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Dealing with Loss and Grief: Be Good to Yourself While You Heal

Red Sunset

“To be happy with yourself, you’ve got to lose yourself now and then.” ~Bob Genovesi

At a holiday party last December, I ran into a friend from college who I hadn’t seen in twenty years.

“What’s going on with you? You look great!”

“Oh, well… My mother passed away and my husband and I divorced.”

“Oh Jeez! I’m so sorry,” he said. “That’s a lot! So, why do you look so great?”

Perhaps it wasn’t the greatest party conversation, but I did with it smile.

“It was the hardest year of my life, but I’m getting through it and that makes me feel good.”

Sure, what he didn’t know was that I had spent many weeks with the blinds closed. I cried my way through back-to-back TV episodes on Netflix.

I knitted three sweaters, two scarves, a winter hat, and a sweater coat.

I had too many glasses of wine as I danced around in my living room to pop music, pretending I was still young enough to go to clubs.

And at times it was hard to eat, but damn if I didn’t look good in those new retail-therapy skinny jeans.

Another friend of mine lost his father last spring. When he returned from the East Coast, I knew he would be in shock at re-entry. I invited him over for a bowl of Italian lentil and sausage soup.

As we ate in my kitchen nook, he spoke of the pain of the loss of his father, and even the anger at his friends who, in social situations, avoided talking to him directly about his loss.

Looking down at my soup, I said, “Grief is a big bowl to hold. It takes so many formations, so many textures and colors. You never know how or when it will rear its head and take a hold of you. Sometimes you cry unfathomably, some days you feel guilty because you haven’t cried, and in other moments you are so angry or filled with anxiety you just don’t know what to do.”

Grief is one of those emotions that have a life of their own. It carries every feeling within it and sometimes there’s no way to discern it.

One of the greatest teachings in Buddhism is the lesson of impermanence—that everything that comes into being will go out of being.

But impermanence is just a concept until you face the ugly beast straight into his beating, bulging red eyes.

These are the things that helped me get through such a trying time:

1. Self-care, self-care, self-care. (Oh, and did I say self-care?)

The shock of loss to all of our bodies—emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual—is superb. When we wake in the morning, we question the very nature of who we are. Upon awakening there is a split second when everything is okay in our world.

And then we remember. The storm clouds cover our head again.

Our bodies need to be fed during this time, in order to handle such trauma. Self-care is personal, but I did the things I knew my body wanted:

Lots of baths, fresh pressed organic juices, sticking to a daily structure, such as meditating in the morning, exercising, journaling, reading inspiring books, talking with friends, getting out in sunshine, taking walks, admitting my weakness, and learning to nurture myself.

These were the base things that I knew I needed.

2. Accept there’s a lot you don’t know.

When the pain of loss happens, it’s like a lighting bolt comes and shakes the foundation of the ground. We question everything—our identity, who we are, where we come from, and where we’re going. There is power in surrendering to the unknown.

In coming to accept that we no longer have control over what happens to us, we realize that what we once knew we no longer can know. In fact, much of the spiritual experience is coming to realize all that we are not, and less about what we think we are or what we know.

Here, there is great freedom. And it helps us to meet life’s adversity with courage, head-on.

3. Allow time and space.

I learned once in a counseling psychology class that it takes two years to grieve the loss of a loved one. In human time, that seems like an eternity. There are stages. And each stage brings a remembrance, especially once you start hitting the “year marks.”

During the last year, each “mark” felt like Valentine’s Day without a lover. “Oh, this is the day I knew my marriage was over,” “Oh, this is the day my mother died,” “Oh, this was the last holiday we spent together…”

Recognizing that grief needs time and allowing space for the grief process to unfold gave me permission to hold that great bowl.

4. Accept that sometimes you have a bad day for no apparent reason.

Months, even over a year in I would have a day (or several) where it felt like there was no reason at all to feel in the dumps. I wanted to refuse to let it get to me. “Stay productive, keep it going; at least, that’s what your mother would want.”

But on those days, I just held up at home. Watched The Real Housewives on Bravo if I needed. Read People magazine. Saw a chick flick. Ordered a pizza with mushrooms and olives and ate it all.

