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Amanda Garcia is an empath and painter who just wants to help others love themselves enough to be themselves. She believes we are all connected and embracing who we are is essential for our growth as a whole. She loves to laugh and feels laughter is the best medicine, especially in the darkest moments. If she were to leave you with just one thing, it would be to remember to smile and help others do the same. You can contact her on Facebook messenger facebook.com/amanda.garcia.391 if you are interested in a custom art piece or just need a friend to chat with.

Tips from a Former Addict: How I Made a Change for Good

I was a drug addict. Yes, I did it all. No, my childhood was not full of abuse, I was actually a pretty lucky kid, and I had it no worse and no better than anyone else, except for maybe some “daddy issues.”

I am not much for blame. I know who was smoking, sniffing, and popping, and it wasn’t the bad angel on my shoulder who made me do it, it was just me.

I can give you the exact reason why I started doing drugs. I was afraid to just be myself, simple enough. Everyone else’s thoughts …