A comprehensive package of powerful eCourses and online tools for peace, mindfulness, healing, self-care, passion, purpose, love, and more! Twenty personal development resources (valued at close to $1,900) for $97—for one week only.

Featuring tools from Tiny Buddha’s top contributors, including site founder Lori Deschene, Tiny Buddha’s Best You, Best Life Bundle can help you live your most fulfilled life and become your most authentic self.


Let go of the past and change the trajectory of your life…
Drop the unhealthy habits that are holding you back…
Set better boundaries and find time for self-care…
Learn to cope with stressful situations with more grace and ease…
Stop obsessing about problems and calm your anxious mind...
Heal from grief after loss…
Find the love you want…
Broaden your social circle...
Uncover your passion and purpose…

…then you’re in the right place. The resources in this package cover all of this, and more. If you’ve found the Tiny Buddha blog helpful, you’re sure to appreciate this assortment of tools, which go deeper into the concepts covered on the site.

Sign up now, dive into the course that’s most relevant to you first, and then save the rest for later. One tiny step at a time, you can completely transform any aspect of your life that troubles you.


This bundle is for you if:

  • You love a good deal on high-quality tools that can help you change your life.
  • You’re tired of struggling with your emotions, work, and relationships, and want to make this the year you finally make real progress.
  • You’ve enjoyed Tiny Buddha and would appreciate going deeper on some of the topics covered on the site.



Finding Stillness ($297 value)

from meditation and mindfulness instructor Ben Fizell

Finding Stillness is a comprehensive 21-day online meditation and mindfulness course for people serious about living life with heart. In three weeks, you’ll learn the skills to help you foster inner peace and clarity amidst the stress and overwhelm of this fast-paced modern world.

“Ben’s gentle guidance always brings me home to a profound silence within where my peace exists. It’s from that place I know and feel infinite possibility for my life, and for this reality. I absolutely love the teachings and meditations Ben shares in Finding Stillness. His guidance acts as an invitation to navigate the heart’s whispers and go within to be the stillness, grounded space of all of who I am. Thoughtful, wise, and transformative, Finding Stillness is a beautiful invitation into yourself that has the ability to change everything around you.” ~Sarah Woods


Passion Quest ($247 value)

from certified integral coach Meredith Walters (meredithwalters.com)


Most people don’t know where to start with career change. Passion Quest walks you through a step-by-step process to help you uncover your passion, remember your purpose, and discover your superpowers. Each of seven modules will walk you through a new step in the process of finding your calling and offer fun exercises that will allow you to put what you learn into action.


“I have struggled for years with trying to get the infamous ‘work-life balance’, gain satisfaction in my career, and overall lead a happy and contented life. I thought this was a lot to ask for and that I might get one out of three. Working with Meredith made me see that these were reasonable and attainable goals and that with the right tools, I could make it happen. And with her help…I have.” ~Nancy Gonce


Launch Your Life Academy ($147 value)

from life and performance coach Brendan Baker (startofhappiness.com)


The Launch Your Life Academy is jam-packed with expert training, exercises, tools, guides, and resources to help you create more passion, happiness, and success in your life.

“I was blown away by the helpful journal prompts offered inside the Academy! The Launch Your Life Academy enables you to examine all aspects of your life so that you may achieve more of the results that you want. This program will help you break outworn patterns, identify your core values, and rewrite your future for success. Brendan's passion for peace and happiness shines through, and it's contagious!” ~Lisa Jacobs


Connect with Your Inner Presence ($100 value)

from Jarl Forsman, author of Wise, Happy, and Feeling Good (gratitude247.org)


In just 10 minutes a day you’ll learn to stop obsessing about problems; get in touch with your authentic self; let go of fear, anxiety, and self-doubt; and live the life you truly want. Includes 13 downloadable PDFs, six meditation/visualization recordings, and 40 powerful daily lessons.