I came to learn that grief pressures you to go within. I told my friends, “Bad day. Can’t talk. That’s all.”

I didn’t try to force it to be something different.

5. Allow light in the middle of it all.

Although there were many weeks of despair that seemed to bleed together, like a faded diary dropped in a hot bath, there were days in between when I experienced joy.

A fun lunch out with a friend, New Years out with my brother, a no-reason-to-be-happy-day when I felt vibrant and creative. Or like at that holiday party, which I didn’t really want to go to, but I put on make-up and blow dried my hair and ran into an old college friend.

Embrace those days and don’t feel guilty. Life is to be lived, because one day—and we all know the adage—we will die.

6. Accept that this too shall pass.

Like everything else, all suffering will go, until one day it comes again.

The greatest thing about death is that it helps us grow up. It matures us. It brings wisdom. It strengthens our bones. It teaches us to let go.

We learn we can go through hard times, and with little effort the sun shines again. We can take off our shoes and touch toes to sand and run on the beach, knowing that we made it through. Our happiness never really went away—it still exists inside of us—yet, we are remembering it anew. Fresh, transformed, aliveness engages us again.

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About Lynn Newman

Lynn Newman has a Masters in Counseling Psychology, is a writer, painter, and game creator (like The Game of You & The Game of Insight – An Interactive Way To Know Yourself, Create The Life You Want). She’s big into unleashing the truest, free-est parts of you, to experience more joy, purpose, and passion in life. Visit her at

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  • abel

    I think it’s a little bit selfish to claim that we have lost something, we haven’t lost anything, it was never yours from the beginning. So is Zen

  • Lynn Zavaro

    Hi Abel. Thank you or your comment! One of my greatest spiritual teachings was to accept the humanness of my spiritual experiences. On the ultimate level, it is true, nothing is lost. My mother will always be with me. Yet, I prefer to not spiritually bypass the feelings of grief in order to truly heal and let go. By accepting the fact that I am human, it helped me not to become frozen in grief and live my fullest life.

  • Andrew Bee

    Great article!

  • Joan Harrison

    Thank you for the article, grief is so seldom talked about, but inevitably is a fact of life for us all.
    The grieving process has stages and the stages are very important. We must not try to rush a stage or avoid it, as it will keep coming back to be resolved – as you discovered.

    When we lose someone close we are most susceptible to change and eventually with time this can prove to be a good thing.
    Go with whatever you feel in grief, whatever is happening, whatever you are feeling is the right thing for you.

  • Kim

    This article hits very close to home for me. Thank you for sharing your story. Sadly, mine is very similar. My brother and only sibling died in a tragic car accident and then just 3 months later my husband of 24 years announced that we were separating and that there was to be no discussion about it. This happened on Mother’s Day, no less. He later demanded a divorce so he could be with the woman he had been seeing behind my back. The world as I knew it fell apart. My family was broken. I felt lost.

    The grief was overwhelming. It came in waves even when I thought I was getting better. I learned that grief is not linear and that we must grieve each loss in our own way and time. My initial problem was that I really didn’t know what to grieve first. I turned to mediation and prayer to help me accept that this was my new reality in life. For many months, I fought against this change. Now, I am beginning to see the blessings in my life because of these events. I’m learning to understand and accept the true nature of things and be grateful for the wisdom of impermanence and its role of renewal in our lives. I’ve learned a lot about myself through this process, and I am grateful when others share their insight, too.

    I am truly sorry for your losses. May peace and happiness surround you always. 🙂

  • Anne

    My father was diagnosed with terminal cancer, I found out my husband was having an affair while I took time off work to help my Dad during his chemo appointments. My husband and I split, sold our marital home, he put my dog to sleep without telling me, I moved in with my parents to help care for my Dad and then he died. This all spanned a period of 5 months. I felt deep despair. They were very dark, dark days. I was able to get through those days with the help of very dear friends and my family and by also taking one day at a time. I never tried to think of the future, I just decided what I was going to do when I woke up in the morning. I’m still doing that only I look forward a week at a time instead of day by day. I also focus on the wonderful aspects of my life; how fortunate that I have a wonderful job, that I have family and friends that love me dearly, my health and my creativity. Yoga, skiing, walking, reading, going to university, eating well and getting lots and lots of sleep were key to keeping healthy and I’ve stopped beating myself up and feeling guilty for the past. I don’t need to do that to myself.

