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LOVE Versus Fear

LOVE IS UNCONDITIONAL (fear is conditional)

LOVE IS STRONG (fear is weak)

LOVE RELEASES (fear obligates)

LOVE SURRENDERS (fear binds)

LOVE IS HONEST (fear is deceitful)

LOVE TRUSTS (fear suspects)

LOVE ALLOWS (fear dictates)

LOVE GIVES (fear resists)

LOVE FORGIVES (fear blames)


LOVE CHOOSES (fear avoids)

LOVE IS KIND (fear is angry)

LOVE IGNITES (fear incites)

LOVE EMBRACES (fear repudiates)

LOVE CREATES (fear negates)

LOVE HEALS (fear hurts)

LOVE IS MAGIC (fear is superstitious)

LOVE ENERGIZES (fear saps)

LOVE IS AN ELIXIR (fear is a poison)

LOVE INSPIRES (fear worries)

LOVE DESIRES (fear Joneses)

LOVE IS PATIENT (fear is nervous)

LOVE IS BRAVE (fear is afraid)

LOVE IS RELAXED (fear is pressured)

LOVE IS BLIND (fear is judgmental)

LOVE RESPECTS (fear disregards)

LOVE ACCEPTS (fear rejects)

LOVE DREAMS (fear schemes)

LOVE WANTS TO PLAY (fear needs to control)

LOVE ENJOYS (fear suffers)

LOVE FREES (fear imprisons)

LOVE BELIEVES (fear deceives)

LOVE “WANTS” (fear “needs”)

LOVE versus fear: what do you feel?

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Announcement: Tired of feeling stuck? Learn to let go of the past and create a life you love with the Tiny Buddha course!
  • sarah nean bruce

    thank you @tinybuddha for sharing my writing today: cheers~

  • Monkeyfreak97

    Fear of love

  • sarah nean bruce

    ps~i usually read my tiny buddha
    first thing in the morning
    with my cup of coffee
    before i do my daily yoga.

  • Chris

    Love IS. Nuff said.

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  • paulamacedo

    I´ve translate the post to portuguese in my blog

  • sarah nean bruce

    muito obrigada paula macedo. eu gosto-o E eu faço uma conexão em meu blogsite. abraços~sarahbela

  • Anonymous

    What a great list distinguishing love from fear! Very clear!

  • Daniel

    Great text!!! By the way…Você fala português?

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  • Joe McCarthy

    Inspiring, on many levels. I especially like the distinction between ignite and incite.

    I’m reminded of Gerald Jampolsky’s classic book, Love is Letting Go of Fear, which I recently revisited and wrote about in a related Intersect story about Buying vs. Burning Korans: Love vs Fear … which I’ve edited to include a link to this post.

  • Ticiaevans

    Love needs fear sometimes. Whatever is fearless is dangerous.

  • Mindfulsearcher

    Sarah, thanks for your post. I hope you don’t mind that I’ve copied into my meditation folder to use in my own prayers & meditations. Like Joe, I am especially struck by the contrast between “ignite” and “incite.”

  • paulamacedo

    I´m brazilian, and I speak portuguese! Thank you Sarah for sharing in your blog my version
    Sou brasileira, e estou muito feliz por a Sarah ter publicado no blog dela a versão traduzida, é um texto muito lindo! 😀

  • sarah nean bruce

    Sim, eu falo algum português.
    Et je parle, je lis et j’écris le français très bien!

  • Aparnasardar

    hi this is Aparna i like ur every suggestion.Please can u tell me the control of Angry? i will be very thankful to u.

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  • nelly

    Thank you, Sarah, for sharing this text. It’s utterly beautiful, inspiring, and so true. The issues of fear in love – I have been working on those for a very long time now, passing thru all kinds of phases… I do hope things are starting to clear up for me in that area, and your beautiful post promises to be very helpful – I’m printing it out to use as an inspiration and reminder.

  • soluna413

    Thank you for this post! I hope it’s okay that I’m re-posting (with credits) it on my blog. :)

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  • Freddie Cosm

    wow, probably one of the most powerful posts I have ever read. really made me think… and I love it.

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  • Sophia Roberts

    Do I need to read this over and over… Thank you so much for your helpful and insightful words.

  • Suaevelyn


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  • Rupali340

    Oh! I found one good blog after a long time.
    Nice one.

  • Gmat1984

    Ya.. its really nice..You made a beautiful presentation.. Thanks

  • Meg

    “Love is what we were born with. Fear is what we learned here.”

  • Naturepix

    Thank you x

  • Miss Mercury

    I loved reading this today.. thank you

  • sarah nean bruce

    for 2012 please read this poem «LOVE versus fear» { by @sarahneanbruce } published by & @tinybuddha !

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  • Deepak

    It is truth,this is in all
    Religious books

  • Cynzen

    love knows no opposite
    love has no enemy
    love is not afraid

    love embraces fear

  • Cynzen

    LOVE has no object

  • Fiona

    So true. I found this very inspiring to read. What an amazing world we would live in if we could all love more and fear less.

  • Mentor Dida

    Love comes from being ( Fear comes from the Mind)

  • KnittingRayofHope

    Very moving & powerful! we “reblogged” on our blog-

  • alexander

    Hate to be a downer but, fear is far stronger than love. Naive people will tell you love conquers all. It does not. Fear does. It may be conditional, but under those conditions, it is unmatched. It is all of our being, the reason we exist. Fear is the first and final emotion ever to exist. Love is very much a construct, one we may share with some of the more intelligent animals, such as apes and dolphins. Primative organisms live and reprduce without love, yet they fear. Without fear, life would not exist. The power of fear ought to be respected. Fear is stronger.

  • kavin paker

    I feel a great deal better after reading this. Iwill try to stay in the moment more often. Great job. Thanks.
    Lubeck Altstadt

  • Letty

    I completely agree. One can love immensely, yet not be able to express those feelings out of fear, for fear rules.

  • nelsito vicens

    fear is stronger if you let it be. love can be the most beautiful thing in the world, and when you feel it for something it is unstoppable, it creates unimaginable works of art, it creates bonds and inspiration within people all over the world… perhaps what you think of love is not how i see love because personally i think all natural creations can love, in fact the natural state of being is to be in love, to be in awe and to accept the beauty and possibility of things around you. that is love, that is why love has so much potential, so much energy for creation… and what does fear do? it destroys, and it is much easier to bend over and crumple than to expand and make true change in your life and in the world. love is by far stronger, but hence can be much rarer (unfortunately) and more difficult to discover within yourself