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Amy Schield is a certified professional life coach. Her practice focuses on helping clients build self-confidence, achieve their goals, and turn their big list of “I shoulds” into “I dids.” Acting as a personal trainer for the brain, she uses a mix of simple tactics and neuroscience-based strategies to help clients make lasting changes in the areas of self-criticism, confidence, self-trust, and taking bold action.

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7 Comforting Thoughts That Helped Me Build Self-Confidence

“Today I want you to think about all that you are instead of all that you are not.” ~Unknown

I had done it again.

I had managed to talk myself out of doing something because I wasn’t completely certain I would be successful at it.

I was an expert at sidelining myself—keeping myself from going after the things I truly wanted. I knew, by heart, all the reasons I wasn’t good enough to achieve my goals in life. I had subconsciously decided that my own personal growth and success weren’t worth the risk of failure or rejection.

As a result, …