    Next week, after the courts suggested it’s a good idea, my ex-husband has agreed to sit down to talk to me about dividing our marital assets. It’s been a nasty process these past winter months, and his avoidance of facing what needs to be done. I’ve acknowledged that I have a lot of anger towards him, but that is a natural response. I’m not repressing it, but feeling it fully and then letting it go. It’s a wonderful feeling, letting it all slip away like watching something you’ve dropped overboard on a boat, slip into the dark water. You just catch a quick glimpse of it as it disappears knowing that it’s gone forever.

    On my desktop I keep a picture of a broken vase whose pieces have been put back together with gold. It’s housed at the Freer Gallery at the Smithsonian. The result is a vessel that is more beautiful than before it was broken. It’s an analogy of my life. I am treating myself with kindness, gluing my life back together with gold. I am a more beautiful stronger person as a result. Lynn, thank you for your story.

  • jen

    Great article!
    I needed it!

  • Dan

    I’m not sure people can relate to grief until they’ve been close to it, and even then we never fully understand it. Thanks for the post today- I happen to be having a bad day, for no reason at all- and that’s okay!

  • Elizapornberry

    I just lost my best friend from highschool in a horrific car accident. A week later I was dumped. This article really got to me, even though I feel as if I am standing at a cliff or some crossroads, I now have the comfort that it will all keep going, thank you.

  • Lynn Zavaro

    Anne thank YOU for your story… Boy can I relate. That is the beauty of a site such as Tiny Buddha. Lori gives us this wonderful opportunity to connect and to know that we are together as we grow through life’s challenges and the blessings we receive from them. I love the image of the vase. It’s the gold that keeps us whole:) xoxo Lynn

  • Lynn Zavaro

    Oh how beautiful Kim! My heart goes out to you… You describe so lovingly what I meant by how “loss strengthens our bones and gives wisdom” Thank you for sharing. There is so much to be grateful for even when we meet suffering! xoxo Lynn

  • Lynn Zavaro

    I am so so sorry for your loss. My closest friend also died in a car wreck the year after we graduated from high school. It is a crossroads – and a painful one to bear. I send you warm wishes and wish you lots of comfort. xoxo Lynn

  • Lynn Zavaro

    You bet it’s okay Dan! Wishing you sunshine in the midst of it all:) xoxo Lynn

  • Lynn Zavaro

    Thank YOU for reading Jen:) xoxo Lynn

  • Anne, what you did for your dad will become the new benchmark for what you are capable of. You have nothing to fear in leaving behind your feeble husband and everything to look forward to in a world where you can trust your own judgement. I raise my glass to you. Be happy!

  • Lynn Zavaro

    Love this Joan! Yes! Whatever you are feeling IS the right thing:) xoxo Lynn

  • Lynn Zavaro

    Thank you for your comment:) xoxo Lynn

  • Thanks. I try to get to gratitude for what I had instead of sadness for what I’ve lost.

  • Lynn Zavaro

    Nice way to hold it Andy! xoxo Lynn

  • jdbt

    Thank you for this article – it’s a good reminder for me, that these traumatic experiences take time to process emotionally. I am at the one year mark — I took my 3 young kids and left my abusive husband last spring. It took me a long time to understand that I do deserve self-care (my self-worth was non-existent for so long) and I’m finally (slowly) embracing the fact that I do need it and deserve it. Thanks for reminding me how very important it is.

  • Anne

    Absolutely Lynn. Your words resonated deeply with me and were an affirmation that I’m on the right track. Tiny Buddha has been my friend through these days too. I neglected to mention that in my original post. Hugs to you.

  • Anne

    Andy. Many thanks for your words of support and encouragement. Feeble is the word. I’ve been searching for the appropriate one to use in polite company. 🙂 I see you’ve recently lost a loved one as well. As Lynn has mentioned, Tiny Buddha gives us the opportunity to share and learn from each other. Take care and know that you’ve sent a smile to me. I wish you much happiness too.