“Jarl and Steve, thank you! This course has actually helped me more than thirteen years of therapy. truly made a difference in the way I relate to life.” ~Michelle Healy


Choosing Ease ($99 value)

from artist, podcaster, and coach Andrea Scher (andreascher.com)


What if we let go of pushing, striving, and efforting as a strategy to get what we want? What if we stopped glorifying being busy? What if we allowed space for our authentic yeses and no’s and were able to compassionately set those boundaries? This five-week course will help you let go of struggle, step in your flow, and grow your joy and self-compassion.

“I think I’ve stumbled upon the taproot of my resistance around ease—the story that ease is for other people: whose partners support them, who are not alone. My new story is that I will never be alone because I have myself. All of the friendship and mothering and love that I give with such care and generosity to others is also available for me. Seeing myself with kind eyes was my favorite lesson. It helped me flip my ease story not in an intellectual way, but in a cellular way. I literally saw what was there for me–in my own eyes. Thank you, Andrea.” ~Sage Cohen


Recreate Your Life Story ($97 value)

from Tiny Buddha Founder Lori Deschene (recreateyourlifestory.com)


A fun creative course, blending self-help and film, that will help you let go of the past, feel free and happy in the present, and create a fulfilling future. Includes four modules, each with workbooks, video interviews, movie case studies, and more.


"It was very 'human' and very grounding. The workbooks in particular contained questions that immediately put you into 'the zone' for self-exploration, analyzing your own stories and patterns and how to change them… This course was 'gentle' and organically revealed to me things I am interested in and can make steps toward." ~Scott D.


How to Find the Love You Want ($97 value)

from love coach Renée Suzanne (reneesuzannecoaching.com)


This course is for women who want to be in a loving relationship but struggle to find quality people to date. Get clear about what you want in a partner so that you can find someone for a truly fulfilling relationship. Includes five course sessions with videos and PDFs and six bonuses, including a quick guide to first dates and 5 Mistakes You’re Probably Making in Your Online Dating Profile.

“Renée Suzanne helped me illustrate what I was looking for with specific examples. I would recommend her to everyone. Working with her was a great experience and I really appreciated all of her support and generosity.” – Suzanne M.


Mindful Movement ($97 value)

from cognitive behavior coach Roni Davis (ronidavis.com)


Mindful Movement is an eight-week MBCT course that incorporates meditation, mindfulness practices, cognitive behavioral strategies, and a brief intro into cognitive eating to completely change your brain.


“I couldn’t recommend somebody better to help you achieve your goals on your health and fitness. She helped me not only get comfortable in my skin but to understand the mind on how to talk to yourself to stay positive and on track… She is by far the biggest reason I achieved my goals and have lost the weight I have and kept it off! Big recommendation for Roni for anyone looking for a little extra push.” ~Kelsey Lauren Keigan


Healthy Habits 101 ($97 value)

from movement coach Luke Jones (heromovement.net)


Healthy Habits 101 will equip you with all the tools you need to form lasting healthy habits and get rid of any habits and destructive behavior patterns that are holding you back. Through a series of video lectures, exercises, quizzes, and action steps, you'll learn exactly how to transform your habits, so you start to eat, move, and live healthier.

“I was the person that if I failed just one day I would be disappointed in myself, feeling I could not achieve the goals I wanted. Luke provided sound advice and plans which helped my place on a path that will make these goals possible.” ~Paul Marques


Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women ($97 value)

from author and speaker Suzanne Falter (suzannefalter.com)


Learn to ask for hard things, even at work; set better boundaries; prioritize what matters; and carve out time for self-care where none currently exists. Includes five modules with videos and worksheets to help you make self-care a lasting priority—so you can sleep better, have more energy, live longer, and be happier.


"Suzanne, I wanted to thank you for your self-care program. I found it extremely helpful and practical. I also loved getting to know Teal. Her spirit, combined with yours, is a powerful teaching force. Y'all captured the essence in each lesson—simple, insightful and doable. Bravo girls!!!! " ~Rachel Egan


How to Make Stress Benefit You ($90 value)

from Maureen Cooper, author and founder of Awareness in Action (awarenessinaction.org)


It’s all too easy to feel overwhelmed with work, family, the pressure to pay the bills, and everything we need to cope with in our everyday lives. This course will help you learn to use your stress to enhance your well-being and increase your resilience. Includes seven sessions with reflections, exercises, and quotes and a bonus session to help you continue applying what you’ve learned after completing the course.

