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Carleigh is a holistic mental wellness coach who empowers high achievers to naturally heal their minds so they can overcome anxiety, step into self-love and confidence, and feel like themselves again. She combines modern science, ancient wisdom, and firsthand experience to help her clients find true healing. Get started on your journey with her free guide on The First Step Towards Overcoming Anxiety.

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7 Pillars of Mental Health: How to Feel Your Best (Almost) Every Day

“Sending love to everyone who’s doing their best to heal from things they don’t discuss.” ~Unknown

When I was twelve years old, I planned on taking my own life. I had a plan, I had the means, and I thought about it every single day for months. No one was aware—not my family, not my best friends, not my teachers at school or my peers. It would have been a huge surprise in my community had I attempted it, because I didn’t appear as someone who was severely depressed.

Thankfully, I never acted on it, and fifteen years later I …