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Cat is a young professional living/working in San Francisco. She is feuled by self time, reading/writing, positive psychology, Krav Maga, hip hop dance, and raw/vulnerable conversations. She dreams of changing the world by changing consciousness. And she starts with her own: http://c2sees2.wordpress.com/

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Finding What You Want Means Realizing What You Don’t

“Sometimes the wrong choices bring us to the right places” ~ Unknown

I’ve never dreamed of owning a mansion or acres of land. I’ve never dreamed of meeting Mr. or Ms. Right. I’ve never dreamed of glory on a sports field or stage, and I’ve never dreamed of being a billionaire or “Chief” of a company.

But I have dreamed of one thing—finding and living out my “calling.”

I’ve dreamed of coming across a cause, art, subject, or professional field that stuns me in my tracks and induces an epiphany: this is the work I want to live and breathe, …