“Burn out, chronic life and work stress? At points in our lives I think we’ve all been there to some degree, and unfortunately there is no quick fix. Learning to meditate and developing self-compassion, I’ve found, are the few sustainable tools to ground and build resilience to these strains of daily, modern life. Maureen’s immense meditation experience and knowledge expertly knits together a plethora of science, psychology, and meditation practice to create a course that’ll resonate with us all—newcomers to experienced meditators alike.” ~Matthew Arscott


Chart Your Path for 2020 ($85 value)

from Julie Hoyle, specialist in awakening and transformation (juliehoyle.org)

What are your deepest dreams? What are you passionate about? What nourishes you? What would you like to manifest in 2020? These are the questions you’ll explore in this course using a journal as creatively and expansively as possible, meditating a little, utilizing simple self-inquiry practices, adding simple art elements, and being open enough to see what comes up. 


"Julie, your lessons are such a great support for my life and spiritual journey. I receive so much grace, courage, and inspiration from them. Please accept my heartfelt gratitude." ~Sharon W.


Creating Courage ($65 value)

from author and artist Skylar Liberty Rose (skylarlibertyrose.com)


An empowering e-series to help you use creativity as a tool to celebrate your self-expression and pursue your passions. Affirm your place in the world and unapologetically shine your light. This 28-day e-series offers guidance to help you trust your intuition, suggestions on how to tap into your authentic expression, invitations to listen to your creative heart, prompts to reignite your spake, and encouragement to go to the edges of your creative comfort zone.

“I was amazed at the originality, the absence of clichés, the very direct connection, and the stimulation the series presented.” ~Thelma R.


The Anxiety Cure ($49 value)

from bestselling author Karen Salmansohn (notsalmon.com)

A video course that offers a range of neuroscience-based tools and simple meditations. Learn how to calm your mind, even during tough times. Stop overwhelm and overthinking. Improve sleep. Boost productivity and confidence. Be happier.


“Karen clearly presents info in a way which things just click. I’ve been sleeping better and feel calmer at work and with my kids.” ~Cory V.


Opening to Vision ($47 value)

from registered art therapist and psychotherapist Petrea Hansen-Adamidis (arttherapist.ca)


Join in the vision board making process and discover how to set your intentions and move toward your aspirations through guided journaling, two special guided meditations, and supportive videos which will guide you through this unique vision board process. Manifest your dreams!

"It is always a pleasure to work with Petrea and I always walk away with increased insight and ideas..." ~Sue Knox


Healing Grief Online Masterclass ($47 value)

from certified wellness coach and yoga teacher Paula Stephens (crazygoodgrief.com) 


Create a healing and clear visual on how you can positively manage your relationship with grief. This will allow you to honor your loved one and find joy in your new normal. You’ll move away from hopelessness, struggle, and despair and learn to positively live with hurt and loss.


“Paula gets it; she has lived through and is surviving grief after the loss of her son. Her thoughts, ideas, and tips were great validators of what my wife and I were doing to navigate the grief associated with the loss of our son Jeff. Paula’s words made me feel okay with being sad but also okay with working hard to be happy again.” ~Greg J.


7 Pillars of Connecting with Your Soul ($43 value)

from spiritual life coach, TED speaker, and author Sylvia Salow (sylviasalow.com)


This guided visualization album will guide you to build a bridge between you and your Higher Self. As a result, your intuition will deepen, and you’ll receive stronger guidance from your soul. If you practice these visualizations regularly, you’ll also align your path with your highest potential.

“Her visualization techniques are always strong; you experience things that you usually don’t allow yourself to experience. During these techniques, you’re happy and joyful; you’re fulfilling your dreams and joy, hope, and happiness take over you…” ~Renata W.


