused on where I know I fit and not jump on every marketing bandwagon that rolls into town.

But I think this need speaks to such a greater challenge. It reminds me of the trust it takes to stay consistently in our personal truth, to be who we are we openly, to send a steady beam knowing that this is enough.

My past includes years and years of sales, and during that time, my mode was frantically trying to be all things to all people. How often have I felt I needed to keep running up and down the coast, trying to be noticed?

How often have I felt I must shout out, “Here I am!” not trusting that I was ever enough?

In business, as in life, there is the constant we’re constantly bombarded with information—how to be more productive, more successful, more everything. And every “more” comes with an action.

But how often do those actions come from a place of true heart-centered intention? Most of these suggestions urge you to shine your beam in a frenzy without an authentic sense of focus or connection to your truest aspirations.

I am realizing that there is great power in being authentic—that there is strength in truth. As I honor my personal truth without stressing about getting or being more, I’m naturally more confident and more successful.

I want to be a steady beam, to know that there is safety in my own truth—that my presence can provide a place for others to be authentic and secure in whom they are.

Does this image call to you as well?  Isn’t there such a lovely peace about sending forth a beam with trust we needn’t obsess about the outcome? That our beam is all that is needed?

What a beautiful gift.

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