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Cathrine Goldstein is a speaker, award-winning writer, holistic wellness coach, and creativity coach who specializes in helping people who are looking to start over in all aspects of their lives. A wife, mom, vegetarian, worm-farmer, and tree hugger, she’s also a long-time yoga instructor/studio manager, and the founder of Take 2 Yoga, the Yoga of New Beginnings. To work with Cathrine and for more information, please visit: BeWellandCreate.com and @Be_Well_And_Create. You can also find her at: CathrineGoldstein.com @authorcathrinegoldstein

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How I Learned the Power of Letting Go After My Father Developed Dementia

“There is beauty in everything, even in silence and darkness.” ~Helen Keller

When I was eleven years old, I would force myself to stay awake until the wee hours of the morning.

I was severely anorexic at a time when eating disorders were considered an “inconvenience” you brought on yourself. Anorexia was dismissed as a rich, white girl’s disease (although we were certainly not rich)—a disease that was easily curable with a prescription for a chocolate cake.

Although my emaciated body was a dead giveaway of my condition, it was school that noticed the change in me first. My once …