  • Beth

    This post is so timely for me. I too write about grief and illness. My husband has ms. The difficulty of this grief is that it is ongoing, but the same remains true about self care. Thank you!

  • Lynn Zavaro

    xoxxo Lynn

  • Lynn Zavaro

    Yes yes yes!!! Many yeses!!!!! xoxo lynn

  • And some days even 35years is not enough time to be done grieving

  • Thank you. Three months after losing my husband to cancer, I thought it would be easier, not harder. It’s reassuring to know I’m not a crazy wimp & “this too shall pass.” Surrender is not one of my strengths, yet I continue to be confronted with it.

  • Lynn Zavaro

    Hi Janice. Three months is still a very fragile place in my opinion. You are not crazy, it all takes time. I wanted to believe it too. Letting go is one of the hardest things we can do. My heart goes out to you. xoxo Lynn

  • Hansi

    for me this article is the other way round.. i was finding articles to get through from what i’m dealing with in this instant. but after reading few, now i’m standing hear wearing my ex boyfriend’s shoes. well my ex’s mom died recently and we were not together when his mom was spending her last days at the hospital. though i went to them and did what i could do for them to comfort my ex boyfriend as well. at the same time i met with an accident, so my ex boyfriend took me to the same hospital where his mom was. so we were kind of having feelings back again. however he wasn’t in such a mentality to fall for something like that or anything. what i’m feeling now is whatever happened between us all through these few years that he couldn’t devote me his time or he didn’t have any mood to treat me nice thinking about his ill mom. and i simply couldn’t be a good girlfriend for him since i was going through even more a tough situation which has brought me here today, that i’m having this brain disorder. at the moment my boyfriend is ignoring me for not being a type of girlfriend he expected, but for me he wasn’t there when i needed him the most, and even today he isn’t there for me when i’m suffering alone. we both have our own considerable reasons. what i’m learning is life is not always fair, life is full of challenges and life gives you so many burdens altogether within a short period, takes you to confusing places with confusing coincident, life is weird and AMAZING! what we have to do is face to that challenges, overcome them and WIN the LIFE! one day you will feel whatever happened is for a reason, indeed for a better reason 🙂 so keep smiling 🙂

  • Good luck, Hansi. Life is not fair, but it gets better and better the more you take charge of it. Make positive choices, show no resentment and accept absolutely the reality of your situation. You must be strong now and do everything for yourself yourself. You’re going to be ok. And you’re going to feel real love the day you’re ready to give it.

  • In my life, I’ve suffered the loss of a sister, grandparents, friends and love breakups. I realized that I’ve grieved over my sister’s passing for 38 years (deeply and painfully) ~ and the strangeness of having out-lived her by 32 years is mind-boggling (because, she’s still my big sister). Since her loss, all others cause me to spiral back to her loss. A recent broken engagement made me realize, I’ve suffered enough. I’m learning to appreciate “me” now and what my future holds, learning to let go of the pain of the past. I just published an article on the stages of grief that I am familiar with ~ after learning the lesson that not every pain should equal another, that not every pain is a “house on fire”. Those that cut deep, however, require time and kindness to ourselves to walk through, at a minimum. I hope my post will be helpful to anyone experiencing the pain of loss in their lives.

  • LesAnonymes

    “This too shall pass.” Such a good phrase to remember during tough times.

  • Geraldine Smith

    I lost my Mum who was my life
    I also feel directly responsible and regret the decisions made before she passed
    I gave in under pressure from others to take her home. She ws in a good nursing home. She deteriorated at home quickly.they blamed us,we blamed ourselves and now I have no Mum and I cannot work due to the stress
    The people here seem to have few regrets
    unlike me. I feel totally worthless.
    I am going to counselling bit it is not much use. I feel myself giving up and wanting to die but also think I deserve to suffer this life until it’s my turn.

