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It’s ironic that Antonia helps people with emotional stress and trauma, yet she herself wasn’t aware that she was in an emotionally abusive relationship. That’s how subtle abuse is. Yet she believes our experiences make us stronger. It was through Kinesiology that she opened up and saw her relationship for what it was. She now hopes she can do the same for others. You can find her at antoniabeamish.com/musings.

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How I Knew It Was Emotional Abuse: The Subtle Signs I Almost Missed


“I hope you find love, but more importantly, I hope you’re strong enough to walk away from what love isn’t.” ~Tiffany Tomiko

A few weeks after breaking up from what I thought was a loving relationship that in reality was sliding into an emotionally abusive one, I had a dream.

In it, I was hiding from a group of dangerous people, but could see the footsteps of one of them coming toward me. Suddenly they saw me, and I pleaded to them, “Please, don’t kill me,” and they turned and left. When I emerged, I could see the victims all …