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Dr. Angele Close is a Clinical Psychologist, Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, and Emotion Coach. Her mission is to conquer emotional illiteracy by helping people develop the skills they need to live more awakened, fulfilling and purpose-driven lives. You can access your Free Emotional Resilience Guidebook on her website: www.drangeleclose.com. Find her meditations on Insight Timer and follow her on Instagram.

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How to Ease Your Suffering and Confusion by Deciphering Your Emotions

“The symphony of bodily feeling, mental thoughts, and images is emotion. It is the symphony on which people must learn to focus, to understand their inner stirrings and to harness its message.” ~Dr. Leslie Greenberg

Like most people in our Western culture, I didn’t learn to read the language of emotions growing up. I had no clue that our emotions are purposeful information about ourselves, our relationships, and our experience in the world around us. They actually carry messages about what to do—what actions to take to meet our needs for safety, balance, and contentment.

Like all people, my parents …