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Catherine is a counsellor in private practice in the UK and sees clients via zoom and in person at her consultancy in Kent. She loves connecting with people on Instagram and Facebook. If you are interested in developing your own emotional wellbeing toolkit you can sign up here to get 7 days of free wellness tips delivered straight to your inbox. More blog posts and information on her work can be found at www.catherine-nabbs.co.uk.

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How I Get Through Hard Times Using Curiosity, Compassion, and Challenge

“Sometimes the worst things that happen in our lives put us on the path to the best things that will ever happen to us.” ~Unknown

Until I was thirty-seven, I thought I’d led a pretty charmed life: I had a supportive family and good friends, I’d done well academically, always got the jobs I’d applied for, and met and married the perfect man for me.

In 2013, when I was thirty-five weeks pregnant with my second child, I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. My baby was induced at thirty-seven weeks, and my chemo started ten days later. In …