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Amber Amour is a holistic healer and spiritual coach who specializes in working with sexual assault survivors of all walks of life: LGBTQIA+, adult entertainers, and more. Her Consentopia ebook series explains everything you need to know about consent and how to heal after sexual assault. Visit her on Instagram on @realamberamourand @ancestralessentials, on YouTube , on SoundCloud, and visit her site at www.amberamour.com and her store at www.ancestralessentials.com.

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39 Supportive Things to Say to a Male Survivor of Sexual Assault

One in six men will be sexually assaulted at some point in their life. It doesn’t make us weak or less masculine—nor should it. Rather, we, as men, should encourage other men to speak up, to be courageous, share this burden with others, and to attend therapy and take medication. There is such a thing as healthy masculinity, and we can find that in our fellow men, in comforting those who are having a rough time. Seeking help in a healthy way, wanting to be better, practicing empathy and compassion and caring for each other are ways of practicing

44 Things to Never Say to a Rape Survivor

“It was not your fault, even if you were drunk, even if you were wearing a low-cut mini-dress, even if you were out walking alone at night, even if you were on a date with the rapist and kind of liked him but didn’t want to have sex with him.” ~Joanna Connors

Child sexual abuse victims who speak up are incredibly brave and vulnerable. If a child comes to you for support, be mindful of your energy and reactions. If you need to ask them questions to get a better understanding, be mindful of your tone, body language, and intonation.…