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Lifestyle coach Akilah S. Richards helps entrepreneurs un-mute their voices at The Life Design Agency. Her forthcoming book, The Execumamas Survival Kit asserts that balance is best reserved for yoga & flamingos, and that finding harmony is the key to work-life fulfillment. Learn more at AkilahSRichards.com.

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Stop Focusing on Lack to Fully Enjoy Your Experiences

“Not what we have but what we enjoy constitutes our abundance.” ~Epicurus

Yoga retreats in rural getaways nestled in tropical mountain spaces. Exploration trips for pleasure and business on the east and west coasts. Bike riding and people watching on Santa Monica Boulevard.

Recognition and sponsorship from leaders in my professional circle. Adventures with my husband and daughters in Jamaica.

Even with all these rich life experiences, still my focus was always the same: If I could just have more money, my life could finally get good.

The past year found me deep on a journey to discover the muted …