  • Hollie

    Wow, this is just the type of advice that I have been looking for. I cannot thank you enough for your words because they offer a sense of encouragement as to the freedom that I have to look forward to once this stage of grief passes. In May of 2013 I lost my best friend at 21 years of age to an unknown heart condition. He was in a coma for five days, but didn’t make it. I had never experienced a pain so deep or raw. Like you, there were plenty of days were I laid in bed and didn’t get up. After a while I thought to myself, “okay, I’m good now, I lost my one person, so I shouldn’t lose another for a while.” Then in July of 2014 tragedy struck again when I lost my grandmother completely unexpectedly to a blood clot in her lungs. While this was a little easier to deal with because I knew she lived a long and fulfilling life, it didn’t make witnessing the pain that my father suffered any easier. Now, I am dealing with two major losses in a year in a half and am patiently waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel. I do think I will come out a stronger woman, but right now I feel incredibly weak.

  • Natasha

    Nothing like speaking and working with a Grief Coach. You are not alone.
    certified Grief Coach.

  • Peter

    My mom got a car accident 3 weeks and 6 days ago she is on morphine now she is going to die soon i am having the hardest time of all in the family since i am only 15 and already losing her i dont know what to do can someone help??

  • Hi Peter,

    I am so sorry to hear about your mom. I can’t even imagine what this is like for you. Are you close to your father? Or do you have siblings or other close relatives who are there for you? Everyone grieves differently, so I don’t know for sure what you may need, but I know you’ll need people who you trust to be there for you as you process your feelings and slowly begin the process of adjusting to life without your mother.

    You may find that therapy or a support group helps, as it often provides peace to connect with others who, like you, have lost a parent. Sadly, there are lots of people out there who can relate, and while that won’t change that this may be one of the hardest things you ever experience, it may give you strength and comfort to know you’re not alone.

    My heart really goes out to you, and I wish there was something more I could do to help. You and your family are in my thoughts.


  • Erik Adofo-Mensah

    You don’t deserve to suffer, it’s not your responsibility to keep another perpspn alive. You will live and love again. And you deserve happiness. All the time. No matter what.

  • Phillip Williams

    I lost my fiancee 4 days ago! The funeral was yesterday! I feel empty and so sad! I don’t know if I can go on! Any advice?

  • Elaine

    My partner died a month ago – he was truly lovely, my best friend above all else, and made life worthwhile. We worked from home together so were together everyday and I am completely bereft without him. I can’t yet process the idea of coming out the other side of grief as my world will never be okay without him, the world is a sadder, duller place without him in it. I have moments of trying to tell myself how lucky I am because I experienced true love and those are better moments but the pain of just missing him and his cuddles and his jokes and his funny dancing at my request and sharing a meal together – how is it possible?

  • Emilio Johnson

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  • Emilio Johnson

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  • Tuli

    I was a complete daddy’s girl. My whole world used to revolve around only 1 person i.e, my dad. He too loved me so much from the very childhood that I have never wanted anything else except my dad. I used to guard him from the every odds and was like his mother as my grand mother passed away few years back. I got a good job in a top MNC, though my father initially hesitated my joining to this company, as it will separate me from my dad, but later agreed upon as I wanted to be an independent girl. After that my father became really proud on me as I am the only girl of my family who has got this good job. My company was quite far from my home town in a total different state. I remember the initial parting days. My father used to cry and used to say that, ” Who will now take care of me?”. Though my mother is present, but still my father feels that the love and care I give to my father, no one else in this world can give and it was quite true to some extent. I remember the initial training days, I was away from home for a total of 7 months and that 7 months was the worst of my life, as I was unable to see and meet my family especially my father. I used to cry everyday. And then again I completed my training successfully and returned back home. That happiness when I was with my father. 1 year passed like this. My posting was again in a different state but I made it a point to come to my home every 15 days, as I was not happy leaving my family especially my dad. But suddenly 1 day everything lost. Friday night I had my train to go home, but that very Friday morning I heard from my brother that my father is in critical condition , he is heavily burnt and doctor’s has said chances are very low to survive.
    I was so sterned as Wednesday I talked with my father and he was very happy that I am coming home that weekend, he was so excited and was asking my favourite dishes that I would like to eat. Like a mad girl, that very moment on Friday I left for home and finally reached at the evening to find that everything is in last stage. I tried my best to save my father, took to the best nursing home but next morning all went in vain. my father expired. I was so damn shocked as I could not believe how could this happen to such a good man. How can God be so cruel. Thousands of people came to our home to pay respect, such was my father’s goodness. He has helped everyone from friends to foes. He was so religious and spiritual. How can he die like this? The answers are still unknown. When I confronted my family Why they have not told me on the very day of the accident, I learnt that my father stopped them from doing that as he thought he will get well soon, but everything went worst. I am not happy in my workplace as my whole concentration used to be with my father, and also the situation was not so good. But now suddenly, I am so lost I don’t know how to react. To whom I will share my whole pain, as I used to share my all pains with my father. Few days back also I used to think myself the luckiest girl in this planet who has such a wonderful father, wonderful family. My father helped me from everything. But now I am all alone. My mother needs me now, as she is also broken, she cannot forget the horror of Thursday as she bore all the pain right from the beginning. She has seen her own husband dying in front of her, on her own laps. I really don’t know how to cope up. 21 days has already passed but till now I am so shocked that I hardly could believe my father is no more. I really don’t know the answer why god has done this to me.