Self-Empowerment Workshop ($39 value)

from stress and anxiety coach Sandra Woznicki (stressandanxietycoach.com)


In this course you’ll learn how and why we have automatic emotional reactions of fear, anger, and judgment to stressful situations, and how to change this to choose how you respond to any situation. You’ll start transforming your relationship with stress to develop the means to face whatever life throws at you with more grace and ease. Includes five instructional videos, four downloadable worksheets, and a bonus guided meditation.


“Now I’m able to choose how I react to situations instead of automatically responding with stressful thoughts. I’m now sleeping better, much less stressed, eating better, and not engaging in conflict with others or absorbing negativity, and the tools I learned from Sandy were instrumental.” ~Christine Strak


28-Day Social Boost ($29 value)

from Rob Riker, founder of The Social Winner (thesocialwinner.com)


A set of challenges to be completed over four weeks. Designed specifically to show you exactly what to do to improve your social skills to become comfortable and confident talking to new people.

“I used to be a depressed wallflower who didn’t know how to talk to strangers. Now, because of Rob’s help, I’m at my very happiest when I’m in a sports bar talking to new people.” ~Stuart L.


The Clarity Method ($9.99 value)

from certified life coach, NLP master practitioner, and hypnotherapist Tim Brownson (adaringadventure.com)


The Clarity Method™ is an important tool for those who want to help coach employees, clients, or themselves, to get clarity on goals, overcome procrastination, make better choices, and find success.


“Understanding our values is so important and yet really hard for people to define. The Clarity Method is a fantastic model to uncover what is most important to you. Even if you just have a few big decisions ahead of you, it's a great tool to help you prioritize what's most important. I can see so many applications for it. It's incredibly simple, but brilliant at the same time. It may sound like a technical book, but it's a fun read. Tim's sense of humor and vast knowledge comes across loud and clear.” ~Meredith Hooke

Tiny Buddha’s Best You, Best Life Bundle can help you become your happiest self and live your most fulfilled life. More passion. More purpose. More presence. Less stress. Less struggle. Less self-sabotage. It’s all within your reach.


Click the “Buy Now” button below and you’ll get lifetime access to all twenty life-changing tools.

Once you click the button, you will be taken to a secure payment and checkout page where it will take just a few minutes to get set up!

You’ll then receive an email with instructions on how to access each individual offering—which you can choose to utilize whenever you’d like, at your own pace.






1. You’ll get instant access to 20 high-quality online resources, valued at close to $1,900, for the extremely discounted rate of $97. Even if you were to only utilize two of these resources, you’d already be reaping immense savings.


2. You’ll have lifetime access to a wide variety of powerful teachings, encompassing multiple areas of personal growth—purpose, passion, love, self-care, mindfulness, and more—saved on your computer (or accessible on the web) for current or future use.


3. You’ll go deeper on topics you’ve likely read about on Tiny Buddha from some of the site’s top contributors. We’ve specifically focused on the topics most relevant to overall life satisfaction, which means any one of these courses can significantly transform your life.


4. You’ll get to sample teachings from a wide variety of diverse teachers, many of whom you can work with one-on-one should you ever need personal support.


5. You’ll save time you might have spent searching for eCourses on any of these topics, since we’ve done the vetting for you.


6. You’ll receive countless bonus items not detailed here (offered with many of the courses listed above).



Lori Deschene - Recreate Your Life Story

Lori Deschene is the founder of Tiny Buddha and author of Tiny Buddha’s Gratitude Journal, Tiny Buddha’s Worry Journal, and other books. She’s also an aspiring filmmaker who’s currently in pre-production for her first feature film. She hopes to leverage her insight into human nature to create relatable stories that inspire us to face our demons, heal our wounds, and be our best selves.


Ben Fizell - Finding Stillness

Ben is a meditation and mindfulness teacher, “stillness coach,” and founder of the Peacekeeper Project, a community dedicated to impacting humanity by helping people quiet their minds so they can live from the heart. Ben believes stillness and sensitivity are superpowers that everyone can master, and essential for creating a more peaceful and connected world.


