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Ashley Lilly is an aspiring author. She enjoys writing fiction, poetry, and plays. She believes that creative expression is especially helpful on the path to healing and growth. If you would like to read her blog, click over to https://ashleylillyblog.wordpress.com/.

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5 Ways to Deal With Envy So It Doesn’t Steal Your Happiness

“Happiness is found when you stop comparing yourself to other people.” ~Unknown

Throughout this year I’ve noticed myself feeling envious of other people. Particularly, I would feel envious of the famous people that I would see on television, read about in magazines, and follow on social media.

I wouldn’t even be envious of them for the things one might expect. It wasn’t because they were famous or wealthy. It wasn’t because they had millions of followers on social media. And it wasn’t because they were good looking.

Still, I would find myself feeling envious of an actress if she had …