  • Emilio Johnson

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  • Deena R

    Just rest and be good to yourself. I’m sorry for your loss.

  • Sharon Lummus

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  • Sharon Lummus

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    As you might imagine, this was a HUGE part of our problem, but to the praise of God’s glorious grace, I am free of this hatred. and thanks to solver king for his help kindly check www solverking com or contact them at ajamugashrine gmail com

  • bekah

    My husband and I have experienced great loss. 5 years ago our son died at 8 months old. It was a difficult time for months in the hospital. I never left his side and experienced ptsd from seeing him suffer without being able to do anything about it.
    Two miscarriages followed in the years after.
    Last year Feb. we were blessed with a baby girl. She had very bad allergies to everything, starting a week after her birth. She slowly got better with much effort from specialist doctors, and my daily care. Then very quickly she got sick at 9 months old. We took her to the hospital but their efforts did not work, and they even made a mistake and she ended up on life support and passed away. This was 6 weeks ago.
    My grief is so heavy that my entire body hurts. My eyes are dim and not bright anymore. I feel so sorry for my babies. The hope that I had for our life together. All of the love I have for them is making my heart break continually.
    I can relate to the days in the house with the blinds closed watching tv. I can also relate to knowing things will get better eventually. Im just right in heavy grief right now. I try to only be around positive people and read the promises of God. I gain hope in this, that I will see my loved ones again. The waiting is the hardest part.

  • Tracy L Avent

    so much pain in all of these postings. so much loss. I try to compare mine with what I think the others would feel, but “comparing” really is not that meaningful. we all must somehow heal. I am dealing with the loss of my brother and also an ex (for whom I have never apparently lost some kind of connection, and fortunately my partner seems to pretty well understand this, having had a not-altogether different experience herself). There seems to be support. There seems to be family and community, and that is healthy. But I still hurt and am basically a mess inside. And it will be that way for a while. Maybe, as one of the postings indicated, about two years. That could be the case for the “ex” situation (not dead but just pretending that I am apparently) except that I lost her before, and it did not go away for over ten years. For my brother, he was dying from cancer for six months, so we saw it coming, but the blow was only about a month and a half ago when he slipped away. Now what do i do. The memorial was this past saturday, and I gather it is supposed to provide a sense of closure but I do not feel closed. I do not even know WHAT I feel. Just pain sometimes. It’s kind of random.

    I guess I will just get used to feeling this way, and I understand those who do likewise.

  • Evita

    I am so sorry for your losses bekah. I have some understanding of what you are going through, we lost our little baby boy to stillbirth over the Xmas period and the grief is horrendous. I can’t even begin to imagine you having to go through the loss of your beautiful babies twice. My heart goes out to you and your husband.

    Sending you big hugs and be kind to yourself.

