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Becky Mathews spends a lot of time feeding hedgehogs and talking to her cat in rural England. When she isn’t doing that she’s a freelance health and disability author thankful to have escaped the rat race.

The Dangers of Being Too Busy and How to Restore Your Health and Sanity

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” ~Jim Rohn

Busy doesn’t adequately describe my life over the past few years. Let’s say it was a hurricane of a schedule, with extra storms and a tsunami thrown in. Looking back from my current safe vantage point, I’m not sure how I survived.

The Stress Of A Busy Schedule

In 2011 I was working full time for the civil service and working part time trying to start up my own business. Early in the year I had my son, who turned out to be a non-sleeper …