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Angela N. Holton is a Life Coach, Workshop Teacher, Speaker, Best Selling Co-Author of “Whispers of the Heart,” and founder of Love Sanctuary, an inspirational platform committed to sharing positive and powerful messages on love, growth, and healing. Angela’s mission through Love Sanctuary is to teach and inspire radical self-love, and the keys to living healthier, happier, and more purposeful lives.

Why Resolutions Don’t Work & How to Create Real, Lasting Change

“I can affect change by transforming the only thing that I ever had control over in the first place and that is myself.” ~Deepak Chopra

As the New Year quickly approaches, many of us spend time in review and reflection of the past year’s events and initiate strategic planning for the upcoming year.

We create and contemplate lists of resolutions, often featuring some of the same goals from the previous year. But we convince ourselves that this is going to be the year for change and transformation.

So, on January 1st, we arise, excited and committed to our new or …