  • Renee Michelle

    Thank you Lynn. Your words give me space to grieve when others, and even myself at times, feel like I “should” be over it. Let’s hear it for the “Housewives…” and other needful respites from feeling so deeply wounded. I’m a netflix, hulu, junkie this past week, crying, laughing, feeling, not feeling…giving myself time to be instead of perform, what a gift. Light, Love, Hope… faith that I too will dance, even in the storm… you’ve brought light and energy enough where I’m gonna go to my favs and DANCE like a teen… and then look forward to collapsing into the hopeful bliss of wonder dream sleep tonight. Breathe in gratefulness. Namaste.

  • Lydia laures

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  • teri

    I lost my fiance two weeks ago while I was in the hospital for emergency surgery. My heart goes out to you. What’s been additionally difficult is I’m grieving alone. His children ex spouse and sister have taken charge since I thoughtfully gave them my key to his place. I’m on the outside alone now…I’m not family and have no part or say in What happens to his possessions the lack of funeral proceedings or even his ashes. I don’t exist for calls, cards. or words of sympathy. The selfishness hurts because he was my future and every day friend and they all have their families still. I know I’ll b okay but I’m close to 60 and angry that he’s gone and just getting by each day. I’ve always sympathized with people who’ve experienced loss…..this has left a giant hole in my heart and life. Thank you for listening… kids are probably tired of my being sad.

  • Mali

    I lost the only member of my family a month ago. I was taking care of him through his chronic illness and I made mistakes sometimes. Sometimes I had not patience, sometimes, towards the end I used to be do tired I wanted it all to end. He was doing so well after the surgery, but then suddendly on the day he was to be released he was getting worse and worse. He passed away trying to reach out to me and I did not recognise the moment, I was in a hurry, trying to organize things, was not present for him. First I felt relief. I still do not grieve but sometimes saddness comes. My body is so heavy I can hardly move. I did not really eat, or shower or talked to anyone. i cannot clear our home of his things. I try to find a refugee in being there for him, not grieving letting him go. But today I saw a movie about depressed people being euthanised in Belgium on their own request and the idea came,that I just want to be with him, somehow. He was such a big part of me, just the mere look at him, or his touch would make me shine with love and peace from the inside.I have grew apart from friends in the past two years, partially from taking care of him, and now I do not feel like talking to anyone really as it feels in a way it is real if you talk about it. And I cannot stand people telling me their opinion about what I did wrong or what I should have done diferently before. In a way I feel like I am dreaming and I am waiting to wake up to the reality as it used to be. Then it comes, in waves, the sadness, the tears, the unbearable heaviness on the chest, and then it goes. Hardest s remembering his will to live and the pain he was going through so bravely towards the end..and understanding why the surgery went so well just for everything to change at the last moment. And forgiving myself the selfishness and not being there for him. The last night he wanted me to stay in the hospital, I went home, I was so tired. Will never forget the look on his eyes when I was leaving. That was the last time we really saw eachother. I can feel compassion for others, I just do not seem to find any for myself.

  • sumsweethoney

    Just what I needed today. My husband passed from throat cancer last month. Today is a very difficult day – yesterday I was having a good day. So yes, ebb and flow like the oceans tides. I miss hearing his voice that he lost months before passing. Precious memories like feeling his freshly shaven face against my own as we hugged. Just letting the tears come. Thank you.

  • Viv

    Thanks for your words, I feel less of a weirdo now. I was wondering if anyone has experienced a loss of sex drive?, well actually it’s more like a lack of enjoyment in general that is manifesting during sex, making it not appealing at all.

  • Anne

    I lost my Mom and then my youngest Brother in less than a year. My Dad has passed some years earlier. I lost my two best friends, countless relatives but nothing has held the pain in my heart as my Mother,Father and Brother. I lost half of my family. It has been more than two years I am able to get back to most things in life but the pain in my heart is incredible. I miss them so.

  • Just

    hi all..thanks for your letters and understanding …i am feeling for you all..since this 2016 feb end i have lost my father .aunty. brother and favorite dog. all unrelated and unexpected. …the world has changed for me now. …the grief is relentless. all i can say is love to you all.peace.

  • Anne, Thank you for sharing your story. What an important post and also, as we’ve seen in the comments, people move through their grief on their own terms and in their own time.