Meredith Walters - Passion Quest

Meredith Walters is a certified coach and author who helps people discover what work they’re meant to do for the world and start actually doing it. Author of The Adventures of Little One, a collection of entertaining tales about how to find your path, she coaches individuals and groups and has led workshops for organizations such as Emory University and the U.S. Peace Corps.


Brendan Baker - Launch Your Life Academy

Brendan is a high-performance coach, trainer, and facilitator. He has personally trained over 1,000 leaders, managers, sales professionals, and entrepreneurs across the World through live and online workshops. Brendan's passion for high performance and getting the most out of life was sparked in a near-death experience at the age of seven. He lives in Sydney, Australia with his wife and three children.


Jarl Forsman & Steve Sekhon - Connect with Your Inner Presence

Gratitude 24-7 was created by Jarl Forsman and Steve Sekhon, a husband and wife team committed to expanding their own consciousness through the daily practice of writing and sharing short, contemplative messages. Each message is designed to help increase self- and present moment awareness, meet each moment with love and acceptance, and remember the unity of everything.


Andrea Scher - Choosing Ease

Andrea Scher is an artist, coach, and a big believer in the transformative power of creativity. Through her e-courses—Mondo Beyondo, Capture the Magic, Cultivating Wonder and more— Andrea inspires people to live authentic, colorful, and creative lives. She is a blogger, podcaster, and the Facebook Live host for 1440 Multiversity—interviewing the biggest luminaries in the personal growth world.


Renée Suzanne - How to Find the Love You Want

Renée Suzanne is a coach for smart, successful women who want to find love. She’s been featured in The Huffington Post, Glamour, and Tiny Buddha. Her two books, Beloved – How to Go from Relationship Challenged to Relationship Ready and Ten Things You Can Do to Upgrade Your Love Life are available on Amazon. She also has over 150 inspiring videos on her YouTube channel.


Roni Davis - Mindful Movement

Roni Davis is a certified mindfulness-based, cognitive-behavioral coach, and creator of Cognitive Eating—a revolutionary new program to rebuild your relationship with food, so eating becomes joyful and easy, repair your relationship with yourself by changing thoughts and beliefs that drive self-destructive choices, and uncover triggers behind mindless and emotional eating so you can rewire the habits that caused them.


Luke Jones - Healthy Habits 101

Luke Jones is a movement coach and online content creator at HERO Movement, where he explores and shares ideas in all things movement and healthy living. Through articles, videos, courses, and coaching, his big goal is to help people discover freedom of movement and create lives filled with wellbeing and adventure.


Suzanne Falter - Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

Suzanne Falter is a writer, podcaster, and host of The Extremely Busy Woman’s Guide to Self-Care (Sourcebooks). Suzanne also hosts the Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women podcast, where she interviews leading self-care authorities and shares insights of her own. Her Self Care Group for Extremely Busy Women on Facebook is a gathering place for busy women who need support.


Maureen Cooper - How to Make Stress Benefit You

Maureen’s passion is making it possible for everyone to enhance their wellbeing and live life fully. Through Awareness in Action, she designs online courses and offers workshops and coaching on all aspects of self-compassion, meditation, and kindness—the foundations of well-being. She provides practical, accessible guidance that can easily be integrated into a busy lifestyle.


Julie Hoyle - Chart Your Path for 2020

Julie is a personal growth teacher, author, artist, and natural intuitive. With over fifteen years’ experience, Julie offers life purpose readings, spiritual counseling, and online courses to an international clientele looking to initiate change and discover a lasting, more expansive direction in life. Julie is also a feature writer for Mind-Body-Spirit magazines in the USA, Canada, and Europe.


Skylar Liberty Rose - Creating Courage

Skylar Liberty Rose is a writer who helps women find their courage through creativity and emboldens them to embrace their individuality. Skylar is passionate about stripping away layers of conditioning and discovering the unique truth within. Her work has been featured on numerous platforms and she was a speaker at the Global Social Change Summit, organized by the Global Institute for Extraordinary Women.


