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Angharad Davies is a purpose mentor and coach with an MA in Psychology, who, after a twenty-year quest to live her purpose, has made it her mission to bust myths, share insights and help others to find and live their purpose - alongside finally living hers! Watch her free purpose breakthrough workshop and be sure to follow her on Instagram and Facebook for more purpose wisdom.

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The One Powerful Question That Could Completely Change Your Life

“Nothing shapes our journey through life so much as the questions we ask.” ~Greg Levoy

“My Way” by Frank Sinatra has been a bit of a soundtrack to my life. When it comes to my career path, I have opted more often than not for the alternative routes—studying and working abroad, setting up social projects, and being my own boss. This is something my friends still laugh at today, since my sole goal after graduation was to move back to my hometown, get a job, and never leave!

However, it turns out that it wasn’t a soundtrack that I was …

Why Many of Us Chase Big Dreams and End Up Feeling Dissatisfied

“A dream written down with a date becomes a GOAL. A goal broken down into steps becomes a PLAN. A plan backed by ACTION makes your dreams come true.” ~Greg Reid

We all have dreams, some of them really big. And if we are serious about achieving these dreams, the next logical step is to set a goal, make a plan, and start taking action.

But we are missing out on one very important step in the dream-creating journey.

This step is one that has taken me, personally, two decades to come to realize. And my first clue came from …

Why You Should Stop Looking for Your Purpose and What to Do Instead

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” ~Pablo Picasso

Twenty years is a long time when you know you’re meant to be doing something, but you don’t quite know what it is or how to go about doing it.

To cut a two-decade story very short, I found the seeds of my purpose when volunteering in a hospital playroom with pediatric cancer patients in Romania one summer when I was twenty years old. And, though I have made many an attempt over the years, I am only now beginning …