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Alexandra Davis, along with her husband, Ryan Gleason, are wellness and lifestyle coaches for couples. After eight years working as corporate engineers internationally, Alexandra and Ryan left their high-powered jobs to tackle their true passion—leading couples to engineer their best lives together through Ryan and Alex Duo Life. Don’t miss their program Just Duo It, a step-by-step program for couples to get healthy and transform their marriage from good to exceptional.

Being Skinny Doesn’t Make You Fit or Healthy

“Your body is precious. It is your vehicle for awakening. Treat it with care.” ~Buddha

As a 5’4″ petite, half-Asian, people have always assumed that I’m fit. However, my slender figure hid the sins of a poor diet and exercise routine for a decade.

The truth is, being skinny doesn’t make you healthy. There are many hidden dangers of being so-called “skinny fat.” (Though this is a commonly used term for unhealthy skinny people, it’s worth noting that bigger doesn’t always mean unhealthy. So perhaps a more accurate term would be “skinny unhealthy.”)

Skinny fat, also known as “normal …