Karen Salmansohn - The Anxiety Cure

Karen Salmansohn is a bestselling author, award winning designer, respected research geek on happiness and wellnessplus a columnist for Oprah and Psychology Today. She's sold about 2 million books globallyand has many celebrity fans including Jon Stewart, Madonna, Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins, Seth Godin, Tim Ferris, Marie Forleo, and then some.


Petrea Hansen-Adamidis - Opening to Vision

Petrea Hansen-Adamidis is a registered art therapist, psychotherapist, and workshop facilitator offering creative resources for connecting with your inner wise self. She is passionate about connecting people with their creativity and inner strengths through the arts. Petrea believes we all have the tools within us to live a happy, fulfilled life no matter what our past experiences or present challenges.


Paula Stephens - Healing Grief Online Masterclass

Paula Stephens, M.A. is a national speaker, author, and Buddhist Chaplain who is known for being a light on the path of transformation after tragedy. Paula’s work in trauma and grief as a chaplain with her background as an exercise physiologist and wellness coach, she is able to come alongside people with a whole-person approach to healing and wellness.


Sylvia Salow - 7 Pillars of Connecting with Your Soul

Sylvia Salow is a spiritual coach, speaker, and author. She helps people embrace their full potential and inner power through guiding them to embody their souls. Salow gained three master’s degrees in business that led her to China in 2012, where she began writing. In 2017, she gave a TEDx Talk in Kuala Lumpur on finding your life purpose.


Sandra Woznicki - Self-Empowerment Workshop

Sandy is a stress and anxiety coach and mindfulness meditation teacher helping women who deep down don't feel good enough and are overrun by stress or fear. After breaking through a lifetime of these negative patterns herself, she coaches and offers free resources helping women live more fully and freely. She’s happily married to her goofy husband in beautiful Maine.


Rob Riker - 28-Day Social Boost

Founder of The Social Winner, Rob Riker helps people create amazing relationships and build a social circle of truly great friends.


Tim Brownson - The Clarity Method

Tim Brownson became a full-time life coach in 2005 shortly before moving from the UK to Orlando, Florida. As well as being a certified coach he is also an NLP Master Practitioner and internationally published author. He now spends most of his time helping other life coaches build sustainable practices.


Why would I need so many courses and tools?

You likely won’t take all these courses this year—but you’ll probably find a few that speak to you, and you may find others more relevant down the line. We’ve packaged all these courses together to provide optimum value to as many people as possible by making a collection of diverse resources highly affordable.


How can I trust that I will stay committed and actually utilize some of these tools?

One of the best ways to ensure you actually do the work is to find an accountability partner—someone who needs to work on the same issues and would like to complete one or more of these programs with you. You could do that by sharing this deal with a friend or by posting in the Tiny Buddha forums to see who else is about to start one of these courses. All you need to do is join at tinybuddha.com/register then choose a category at tinybuddha.com/forums.


What do I need to access the materials?

Every one of these tools is available digitally, meaning you only need an Internet-connected device to access them.


Is there a time limit to utilize these tools?

After purchasing the package you’ll have lifetime access to every offering, but you need to sign up for each individual tool within the next six months.


How much time will these courses take to complete?

Each course has a different recommended timeframe, from three to eight weeks, but they are all self-study courses—which means you can work at your own pace and take all the time you need.


What if I need support or have a technical issue?

Since each offering comes from a different person, you’ll need to contact them directly with any issues, as opposed to seeking support through Tiny Buddha.

Tiny Buddha’s Best You, Best Life Bundle can help you become your happiest self and live your most fulfilled life. More passion. More purpose. More presence. Less stress. Less struggle. Less self-sabotage. It’s all within your reach.


Click the “Buy Now” button below and you’ll get lifetime access to all twenty life-changing tools.

Once you click the button, you will be taken to a secure payment and checkout page where it will take just a few minutes to get set up!

You’ll then receive an email with instructions on how to access each individual offering—which you can choose to utilize whenever you’d like, at your own pace.





* Due to the nature of this deal—including so many products from such a large list of contributors, with such a substantial discount—we’re unable to offer refunds for this package.

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