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Brian Webb is a published author with a book entitled Don’t Give Up, Don’t Ever Give Up available at Amazon.com and Authorhouse.com. The book details his new life as a brain injury survivor. He will begin to study Anatomy this fall to become a physical therapy assistant, in hopes of helping injury survivors like him. He anticipates helping soldiers coming home with brain injuries.

Realizing You Have Everything You Need

“He who has health, has hope; and he who has hope has everything.” ~Thomas Carlyle

I grew up in a small town, Maysville, Kentucky, where I led the perfect, sheltered life. After graduating from high school, I pursued higher education at a local community college, and from there transferred to The University of Kentucky in Lexington.

I had an interest in art, music, and media, pursuing a double major in journalism and communications. I dreamed about either working behind the scenes of a television studio, or becoming a certified systems engineer and working for my father’s employer.

Then a week