• Dear Kat

    I’m 29, living with my parents, single for 3 years, was jobless (luckily found a job this week, the salary is not good though), and depressed (you can read about my first post).
    Most of my friends are married and have children, earning good money, and happy with their lives.
    I’m trying to come out of depression myself, feel ashamed to…[Read more]

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    Thank you again and I appreciate your efforts in helping out people here.

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    @ Nina

    Thank you for your motivating words.

    I wish this setback phase doesn’t last too long.

  • Thank you anita. You are right.

    Yes, I’ve learned many lessons in last 6 months. I’ve come out of my comfort zone to see what life is like, seen the world from a different perspective, came to know about my strengths and weaknesses.

    I’m looking for a job in both teaching and the corporate sector. Teaching jobs here don’t pay much, and I have an…[Read more]

  • Thanks Peter.

    I think that I was living far from reality. I had a dream but no planning. I don’t know if I had a goal. I was not using my brain, just listened to my heart.

  • @ Nina Sakura

    I went there on a permanent residence visa. I worked as a teacher in my home country. Teaching is regulated in Canada so I thought of changing my sector. I got a job in retail but it was part time and the wage was poor. I found it difficult to adjust there. No friends, no relatives, unfriendly people. I had nobody to talk with and…[Read more]

  • @ anita

    My family is taking care of me. They want me to get healthy again. They tell me to wait for the right time and that I’m not a burden on them.

  • My dream was to live in a developed country.
    The problem was my loneliness. I was also worried about my family as my parents are getting old. They got sick after I left them.

  • I’m unhappy here but not because of my family. I do not feel lonely when I’m with them and they support me. I was unhappy with my country.

    I don’t know what makes me sad. Maybe my failed dream. Maybe it has become a habit to be depressed. Maybe because I don’t have a job.
    I sound very confused and irritating but only I know how I’m feeling right…[Read more]

  • I think it was an unrealistic dream. I was just living in my own world of dreams. I came to know about life’s realities after leaving home. But I think that I got too late to realize it. I should have thought about my family and my future before taking that big step.

  • Hi. I had a dream to go abroad and live there as I wasn’t happy in my country. I have lived with my family all my life (I’m 29). I thought that it would be great to live in a developed country. So I saved, worked hard and gave everything for my dream. Finally I moved to Canada in September 2016. I was happy but started to realize that I’m leaving…[Read more]

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